The Top 10 Best Credit Cards with the Highest Limits

High limit credit cards provide the best flexibility for card users. It is usually given to those with high credit scores and those who are of extremely high net worth. Here are the top 10 best cred

High limit credit cards provide the best flexibility for card users. It is usually given to

those with high credit scores and those who are of extremely high net worth. Here

are the top 10 best credit cards with the highest limits and the most rewards.

10 Starwood Preferred Guest Card

Issued by American Express, the Starwood Preferred Guest Card offers 10,000

bonus points immediately after your first purchase. You can then get an additional

15,000 points once you have spent a total of $5,000, so long as you do it within

the first six months. That, in itself, is already enough for a weekend getaway in a

Category Four hotel or even a six-night stay in a Category Two accommodation. The

points are redeemable in over 1,100 hotels in over 100 countries worldwide anytime.

Points can also be exchanged for free flights.

9 United Mileage Plus Explorer Card

The card offers 30,000 bonus miles after $1,000 is charged within the first six

months. First bags can be checked in for free and users can enjoy priority boarding.

Double miles are earned for ticket purchases with United. Points can be exchanged

for flights with no blackout dates.

8 Delta SkyMiles Gold Card

American Express issues the Delta SkyMiles Gold Card. Users can earn 30,000

bonus miles after spending just $500 as long as it is done within the first three

months. Every purchase made from Delta will earn the user double the miles. All

other purchases will get one point. You can also have your first bag checked in for

free whenever you fly Delta. You will also get priority boarding and a 20 percent

discount on all in-flight purchases, though this is given as a statement credit.

7 Bank of America Platinum Plus

Bank of America Platinum Plus offers low interest for purchases made with the card.

There is also no charge for balance transfer for the first six months. Users are also

fully protected from unauthorized card transactions once they notify the bank. You

can also receive assistance for your travel needs or emergency situations, as well as

automatic rental car insurance. Cards can be personalized as the bank can attach

your photo to the card. Uses are also protected through the Purchase Replacement

and Purchase Guard programs.

6 Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard

The Barclaycard Rewards Mastercard offers excellent rewards aside from its high

credit limit. Users are automatically given a credit of $50 upon the first purchase or

balance transfer. There is also no charge for any purchase or balance transfer made

during the first 12 months that the user owns the card. Points are also automatically

earned whenever the card is used to buy airline tickets. Shopping and dining

purchases are also rewarded generously.

5 Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is a high limit credit card that offers more than

just high credit limits. Users are given an automatic 15,000 bonus points if you spend

$1,000 and 40,000 bonus points if you get to spend at least $3,000 in the first three

months. Spending of at least $50,000 every year will get you an additional 10,000

bonus points. These bonus points are already equivalent to $500 worth of travel

tickets. You are also provided an access to the Chase Ultimate Rewards program

that provides 20 percent discounts on car rentals, cruises and airfares when you

redeem your points. Every time you travel or eat out in a restaurant, you also get two

bonus points. All other purchases are given one point. Points are also transferable to

frequent flyer programs of British Airways and Continental Airlines, as well as to the

programs of Marriott and Hotel Intercontinental, on a one is to one basis.

4 Capital One Venture (SM) Rewards Credit Card

The Capital One Venture (SM) Rewards Credit Card has a better than average credit

limit. Users are also provided with the best travel rewards program in the market.

Every dollar of purchase using the card will entitle the user to a reward of two miles.

Spend even just $1,000 within the first three months and you will automatically get

a bonus of 10,000 miles. It does not charge transaction fees for foreign purchases,

making it ideal for those who travel abroad frequently.

3 Visa Black Card

The Visa Black Card was launched in 2008. Take note, however, that Visa does not

actually run the Black Card. Instead, the Black Card LLC, which is part of ThinkTank

Holdings, manages it. Barclaycard issues the card. Users can expect cash back

bonuses and a 24-hour concierge service. It also offers automatic insurance for lost

luggage, flight interruption or cancellation and damage to rental cars. It also provides

a warranty management service. You can also access the VIP lounge of airport

lounges. It has been featured as the high-end credit card by publications like Vegas,

LA Confidential, Ocean Drive and Capitol File. It is currently in a legal dispute with

American Express over the use of the Black Card name.

2 Palladium Card

The Palladium Card is a Visa Signature card that offers a combination of charge and

revolving features. J.P. Morgan Bank is the issuer of this card, which it offers to the

clients of its Investment Services that have extremely high net worth. Only those with

liquid assets of more than $25 million are given a privilege of owning the card. The

card has a trace amount of palladium bullion worth around $730. It has been dubbed

as the card for the top one percent of the top one percent.

1 American Express Centurion Card

The American Express Centurion card is only given out to selected clients. This by

invitation card is informally known as the Black Card, though it is currently tangled up

with the Visa Black Card over its use after the latter applied for its trademark. Only

the ultra-high net worth clients are given the card, with those who own companies

and who travel frequently abroad given priority. It was introduced in 1999 and users

are required to pay an initiation and annual fee. The card is made of anodized

titanium and the numbers imprinted on carbon fiber. The titanium card was first

released in 2006 to replace the plastic Centurions of American cardholders.

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