The 20 Most Popular Christmas Gifts of 2015

best christmas gifts of 2015

The Christmas season is that wonderful time of year when holiday shoppers trample over each other as they hope to save a few bucks on an item that they could have purchased from the comforts of their own homes. Not all holiday shopping is, of course, a difficult adventure where you are forced to protect your collected goods while waiting in line. Some on your Christmas list would be happy with receiving a gift card or a different standard holiday gift such as a scented candle or a Christmas treat. If only you could cross off all of the names on your list with such ease.

You may, in the opening stages of the 2015 Christmas season, find yourself struggling to know what to buy for certain friends, family members, co-workers and others on your list. No worries, as we are here to help. Regardless of if you are shopping for your significant other, a close friend, a “Secret Santa” recipient or even a nephew or niece, we have got you covered. Fair warning, though: You should be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars if you want to purchase the most popular Christmas gift for 2015. Doing so could be worth the money, though, if the person receiving the gift has been yearning for this particular hot item.

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19 Xbox One/PlayStation 4 

Via digitaltrends.com

Perhaps you have been dragging your feet as it pertains to updating your video gaming preferences. Christmas 2015 could be the perfect time to buy an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 either for yourself or for somebody else in your life who enjoys gaming. Don't worry if you missed out on what you thought were awesome Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. Retailers such as Best Buy, Target and Amazon will be selling system bundles at good prices throughout the 2015 Christmas season. Don't wait too long, though, as you won't want your local store to be sold out when you decide to make this purchase.

19. Amazon Fire TV Stick

Via digitaltrends.com

This is the first of three different gifts that involve streaming entertainment. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a far cheaper option than a Smart Television. An individual who does not have an iPhone or does not care about Air-Dropping content to an Apple TV would do just fine with the Fire. The Fire has a variety of apps installed. Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go, Watch ESPN and Showtime are just a few examples. You can also access Amazon Prime on the Fire, something that is currently not possible on versions of Apple TV. The Fire could be an introduction to streaming television for a person in your life.

18 Barbie Dream House 

Via notimemommy.com

Some Christmas gifts are timeless regardless of the era. The Barbie Dream House that can be found in stores such as Target makes the list. This particular house has a “working” elevator, three floors and seven rooms in total. You will have to do some work before Christmas if you are going to give this gift. The Barbie Dream House does not come assembled. You will also need three AAA batteries that are not included if you want the recipient of this present to be able to use all of the house's features. Just imagine the look on the face of your young one when she opens this present on Christmas morning.

17 Illy Y5 Milk, Espresso & Coffee Machine 

Via illy.com

Anybody who has ever had the pleasure of sipping on Illy coffee knows about the quality of the brand. You could give the gift of Illy coffee every day with the Y5 Milk, Espresso & Coffee Machine. This is, as you would probably guess upon seeing the price of the machine, not your standard coffee maker. Everything from a regular cup of coffee to cappuccino to plain espresso can be brewed in this machine. What makes a high-quality coffee machine such a popular Christmas gift is that it is an item that will be used every day by the coffee drinkers who receive it.

16 Happy Socks 

Via happysocks.com

We would like to give a shout-out to Craig Ferguson for giving us this idea thanks to the footwear that he used to sport during editions of his late-night show. Do not be fooled into thinking that these socks are only for males just because they are found on the “Ask Men” website. You will, upon examining pictures of the socks, see that they can be worn by just about anybody who is tired of wearing the same old items on their feet. The recipient of this Christmas gift could wear his or her Happy Socks while at the office, while relaxing at home or when out on the town.

15 Fallout 4 

Via entertainmentbuddha.com

Because nothing says “Merry Christmas!” to a family member or friend like a simulation of a post-apocalyptic world! All kidding aside, Fallout 4 could be the must-have game of December 2015, so much so that you should probably check to make sure that the would-be recipient has not already gone out and purchased the title for himself. Odds are that you have seen the television commercials for Fallout 4. The game that is available across multiple platforms has received glowing reviews. Your only concern about this Christmas gift may be that it could be sold out in local stores.

14 Birchbox 

Via frugalcouponliving.com

What is perhaps the coolest thing about giving Birchbox as a Christmas present is that there are several ways for you to give the gift. Some may mistakenly believe that Birchbox gift boxes that contain several samples are only for women. That is not accurate, as the company also offers boxes for men. You have the option of giving subscriptions that last three months, six months and also a full calendar year. That last subscription could be the best option for the person you know who loves Birchbox but no longer subscribes for one reason or another.

13 Fitbit Charge HR 

Via stuff.tv

Did you think that the popularity of the Fitbit brand was decreasing because smart watches are on the market? Think again. The Fitbit Charge HR is not just your standard activity tracker that lets you know how many steps you took in a day or that syncs with your smart phone. You can see the time of day, call notifications and your daily stats on the OLED display. The Fitbit also monitors your sleep, and you could use the device as your daily alarm clock. Those who are thinking of buying a Fitbit as a 2015 Christmas list should give this version some serious thought.

12 Sony Headphones 

Via cnet.com

Maybe the best reason for why you should buy Sony headphones over a different brand was provided by the Ask Men website: “Think of these as Beats headphones without the Beats price — from the legendary Sony.” Beats headphones are very good. We won't deny that. With that said, do not think that a music lover who has put headphones on his or her Christmas list will notice a vast difference in quality if you opt for Sony. Besides, you can buy the Sony headphones at a fraction of the price and use the extra money to buy even more Christmas gifts!

11 Drone 

Via youtube.com

We now live in a time where we are capable of taking videos via drones that can be controlled from the ground. What a world. The truth of the matter is that you could venture out to a mall and find several versions of a drone. Target recommends, among others, the Sky Viper Video Surveillance Drone. This particular drone can be used outdoors. It has a camera attached to it. The drone also comes with a 4 GB memory card that can store pictures and also videos. Target users have given this product a four-star (out of five) review. It costs about $80 this holiday season.

10 Bunchems 

Via youtube.com

Bunchems may, all things considered, be the most popular Christmas gift for kids in 2015. Retailers such as Target are offering the Bunchems “megapack” during the 2015 Christmas season. This pack comes with a total of 407 pieces! That is quite the introduction to Bunchems for the child who has never before played with these sticky items. One word of warning to the parent who knows little about Bunchems: It would be wise to watch a couple of online tutorials about how to get Bunchems out of hair. Trust us that you will be happy that you did.

9 Frette Robe 

Via frette.com

A bathrobe is a classic Christmas gift idea. Anybody could head on over to a local department store and purchase a previously packaged bathrobe. Those who are looking to go the extra mile should instead consider purchasing the bathrobe that is being sold by Frette during the 2015 Christmas season. This robe, which costs nearly $300, is, according to the Frette website, made from 100 percent Egyptian Cotton Terry. It could be the nicest robe that your beloved lady has, to date, ever owned, and it is a luxurious Christmas gift that shows you put some extra thought into the matter.

8 Ferrari F12 Ride on Car 

Via amazon.co.uk

It is an updated version of a toy that you may have had as a young one. The Ferrari F12 Ride on Car that is being offered by Brookstone during the 2015 Christmas season could be the coolest ride that your child ever enjoys. One bonus, outside of the gift itself, is that Brookstone has already lowered the price of this mini-vehicle. A worry, though, is that you can currently only buy the Ferrari F12 Ride on Car online. You will thus want to hurry up and buy this gift so that you have it for Christmas morning. Then again, your child will likely have a forgiving heart if Santa brings this gift a couple of days after the fact.

7 Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime Gift Cards 

Via technewstoday.com

Have you bought a Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV or other streaming device for a 2015 Christmas gift? If so, gifts cards for services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime could be ideal stocking stuffers. Buying gifts cards for these streaming services not only saves the recipient money. It allows that person to have access to multiple different services and then learn which ones he/she likes and does not like. You could even make this a repeat gift for events such as a birthday or other celebration if the recipient is happy with at least one of the services.

6 Winston Chrome Set 

Via huckberry.com

The man in your life needs to shave, maybe even once every day. Don't just buy him some generic razor from your local drugstore. Instead, splash a little extra cash and pick up the Winston Chrome Set. Said to offer “a barbershop shave, without the barbershop,” this set comes with a high-quality razor, three blades, shaving gel or shaving cream (your choice), and a gift card that can be redeemed at a later time. That gift card could come in handy after Christmas if the recipient of the gift chooses that he never wants to go back to his old blades.

5 Saffron Candle 

Via bang-olufsen.spootnik.com

You could choose to buy any old holiday-scented candle that you can find from stores such as Yankee Candle, Target, Wal-Mart or even your local grocery store. Another option would be to purchase a candle that smells like what Harper's Bazaar has referred to as “the world's most expensive spice.” Byredo candles are a bit pricey – $95 in this case – but it could be worth it for a person would love to enjoy the smell of saffron for up to about 60 hours of burn time. This could be an outside-of-the-box gift for a foodie who is on your Christmas list in 2015.

4 Star Wars Gifts 

Via polygon.com

It is the movie that fans of the series have been waiting for literally for years. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is seemingly destined to be the hit of the 2015 Christmas season and probably one of the most successful box office blockbusters in history. There are several different ways that you could go when shopping for Star Wars presents. You could always, if you haven't already, buy tickets to the actual movie. There are also a wide variety of toys, ornaments and other Star Wars-related items on the market for Christmas 2015. Who wouldn't want to have a Lightsaber battle on Christmas morning?

3 Guitar Hero Live 

Via guitarhero.com

Perhaps you or somebody else that you know have purchased a current-generation system for the video game aficionado in your life. Maybe you are looking to make sure a loved one gets the most out of an older gaming system that he already owns. Either way, Guitar Hero Live could be the go-to video game purchase of the 2015 Christmas season. Guitar Hero Live is available across multiple holiday consoles in December 2015. It is also a game that the entire family could enjoy together. Just imagine you and the kids rocking out to Guitar Hero Live on Christmas morning.

2 Smart TV 

Via samsung.com

The ways that we watch our favorites movies and television shows continue to evolve with every year. We now no longer need a device such as an Apple TV or a gaming device to utilize streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Smart televisions that are Internet ready and that have apps make it easier than ever to stream programs onto large screens. There are a wide variety of options for the person looking to buy a Smart TV as a Christmas gift in 2015. Those who do not care about the price and who want the best of the best should be ready to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on a Smart TV.

1 Hover Board 

Via theguardian.com

That's right. We have entered an era where walking from place to place is now a thing of the past. The Hover Board is the gift that just about anybody on your list can use. A person can, merely by shifting his weight, travel in all directions Whoever receives what is the most popular Christmas gift for 2015 could go several miles on the Hover Board once the device is fully charged. The Hover Board does not come cheap. You could, depending on where you shop, end up paying around $500 for one. Remember, though, that you will want to buy only the best when purchasing the most popular Christmas gift for 2015.

Sources: harpersbazaar.com, askmen.com, target.com, brostrick.com

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