The Sexiest Women In The World Come From These 10 Countries

There are lot of articles, posts and YouTube videos about which countries have the sexiest women in the world. The reality is that such a list is going to be entirely subjective. If you ask a 100 men this question, you will likely get a 100 different top 10 lists with some overlap. But after examining most of these lists, I don't feel that they do justice to the beauty of women around the globe.

Most of these lists, in my opinion, don't really represent what the male species as a whole actually understands to be sexy. For instance, every article out there routinely leaves out a female representative from both Asia and Africa. How exactly that happens, I am not sure.

We need to determine what it truly means to be sexy. For my list, sexy is based not only on physicality, but also personality, intelligence and style. From this perspective, ladies from English-speaking countries just don't cut it, nor do Russians or Ukrainians. This list is a compilation of women that have the complete package. I am talking about groups of women that are hot as hell, but also as a collective whole have the correct mindset that makes them truly sexy.

You may ask yourself how the author of this article has the authority to arbitrarily make such a list? Well, I have traveled to several countries, lived on two continents, had relationships with women from multiple cultures and have always had an international circle of friends. I have also spent countless hours of my life conversing with other male friends and acquaintances about such a list. With that being said, here are the world's top 10 countries with the sexiest women.

10 Senegal - Most Beautiful Women In Africa

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At this point, some of you may be thinking where exactly is Senegal and have I ever met a Senegalese woman? Senegal is in West Africa and if you've ever had the opportunity to encounter one of these beauties, you will understand why this African country made the list. Not only are most Senegalese women incredibly sexy, but also refreshingly polite, easy-going and positive. Even a beautiful Senegalese woman will talk to a regular guy with bright eyes and a smile that will melt your heart away.

Senegalese women tend to be on the taller side, which is why many of them make good models. There is also something about the exotic features of their face and radiating skin that grabs the attention of men. In my opinion, they are the most beautiful women on the African continent.

9 Japan - The Hottest Of Asia

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I lived in Japan for four years, so my selection might be a little bias here. I can tell you that as a person that lived in Japan, you have to go there to see some of the most beautiful women in the world. I lived in a city called Sapporo in the north of Japan, that is known for having the hottest women in all of Asia. Even in the dead of winter, with the earth covered in a thick layer snow, they come out dressed in a certain way that can make a man's head turn 360. Before you label Japanese women as being short, there are plenty of tall, full-figured babes in the "Land of the Rising Sun." Besides being incredibly exotic and sexy, Japanese women, in general, are fun, educated, stylish and have great personalities,which lands them in the top 10.

8 Colombia

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There is just something about Colombian women. The way they talk, walk and move those hips. After all, Shakira is Colombian and might be one of the hottest chicks on the planet. Like Brazilians, Colombians come in all shapes, colors and sizes, but they all seem to share a common flare for being sexy. It just seems to be something in their DNA or deeply rooted in Colombian culture that makes these ladies so attractive. Besides being sexy, Colombian women are fun, spontaneous, passionate, strong and fashionable. While the Colombian woman of today is well-educated, career-minded and successful, they will not show their faces in public without looking sexy. Even for a quick visit to the corner store, a Colombian woman will make herself look hot. She does so not because she is submissive to men, but because these women just enjoy the art of being sexy, which is a beautiful thing in itself.

7 Argentina

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I personally don't think that Argentine women get enough credit for how truly sexy they are. When it comes to South America, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil are always the first to pop up, but what about Argentina? For me Argentine women are like an exotic mix between something Italian and Colombian. I once spent three months in Argentina and each day never ceased to amaze me. My head was seemingly spinning in all directions and at all times. It is amazing that I never suffered from whiplash.

Like all Colombian, Venezuelan and Brazilian ladies, Argentine ladies just have that flare for being seductive. They love to flaunt their looks in public; but what makes these women truly attractive is their intelligence. There is an image out there that Argentine women are stuck up, but I don't think they are. On the contrary, most of them are just a little crazy, but I mean crazy in a good way.

6 Poland

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This choice might come as a bit of a shocker as I don't think anyone has Poland in their top 10. But in my opinion, this central European country is overlooked. Polish women are hot. When I say hot, I mean like Russian or Ukrainian women. However, what separates the women of Poland from Russia and Ukraine is that they are light years ahead in the area of personality. While Russian ladies are dark, bitter and materialistic, Polish women are friendly, fun and down to earth. Most of them are also tall, full-figured and passionate. They are kind of like what most men imagine Russian women to be until they actually encounter a few and realize the gap between personality and physical appearance. Polish women on the other hand do not have that problem.

5 South Korea

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South Korea is the second Asian country to make this list and for good reasons. Like their Japanese rivals, there is just something about Korean women that separates them from the rest of Asia and most of the world for that matter. They tend to be taller, have good skin and are full-figured. I met many Korean women while living in Japan and they are definitely more attractive on the whole. Korean women are also very strong, loyal and well-educated, which are other attributes that make they extremely sexy. Although they can be quite serious and strong-willed, they are - on average - fun, down to earth and engaging. Like all the ladies on this list, Korean women love to look their best when out in public. They will dress up just to take a trip to the store or pick up their children from school. They do this not because they are submissive, but because they are sexy and intelligent women that know they can control the minds of men simply by being sexy.

4 France

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I know this choice is a bit cliche, but French women are hot. What seems to make them truly sexy is their culture - and what a beautiful one it is. French women enjoy nothing more than to be sexy and flirtatious. There is just something about French women and not just the ones in France, but French speaking ladies around the world in general. It is the way they dress, walk, talk and conduct themselves. While they always try to look sexy in public like the other women on this list, French women get an extra star for being sexy solely based on that accent. Although they sometimes are labeled as being a little stuck up, most French women are easy-going and appreciate a man that can make them laugh. A thought that is truly sexy in and of itself.

3 The Netherlands - The Best Of Europe

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This one might also come as a surprise, but Dutch women are damn sexy! They may not be sexy in a South American or Asian fashion, but they just are in their own way. They are tall, blonde, athletic and full-figured babes. While they might be a little naive, or at least pretend to be, that wholesome act is partly what makes them so attractive. Besides just being drop dead gorgeous, every Dutch girl I've ever met has been incredibly nice, down to earth and well-educated. These women are beautiful, secure and sociable, which makes them so attractive. Please don't ever confuse Dutch women with say German or UK women because there is no comparison. Dutch women blow the competition away and I would argue that they are the sexiest ladies in Western Europe.

2 Venezuela - Top Notch Bodies

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We all know how sexy Colombian ladies are, but there is just something about their Venezuelan neighbors that gives them a slight edge. While the Venezuelan economy may be in the toilet, there is certainly nothing wrong with the women that this country produces. For me, Venezuelan women are like an exotic cross between Colombian and Argentine women. Not only are they passionate and slightly neurotic, but they know how to dress and walk in a certain manner that make any man fall off his chair. These women are sizzling hot and they know it. Best of all, Venezuelan women are warm, friendly and well-educated. They also speak in a seductive accent that can make a man's heart melt. Besides their fun-loving personalities, these babes are endowed with some of the best bodies in the world. Their country may be in a state of political turmoil, but the women are top notch.

1 Brazil - Sexiest In The World

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I was reluctant to choose Brazil as number one since they are first on everyone's else list, but there is good reason for that. Brazilian women have it all. In a country of 200 million people, there certainly are a lot of them to spread the love around the globe. Being a highly diverse country, Brazilians come in various shapes and colors, but they are all sexy. What exactly makes them sexy? In my opinion it's just something about the culture. Like other South American women, Brazilian ladies have a certain flair in the way they dress. I think what also separates the women of Brazil from the pack is the way they talk. There is just something about that accent coupled with their gorgeous, sun-kissed bodies and down-to-earth personalities that makes these women so damn sexy.


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