The Top 10 Greatest Star Wars Toys

Star Wars is a legendary saga. It has stood the test of time and been a staple in the lives of numerous generations of fans. The first movie, Star Wars (A New Hope) was released on May 25, 1977. The original film, labeled Episode IV upon release, was immediately received well by the viewing public and became a pop culture phenomenon. Following A New Hope, creator George Lucas released two more sequels in 1980 and 1983, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, respectively.

In 1999, Lucas released the first of three prequels to the original trilogy. Fans went nuts and new fans got to enjoy the original three films once again when they got re-released into the theaters. From 1999 to 2005, the prequels emerged and proved beyond any reasonable doubt that the Star Wars franchise is a global sensation and a financial force. Books, television shows, video games, and cartoons have been created because of is success.

In 2012, The Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion and announced three new movies to round out the nine-film series. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is due out December 18, 2015 (this year), surely awakening the dormant excitement of millions of Star Wars fans across the globe. Star Wars also holds the Guinness World Records title for “Most Successful Film Merchandising Franchise” at an estimated $30.7 billion.

There are some honorary shout-outs here with some amazing Lego toys (didn’t want to add assembly toys to the list) and a ton of great ships to choose from. The list has been narrowed down to combine varying toys for indoor and outdoor play. Clearly, the force is strong with these toys and here are the 10 most epic Star Wars toys of all time!

10 Slave Leia Action Figure

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What’s Return of the Jedi without envisioning Princess Leia chained to Jabba the Hut in her sexy two-piece outfit? The number one memory of men and adolescent boys in the early 1980s was Princess Leia and her sexy bikini. Putting a mental block on the disgusting Jabba the Hut is no problem when thinking of Leia in all her glory and this toy was a must after Jedi appeared in the theaters. Slave Leia action figure even comes with her own chain! The action figure was subject to controversy when it first came out because of the chain and what it depicted. But at least the two-piece is pretty nice, right?

9 The X-Wing Kite

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Star Wars is built for action and speed. The movies are a visual declaration of George Lucas’s success with special effects. The fun ride taken by the audience during the films led to this fun outdoor toy. The X-Wing Kite is one of the better-looking fun design kites of its time and is the preeminent airborne Star Wars toy that you can hoist up on a windy day. The rear streaming flames are my particular favorite. So go outside and let ‘er fly!

8 Laser Pistol

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Han Solo is famous for many things. Harrison Ford brought his personality and blue collar bravado to the role. In addition to his awesome wardrobe stylings, Solo carried a laser pistol as opposed to a lightsaber. He was no Jedi, but this laser pistol toy was a favorite of many children in the late 1970s and the 1980s, featuring two distinct laser sounds when fired if you pressed the secret button. The Star Wars brand was even added to the side of the gun so you can show off to your friends. Grab Chewy and let’s go!

7 Darth Maul Action Figure 

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Darth Maul is one of the coolest characters ever created in Star Wars lore and his action figure is a mirror of an image seen on the big screen. The details on the character are beyond cool and his double-ended lightsaber sent fans into another level of euphoria. Maul’s characteristics and his special lightsaber were a smash hit in Episode 1 and a driving force with this action figure being so damn nostalgic. The famous “Jedi Duel” scene at the end of The Phantom Menace featured Maul and his double-ended weapon of choice. The action figure is complemented with the huge saber and is a treat to play with. (Note: There are multiple releases for this figure and all of them are very cool!)

6 Hailfire Droid

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This droid is insane. It has the mobility of a crazy Batman vehicle and the prowess of a massive military tank. With 32 fun missiles to launch, you will have a great time bringing down any enemy you are attacking. This combo figure/vehicle is definitely a great toy to collect and even more fun to play with. It’s one of the best new toys that came with the prequel series of movies, offering a lot in one vehicle/attack machine.

5 The Force Trainer

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Just saying this toy’s name, Star Wars Force Trainer, brings about chills and excitement. This toy looks totally cool and if you’re a kid, or have one, you won't be disappointed. You get to use your brainwaves to make a ball rise up and down a tube. It works via a headset whose computer chip inside measures your concentration levels. This causes a fan to blow which makes the ball rise and fall. The better you are with the force, the more the ball will elevate. Totally awesome. Is the force strong within you? Try this toy and find out!

4 AT-AT Walker

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The moment anyone saw Empire Strikes Back you were thinking you have to have one of those giant four-legged attack vehicles. Nearly two feet tall, this toy was a delectable delight for young kids. Hasbro’s newest version allows for more space to fit your Imperial troops. An additional fun feature includes a pull line under its belly for Luke Skywalker to shimmy up. This toy is a necessary compliment to any Star Wars collection. It isn’t a cheap toy, but it is an awesome attacking machine.

3 Millennium Falcon

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Okay, this is a given. I can remember this toy being my lifeline. The Millennium Falcon is Han Solo’s smuggler’s ship. This is the one single toy I’m most angry about my parents getting rid of at some point in my life. It features a swiveling gun seat, battler station alert sounds and, of course, a smuggling compartment. You can even store a lot of your action figures inside when you aren’t playing. An amazing toy for kids and adults alike!

2 Darth Vader Voice Changer Helmet

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Who wants to sound like Darth Vader? Well, if you raised your hand, you would need the Darth Vader Voice Changer Helmet. In addition to making your voice sound a la James Earl Jones, it also has the ability to play classic Vader lines from the movie. Now you, too, can turn to the dark side. The look of the helmet is absolutely priceless. So if you are a big fan, this is the way to go. And if you find a big enough Darth Vader Halloween costume, this helmet is a must have! You will definitely have the neighborhood abuzz about this toy!

1 Darth Vader Ultimate FX Lightsaber

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First off, when we talk Star Wars, we are talking lightsabers. One of the great elements to the movies are these electrical swords that feed off of the characters special abilities (the force). Looking beyond that coolness, having an interactive lightsaber to hold in your hands and mess around with friends is a must have gift. The toy itself is too much fun not to have. Add it to a costume and you are set. The motion-controlled sound effects are crazy cool. Hit something and it will make a sound as if being destroyed or breaking. Make sure you invite friends over who have their own lightsabers and you can duel anywhere, indoors or outdoors!

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