The Most Popular Brand Mascots

A business needs to have a good, solid branding and identity to easily communicate its products and services to clients. It can be a logo, jingle, endorser or a mascot. A mascot's origin can be traced

A business needs to have a good, solid branding and identity to easily communicate its products and services to clients. It can be a logo, jingle, endorser or a mascot. A mascot's origin can be traced to the ancient times when they used mostly animal images to represent characteristics like strength, courage and bravery. Some of their traditional practices include making totems as a marker to portray different clans or tribes. This is what a mascot is to us now.

A mascot may be a person, animal or thing that is used to portrays its organization's personality, characteristics and values to differentiate it from competition. A mascot is also used for a business or organization to stand out and be easily recognizable.

Here are the most popular mascots of our times.

10 Energizer Bunny

In 1989, Energizer launched the Energizer Bunny, a cool pink bunny wearing sunglasses and beating a drum. Launched with a tag line, "Keep going and going and going..." it was the perfect representative of a brand whose main products are batteries. Who can forget its TV commercials where a bunny powered by a different brand easily wears off and can't keep going but the Energizer Bunny energetically runs off and just keeps going and going and going. Now, the term "Energizer Bunny" is used colloquially and defined as someone with seemingly unlimited energy and endurance who just keeps going and going.

9 Jolly Green Giant & Sprout

Green Giant is General Mill's brand of frozen and canned vegetables owned by General Mills. It created in 1925 the Jolly Green Giant who was a large green figure in a leafy green outfit with a sunny smile to introduce the company's unusually large peas product line. He is known for his signature "Ho, ho, ho" and singing the "Good things from the garden" song. His companion was not born until 1973 and was called Sprout and became his apprentice or helper in taking care of the vegetables at Green Giant.

8 Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean was made in 1958 by Procter & Gamble to represent its line of cleaning products and solutions. The Mr. Clean persona was drawn by an advertising agency Tatham-Laird & Kudner's Ernie Allen. He was initially conceptualized as a United States Navy sailor who was tough on grime and dirt. Mr. Clean was also given a first name that was "Veritable," but was dropped and never used. Mr. Clean also has international spin-offs all over the world.

7 Keebler Elves

The Keebler Elves are recognized to be one of the best known characters in commercials. The Keebler Elves led by Ernie Keebler are creations of Leo Burnett in 1969. The Keebler Elves reside in a hollow tree in a place called Sylvan Glen. This is where they bake the snacks like cookies and graham crackers. The elves' cute sizes, wholesome images, and happy dispositions made them very memorable and they proved to be very effective marketing for the brand.

6 Poppin’ Fresh Doughboy

Another genius creation of Leo Burnett is the Pillsbury Doughboy who was launched in 1965. The Pillsbury Doughboy has a story. There was once a baker who lovingly and passionately created a very special batch of dough which was left overnight and came to life and that became the Pillsbury Doughboy who later became Poppin' Fresh Doughboy. He is known for his very catchy giggle which made him an instant star.

5 Michelin Man

The Michelin Man was born in 1898 and was created by the Michelin brothers together with artist Marius Rossillon. Michelin Man is basically made of tires and through the years his look has been changed to make it current and not dated because after all the Michelin Man is 150 years old. It has been numerously recognized for being one of the most recognizable mascots and logos.

4 Mr. Peanut

When Planters was thinking of making an official mascot in 1916, it held a design contest. The winner was a 14-year-old schoolboy from Virginia who created a peanut with arms and legs. It was later on added with a top hat, wearing a monocle and carrying a cane.

3 Tony the Tiger

What makes kids and adults alike love Kellog's Frosted Flakes as much its very energetic mascot named Tony the Tiger, who is best known for saying "They're grrreat!" Tony the Tiger has been very popular since it made its debut in 1952 on the box cover of the cereal. Kellog's actually has another mascot named Katy the Kangaroo that they had to shelve because Tony the Together was everyone's favorite and proved to be more effective.

2 Ronald McDonald

One of international fast food chains McDonald's greatest marketing move was to make a clown character its official mascot. Ronald McDonald first appeared in 1966 via a commercial for a flying hamburger that was shown in CNS and NBC. The cheerful clown with a red wig became an instant hit. His story is that he lives in McDonaldLand with his friends Birdie the Early Bird, Grimace the Hamburglar, The Fry Kids and Mayor McCheese. Next to Santa Clause, Ronald McDonald is the most well-known character to be present at a kid's birthday party. In 2003, Ronald McDonald was appointed as the chief happiness officer of the fast food chain.

1 Mickey Mouse

The world's most beloved mouse, Mickey Mouse, was created and debuted in 1928. He first appeared in an animation called Steamboat Willie that just featured synchronized music and sound effects and became such a huge hit that a series of short Mickey Mouse animations appeared afterwards. Walt Disney was a true genius in marketing Mickey Mouse and thus came the Mickey Mouse merchandises, Mickey Mouse fan club, newspaper comic strip, theme park, TV shows, variety shows, movies and the rest is history.

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The Most Popular Brand Mascots