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The “Carrie Diaries” Now a Hit Style Show On Screen

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The “Carrie Diaries” Now a Hit Style Show On Screen


The “Carrie Diaries” is one of the latest shows to be aired on American television. It has gained much popularity largely because of the stylish garments worn by the actors on this show. You can tune in just to watch the exquisite garments, which are mostly designed by all the top designers in Hollywood. The Carrie Diaries gets its name from the character Carrie Bradshaw who starred in the favorite American soap “Sex and the City” that was aired for several seasons.

The polka dotted outfit which Carrie adorned on her first night out in New York City while hailing a cab, is one of the most stylish garments designed in America. In fact, this is one dress which is quite retro in terms of style and essence, and reminds people of the actresses of yesteryear. The dress is in orange and pink color with black polka dots all over it. It looks more like a frock than a dress, making the protagonist of the series come across as very child-like and innocent to the viewers.


The mean girls on the show are also dressed in very stylish garments to the extent that their characters on the show have become popular because of this. Yellow pants and pink tops are quite commonly worn by these characters as are stylish white jackets too. The fluorescent green and pink tops which these girls wear to college are too good to resist. The viewers gape at them in wonder. The hairstyle of the mean girls is also done in a most elegant way, making them seem like style icons before the camera.

She really looks like she is dressed to kill on the day Carrie B takes over Wall Street. What scores the highest points among the fashion critics is of course the bow blouse that she is wearing. Add to that the culottes which really accentuate her body and make her look very slender and appealing. The bow blouse features a number of stunning colors. The Mark Cross bag Carrie has over her shoulders makes her look complete. With this accessory, the deal is finally sealed.


Carrie scores points among the fashion police with the clothes she wears to high school as well. Her horse jeans and the report card sweat shirt are a marvelous combination. She creates a style statement among her peers, apart from of course impressing her boy friend. She looks both like a small-town girl as well as fashionable. This simple combination is what makes the audience really fall in love with this amazing character on screen. Carrie B wins the hearts of all boys and girls who watch her lead a life of determination and zeal.

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