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The Top 10 Most Popular Stores in America

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The Top 10 Most Popular Stores in America

The United States has a consumer-driven economy. Whether it’s a fast food outlet or convenience store or restaurant or clothes shop, chances are Americans will visit it at least once a month.

Companies have been expanding their product line in order to satisfy the needs of the consumer. Food products being the most popular items, even convenience stores now offer food items for sale. After all, studies have shown that up to 66 percent of the population visits a fast food store at least once a month.

So what shops do the people frequently go to? Here now is a list of the top 10 most popular stores in America based on the percentage of the population that visits them every month.

10. Target – 14.2 percent


Target is a discount retail chain based in the United States. It is the second most visited by Americans among this kind of stores, next to WalMart. Ratings wise, it also scored really well, coming in as the second highest next only to Nordstrom. It has been expanding recently, opening up shops north of the border in Canada. It also has been adding groceries to its stores, as well as selling food at low prices. Last year, it earned revenues of $73.3 billion.

9. Taco Bell – 18.2 percent


Two years ago, Taco Bell was on the throes of death, with flat or even negative growth rate for a lot of its stores. Then, some wise employee came up with the Doritos Locos taco that made use of Doritos nacho chips as the hard taco shell. The result has been amazing, with the company expanding within a year by hiring 15,000 employees just to meet the demand Last year, it earned revenues of $13.6 billion.

8. CVS – 18.9 percent

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CVS is a drugstore chain that dominates the pharmacy market. It is the top provider of prescriptions in the country, managing more than a billion prescriptions every year. It has 7,400 retail stores and it prides itself in that it has an outlet within three miles of 75 percent of the people in the market it serves. Last year, it earned revenues of $123.1 billion.

7. Walgreens – 22.7 percent


Walgreens is the biggest drugstore chain in the country with 7,890 outlets. Its average store measures 14,400 square feet, by far the largest among its peers. It suffered a major setback recently however after it got into a dispute that lasted for nine months with Express Scripts, the largest prescription management service in the country. Last year, it earned revenues of $71.6 billion.

6. Wendy’s – 22.8 percent


After briefly taking over as the second largest burger chain in the country when it overtook Burger King in 2011, Wendy’s has now dropped back to third place. It registered only modest growth the previous year. It now plans to shut down all its underperforming stores. It is also upgrading its other stores, making sure that it will have more comfortable seating arrangements and equipping it with flat screen televisions. It is also changing its menu and marketing strategy by positioning itself as a healthy alternative similar to Panera. Last year, it earned revenues of $2.5 billion.

5. Starbucks – 23.9 percent


Starbucks is a chain of coffee shops that originated in Seattle. In a span of 11 years from 2001 to 2012, its sales figures registered a healthy increase of 346 percent. The number of stores also grew by 195 percent. It has expanded worldwide, with its sales outside the United States more than making up for the slow growth of the numbers in North America. It has further expanded its product line by buying La Boulangerie, as it hopes to get a slice of the breakfast market. Last year, it earned revenues of $13.3 billion.

4. Burger King – 24.3 percent


Burger King has seen rough times in recent years, with average growth rates in the negatives from 2001 to 2013. Stores are now being sold to franchisees resulting to a decline in the sales figure of the company itself. It still attracts nearly 25 percent of the population, however. Despite the tough patch it has gone through, it is still the second biggest burger chain. Last year, it earned revenues of $2 billion.

3. Subway – 37.8 percent


Subway is the largest fast food chain in the country in terms of number of stores with nearly 26,000 restaurants. Its growth has been supported by its international expansion, as well as by the gradual turn of the population towards healthier food options. It came up with an effective advertising campaign when it featured a man who actually kept losing weight even as he regularly ate the restaurant’s sandwiches. It has been consistently named as the Brand of the Year and has received the highest scores for quick service restaurants.

2. Walmart – 38.8 percent


Walmart is the number one discount retailer in the country. Its main market is still the United States where 62 percent of its sales come from. In the last five years alone, Walmart has opened 450 new stores, an increase of 13 percent. It did not have a corresponding increase in personnel however, resulting to a lot of complaints from customers because of the longer checkout lines. Target and Costco are the beneficiaries of Walmart’s problem, though the latter still registered healthy revenues of around $469.2 billion.

1. McDonald’s – 49 percent


McDonald’s is the most visited restuarant in the country, with almost half of all Americans trying out the Golden Arches each month. The company’s revenue figure was healthy both in the country and internationally. Sales numbers in the United States was at $8.8 billion, while European figures came in at $10.8 billion. Overall, the company has registered a decent five percent increase each year from 2001 to 2012. In the last quarter of the last year however, store sales in the country rose by only a miniscule 0.3 percent. As it is averse to raising prices, it now has plans to serve breakfast all day in order to further increase the bottom line. Last year, it earned revenues of $27.6 billion.

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