The Highest Grossing Nightclubs In The World

For many the nightclub may simply be a necessary evil, a den of inequity to be visited on certain rare occasions or a memory of over-priced, youthful nights past. For others, the international club scene is the only way to party. And man do these clubs let you party in style. With cocktail menus in the tens of thousands and champagne bottles in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, nights out at these exclusive venues don’t come cheap. And while you may have the money to cross the rope into one of these clubs, you often need the status too. While some of the nightclubs on our list feature spacious, luxurious, cavernous halls in which to dance the night away, others have limited space and take a more selective approach to their clientele. Either way all the clubs featured here - and indeed many more - raked in the millions in 2013 proving the nightclub and, for that matter, the DJing industries can be highly lucrative areas. Our list of nightclubs takes you from the sleek bays of Singapore to the indulgent boulevards of Las Vegas, demonstrating that for today’s jet-setters, partying really is a full-time global commitment. But a warning to any of you looking to get in on this high-class party action: aside from the obvious expense that goes into partying in such style, tables at these nightclubs are seriously hard to come by. So, as much as you may possesses the desire to party like an Indonesian prince, unless you actually are one you may have trouble getting served. Another option - and a strategy genrally more successful for the ladies - is that if you're alluring and attractive enough the club may want you seen at one of their parties just as much as you want to be seen in their club. For the rest of us however, we can but hope and dream. Credit cards at the ready, for the list of the highest grossing nightclubs the world over.

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5 Pangea, Singapore: $20-30 Million

Pangea may come in as the lowest grossing club on our list, but don’t let that small fact put you off - this place is seriously sleek and high-end. Although part of an international group of nightclubs under the same name, the Singapore branch located in the Marina Bay Sands casino resort is the most famous. The nightclub’s owner, Michael Ault, says that the high concentration of billionaires in the city has made the club an instant success since it launched in 2011, with the interior and ambience of the club designed for reflecting the tastes of its wealthy guests. The club is notoriously difficult to get into, with tables costing up to $20,000 per night - and that’s before you even buy a drink! Your chosen libation can then come from the luxury selection of champagnes and spirits the nightclub has on offer or, if you're looking for something that bit special, their most expensive cocktail costs $26,000 and comes with its own particular service staff as well as a diamond. While Pangea may be the lowest grossing club listed here, it's also the smallest in terms of square feet: as Ault likes to remind his guests, Pangea is the largest grossing nightclub per square foot in the world, and with an interior that features gold python skin couches and tables made from 1000 year old wood, it's worth every inch. Ault also says he has no plans to expand the existing space in Singapore, sticking to the number one business rule: always keep your fans wanting more.

4 LIV, Miami Beach, FL: $35-45 Million

If Pangea’s intimate setting is not what you're looking for then LIV may be more your thing. Set within Fontainebleau, the sprawling ocean-front complex on Miami Beach, LIV is almost ten times the size of Pangea at 30,000 square feet. The Fontainebleau resort is itself named after one of the oldest and most lavish palaces used by France’s royal family, so that should give you an indication of the size and scope of LIV. The club charges top dollar for entry and customers can expect to pay up to $100,000 for a bottle of champagne. The crowd that frequents LIV is also somewhat different to those at Pangea: while the latter attracts billionaire business people, LIV is known as a serious celebrity spot: This New Year's Eve Party had both Pharell and DJing legend Tiësto knocking out the tunes. Top tables at that event would have set you back $50,000, with the cheapest tickets on the night a comparatively mild $500. $50,000 would get you some serious VIP service however: as well as an open bar and the elusively labelled “party favours” included in the price, guests will also have a dance floor table for the gig and enough bottles of Dom Perignon and Grey Goose vodka to last the night. You may even spot a Kardashian there.

3 Pacha, Ibiza, $40-$50 Million

Pacha has been a long-term fixture on the renowned (and often notorious) Ibiza club circuit, and with good reason: The club has been running since the 1970s and has been responsible for bringing the likes of DJing maestros David Guetta, Pete Tong and of course, Tiësto to the Spanish island. While Ibiza may have its quiet months during the colder seasons, the club has some serious cash turnover: in the summer of 2012 alone, Pacha made around $40 million.  With the lowest ticket price for a night of clubbing at Pacha costing well over  a hundred dollars, and with capacity for over 3000 clubbers per night, it’s easy to see how Pacha rakes in the cash. Even a casual beer at this club is will cost around $14! Life is not as blissful as it may initially seem for the club owners, however, with The New York Times last April reporting that Pacha’s owners have complained that DJs now want more money to play for ever shorter sessions. In response, the club refused to rebook a number of headline acts for the summer of 2013, with Tiësto instead playing to sell-out crowds in Las Vegas.  It seems there's unrest in this clubbers' paradise.

2 XS, Las Vegas: $60-70 Million

Set in the gambling capital of the world, the XS clubs knows more than a thing or two about indulgence and excess. With an interior apparently inspired by the curves of the human body, the 13,000 square foot dance floor means that you have plenty of space to party. Or if relaxing with indulgent tipples is more your style, then the priciest cocktail at the bar retails for $10,000 - made up with $500 champagne, cognac that retails at $2,500 per shot, and a special treat of a set of cufflinks or pearl necklace at the buyer's request. Of course, the ceremonial manner in which the drink is prepared at your table serves to remind the rest of the clientèle just how wealthy you are. The gilt interior and decadent gold body castings at the entrance will ensure you're in the lap of luxury from the moment you cross the door of this club. Part of the extravagant Wynn Resort on Las Vegas Boulevard, the club this year served $1 million bottles of champagne at their New Year’s Eve party. Just in case a $10,000 cocktail was a bit too common...

1 Marquee Nightclub and Dayclub, Las Vegas: $70-80 Million

Our number one spot is by far the largest and most opulent spot going on this list: the Marque Club in Las Vegas is 60,000 square feet of hedonistic indulgence, with queues regularly stretching hundreds of yards of club goers just to get in the door. Inside, private tables feature the standard array of Belvedere and Grey Goose not to mention 30 litre bottles of champagne a $250,000 a pop. Not only that but with 6,000 clubbers per night, the Marquee’s top notch sound system is reportedly is loud enough to fill Madison Square Garden and cost a cool $1.5 million dollars. The nightclub’s owners say the emphasis at the Marquee is on an indulgent, immersive experience, and with guests such as Pitbull and Kanye gracing the place it’s easy to see how they can deliver. Not only that but when Kim Kardashian held her birthday party there last year, the reservation bill alone came in at over $100,000. However as the name suggests, the Marquee is not simply for some late night partying: they venue’s day club means that revellers can indulge at any hour of the day with the daytime club offering the regular bar service of any exclusive nightclub as well as an infinity pool and terraces and a number of private bungalows. All this magnificence does come at quite a price however, with GQ magazine aptly describing a night in the venue as “the best night $500,000 can buy.” Billionaire barons only it seems.

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