The 20 Most Seductive Female Comic Book Characters Ever

Who doesn’t love comics? Even if you pretend not to like them, you have to admit that they’re pretty cool. Plus, it’s 2015, and nerds rule. So, reading a comic book, playing comics-themed videogames, and going to the movie theater to see the latest Avengers film is totally cool. But let’s ditch the superheroes for a bit and focus instead on the superheroines. Because let’s face it: there are some super-hot femme fatales out there!

Whether it’s Marvel or DC, we can all agree that there are some mighty fine-looking ladies who have graced the covers of comic books, as well as the silver and big screens. And while some of them might be supervillains, we couldn’t help ourselves. We had to include them on our list of the 20 most seductive female comic book characters ever. So sit back and take a gander at these hot mamas, and you will see why comics are here to stay!

Who will you fall for? Poison Ivy and her fire-red hair and attitude? Vampirella and her sexy ensemble? The martial arts magic of Harley Quinn? Whoever you choose, it’ll be a good choice if they came from this list! Is it hot in here or what?

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20 The Black Widow

Via houseofgeekery.com

Also known as Natasha Romanova, the Black Widow knows how to rock a sexy, skin-tight jumpsuit. Her backstory is tragic, as she was forced into abandonment after her parents died during the Stalingrad invasion. She was adopted by a solider, who trained her to become an ass-kicking young woman. Her roundhouse kick is something else! The Black Widow is pretty awesome; she even has an education named after her! Like-minded gals can go to the Black Widow Program and learn how to be just as rough and tough as Natasha. Most recently, she has been portrayed by none other than Scarlett Johannson.

19 Scarlet Witch

Via marvel.wikia.com

The Scarlet Witch is named Wanda Maximoff, and she is capable of manipulating the air and energy around her. In this way, she can control her environment, stop flying objects from colliding with her, and set things on fire. Although she could probably get the sparks going just with her good looks! The Scarlet Witch, as the name suggests, knows spells and hexes, and was once part of The Avengers. She first appeared in Marvel comics back in 1964, but she is still looking smokin’ hot today! As a matter of fact, she was featured in the latest Avengers movie, Age of Ultron.

18 Mystique

Via sporcle.com

If you’re like us, then you have a serious crush on Jennifer Lawrence. And the fact that she played the character Mystique on the big screen makes us adore her even more. Mystique’s real name is Raven Darkholme and she is a Marvel superhero and is regularly featured in the X-Men series She’s not quite a human, but not quite a monster. She’s a shapeshifting mutant, so she can change her appearance at will, although why she wouldn’t want to be a sexy seductress all the time is beyond us. She has blue skin and is usually portrayed in full-body paint (for live action films.)

17 Batgirl

Via cizgidiyari.com

We know Batman (who is one hunky dude) but what about Batgirl? She is a popular DC Comics character in her own right. Not only is she totally hot, but she’s super smart, too. She’s even had to save Batman’s behind a few times! Batgirl has the fighting stance and moves of a ninja and the sex appeal of a siren. She first appeared in DC Comics in 1961 and goes by the name Barbara Gordon. She has been played by hotties such as Yvonne Craig and Alicia Silverstone, just to name a few. She dons a similar bat mask to Batman as well as a skin-tight fighting suit.

16 Poison Ivy

Via batman.wikia.com

As you may guess from her name, Poison Ivy is able to manipulate plants and have them do her bidding. She is a fiery redhead, and what could be more attractive than that? Loads of fan art has been produced to depict her with her sultry red tresses and her leafy wardrobe. And we can’t help but be seduced by such a bad girl – she is a supervillain with a vengeance. She’s also been played by the gorgeous Uma Thurman. Nothing like a girl who is one with nature, and uses it to rebel against the good guys! If crushing on her is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

15 Supergirl

Via dccomics.com

Supergirl recently got her own television series on CBS, and we are so excited for it. The new series is focusing on Kara Zor-El (that is, Supergirl,) who has been under the radar for over a decade. Well, no more! She is ready to fight the baddies and show everyone that girls can indeed kick butt, and look good doing it. The newest iteration of Supergirl is being played by Melissa Benoist. If there were ever a sexy counterpart to the incredible Superman, this is it. And we must say, Supergirl looks much better in the tights and the red cape!

14 Black Cat

Via joyreactor.cc

Come on, how could we not love a girl in a cat costume? Sure, we have Catwoman, but we can’t forget about Black Cat. She is just as appealing, and there is just something about a cat burglar that gets us turned on. Black Cat’s real name is Felicia Hardy and she is the love interest of none other than the amazing Spider-Man. So, what is Black Cat’s special power (besides her stunning good looks?) She is able to hex people and turn their luck into bad luck. In short – don’t get on her bad side! It looks like she can either make or break our day.

13 Rogue

Via sf.co.ua

With a name like Rogue, you can bet this girl is going to be feisty. She is one of the female superheroes featured in Marvel comics. Like Mystique, she is part of the X-Men series and she brings some much-needed girl power to the group! Rogue has also appeared alongside the Avengers, and she is similar to Mystique in that she is a mutant. She looks totally normal (well, maybe not totally, on account of her drop-dead gorgeous looks), but she has superhero powers. And a chest that is to die for, just saying. Anyway, she is brains and brawn, with super strength and memory powers.

12 Witchblade

Via comicvine.com

The name Witchblade sounds pretty badass, right? Witchblade actually had her own comics series for two decades. She is actually Sara Pezzini, a homicide detective who becomes Witchblade after she stumbles upon an ancient relic and that’s her superhuman powers. So not only is this chick super intelligent, sly, and totally hot – she is able to do supernatural stunts, too. Plus, we have so many different ways to see Witchblade. She was featured in comic books, television series, manga, and anime, too! It is so awesome to watch her deal with the bad guys who want to get their grimy fingers on the Witchblade.

11 Jean Grey

Via comicsforever.tumblr.com

Here we are back to Marvel Comics, where we have the hot and spicy Jean Grey. She is a superhero who appears with the X-Men and is also known in some circles as Marvel Girl. And what an excellent choice she is to represent Marvel Comics. She has got bright orange hair (to match her fiery attitude) and she wears a skin-tight outfit complete with a long golden sash. Gloves and boots round out the ensemble and she is the perfect blend of human and mutant. She possesses telekinetic and telepathic powers, which help her get out of some sticky situations. And while she is so hot, alas, she is married. Her husband is Cyclops.

10 Sue Storm

Via reappropriate.co

Sue Storm is the Invisible Woman. It is such an unfortunate power for her though, because she’s so hot! Even so, her invisibility does help her fight crime along with the Fantastic Four. She is also featured in the Avengers and the Lady Liberators. Besides having the ability to become invisible, Sue Storm can also create an invisible force field around herself and she has some telekinetic powers. Oh and did we mention that she was played by the feisty Jessica Alba? Owing to Sue Storm’s “I-need-a-hero” attitude, she was also played by Pamela Anderson in the spoof, Superhero Movie.

9 Storm

Via community.comicbookresources.com

When Marvel Comics unveiled Storm, we knew we were in for a treat. She is a badass superhero and she is a wonderful addition to the X-Men. She first appeared in 1975 and is actually a princess, but prefers to identify as a superhero. Her name is quite something to live up to, and Storm doesn’t disappoint. She is a natural leader and loves nothing more than taking charge and getting things done. She is married to Black Panther, another superhero and has appeared on the big screen in X-Men films throughout the years. Our personal favorite? Her portrayal by Halle Berry. Yum.

8 Harley Quinn

Via dccomics.com

Harley Quinn is Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, M.D. and she is a not-so-nice girl, but she’s so hot that we had to put her on this list. She is a DC Comics character and is often in cahoots with The Joker in her evil plots to take down Batman. There is just something wildly seductive about a girl who likes to be bad. Not only is Harley Quinn scheming with The Joker, but the two of them have a romantic relationship going on. Can’t say we blame him. She is one of the hottest supervillains out there, and is usually portrayed in a red-hot corset that shows off her curves.

7 Zatanna

Via lazeedog.deviantart.com

The top hat, the gloves, the bowtie; it all works to make Zatanna a super-hot femme fatale. She is one of the most gorgeous female superheroes in the DC Comics universe. So, what’s Zatanna all about? She is a magic woman who can perform real magic tricks as well as trick her enemies as she battles alongside the Justice League. She has got loads of va-va-va-voom and her romantic interest is John Constantine. We especially like her because she is a badass leader and trains others in her craft. And what would a hot heroine be without a tragic backstory? In Zatanna’s case, it’s the disappearance of her father.

6 Emma Frost

Via londoncomicculture.wordpress.com

She’s icy and we like it. Emma Frost is one of the superheroes in the X-Men gang of Marvel Comics. She is also called the White Queen and it is easy to see why. She has the body of a goddess, plus she is a total boss at fighting crime. And even though her name brings to mind images of snow and winter weather, she makes us feel hot and steamy. Emma Frost is part human, part mutant and she possesses the power of telepathy and shapeshifting. Originally, Emma Frost was depicted in a white lace-up corset and thigh-high boots paired with a long flowy cape. Sounds super-hot to us.

5 Elektra

Via followingthenerd.com

Does the name Elektra make you think of Carmen Electra? Well, both women are totally hot-beyond-words. In this case, Elektra is a Marvel Comics assassin. She is like a Greek goddess (hence the last name Natchios) and she is also the apple of Daredevil’s eye. Elektra chooses to use swords as her weapon of defense, and she was portrayed by gorgeous Jennifer Garner on the big screen in Daredevil and Elektra. She is one of the best examples of a female lead who is strong, sexy, and sultry. She doesn’t let her femininity get in the way of whipping butt!

4 Vampirella

Via alis-alley.com

How could a character named Vampirella not be hot? Obviously, she made the list. Vampirella is, as you would guess, a vampire. But not just any vampire. She was hot and made vampires a thing before they hit the mainstream television shows. She came about in 1969 and she’s a good girl. She fights crime as a superheroine in one sexy outfit. Plus, her powers are totally awesome. She can’t die (vampire rules!) and she can shapeshift, lift super-heavy stuff, run like The Flash, see in the dark, fly, hypnotize, use telepathy, and even heal! All this while strutting around in a tiny piece of cloth that basically covers her nether regions and her nipples.

3 Psylocke

Via mundomarvel.com

Who is Psylocke? A Marvel Comics character who will rock your world! She is a superhero who appears with the X-Men, and her original name is Elizabeth Braddock. She first appeared back in 1976 and is the twin sister of Captain Britain. Yet, she soon stole the scene and became a bigger deal than she was initially meant to be! And we’re glad. She possesses telekinetic powers, as well as telepathy and superb knife-wielding skills. Oh, and she’s also psychic (hence the name, Psylocke.) She wears a unitard and long gloves and boots. Her dark violet hair runs wild and lends a sexy air to her femme fatale look.

2 Catwoman

Via dccomics.com

Ah yes, Catwoman. She is one of the favorites; she’s just got to be on this list. And near the top, too! Catwoman's real name is Selina Kyle, and she has been portrayed on the big and silver screens for decades. She even has a spot as the teenage troublemaker in the television series Gotham. Anyway, the mature Catwoman prowls around in a skintight black suit, and she knows she looks good. Her suit is always opened enough to show off some ample cleavage, and she also dons a cat mask (there have been several variations throughout the years.) Remember when Halle Berry was Catwoman? What about Anne Hathaway? Me-ow!

1 Wonder Woman

Via camazarefes.com

Yes, it’s Wonder Woman! We just couldn’t resist those bouncy boobs of hers! Well hey, it’s true…if you have ever wondered why Wonder Woman uses her wrists to block ammo, you know why. While her entire body is pretty much bullet-proof, it would be a tad distracting if she were to use her chest for protection. Anyway, Wonder Woman can fly, lift, and seduce better than any other femme fatale. And she’s going to appear in the newest iteration of her story, the upcoming film Wonder Woman. And you can bet your bottom dollar that we’re going to line up to go see it.

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