The 20 Hottest Celebrity Exes Ever

Do you get feelings of regret, shame, guilt, or anger whenever you think of your ex? Well then, don’t think about them! Instead, focus on these super-hot exes and you’ll forget all about ol’ what’s-her-name. Here is our list of the 20 Hottest Celebrity Exes Ever. Enjoy and thank us later!

Here we have singers, models, actresses, and other celebs who have gone to splitsville in the past few years. Hey, 2015 was not a good year for many people to be in a relationship, and some of these celebrities sure can vouch for that. It also goes to show that looks are not everything. If a couple is incompatible, then no amount of hotness is going to solve that. Case in point: these hottie exes!

Some of these folks were married or engaged, while others were in dating relationships. We’ve got to hand it to them; they did a good job of rebounding and coming back stronger than ever! A break up is not going to keep these stars down! Some of them have found love again and have totally put their past relationships behind them. Still, it’s sometimes funny to remember old flings. The Britney and Justin denim get-ups, anyone?


20 Denise Richards

Married to Charlie Sheen back in 2002, Denise Richards is still looking hot and steamy in her mid-40s. She met Sheen while shooting Loaded Weapon in 1991. Their marriage only lasted until 2005, when Denise (while preggo with their second baby,) decided enough was enough and filed those divorce papers. The next year, more craziness ensued and Denise filed for a restraining order. Hey, we certainly don’t blame her. So what’s Denise up to nowadays? She’s doing some acting work and taking care of her kids, Sam, Lola, and Eloise. And probably trying to stay away from the “tiger blood.”

19 Kim Kardashian


We all know Kim Kardashian now as the wife of Kanye West. But before that, she was married to Kris Humphries. The marriage only lasted 72 days. The divorce was messy, and took about 2 years to be finalized. During that time, Kim set her sights on rapper Kanye West, and at the end of 2012, the couple announced that “Kimye” were going to have a baby together! The rest is history, of course. Kim is still a fine looking lady, she is totally over the whole Kris Humphries thing, and she broke the Apple App Store with her Kim Kardashian emojis.

18 Taylor Swift

The world just won’t get over Taylor Swift, or so it seems. And while she may go through guys like a roll of paper towels, her nasty relationships do make for some great music. One of her many ex-boyfriends was Joe Jonas. The couple dated in 2008 for a few months, then Taylor moved on to Taylor Lautner for 2 months, then John Mayer, then Jake Gyllenhaal for 2 more months. After that, there was Conor Kennedy and then Harry Styles and then she finally took a breaky-break from love. Now she’s with Calvin Harris. Are you dizzy yet? We are.

17 Irina Shayk


This 29-year-old Russian beauty dated professional soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo for 5 years, from 2010 to 2015. We thought they were a super-duper power couple, but alas, even good things must come to an end. Now Irina is in a relationship with actor Bradley Cooper. No worries! Besides dating really hot men, Irina works as a model and more recently, an actress. She starred in Hercules with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and also participates in humanitarian efforts. Her hotness has not gone unnoticed; she’s modeled for Glamour, Esquire, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and many others. So take that, Cristiano Ronaldo!

16 Jessica Biel

We remember watching Jessica Biel as the rebellious (and often unwise) daughter Mary on the television series, 7th Heaven. She then segued into larger roles and moved into film. And then she dated professional baseball player Derek Jeter. She was also in romances with Adam LaVorgna and Chris Evans. And then, in 2007, it happened. She began dating Justin Timberlake and they quickly became the “it” couple in Hollywood. And why not? Both are successful, gorgeous, and likeable. They got married in Italy in the fall of 2010, and in the spring of 2015, they welcomed their first child, Silas Randall.

15 Mariah Carey


The whole Mariah Carey-Nick Cannon relationship kind of took us by surprise. After all, we were used to watching Nick perform sketch comedy on Nickelodeon. So when the adolescent television star went on to marry Mariah, it was quite a shock. Plus, there was the whole age difference thing. Oh well. In 2008, they got married in The Bahamas. A few years later, Mariah had twins. Then in 2014, they filed for divorce. Womp. Oh well; both seem to be doing just fine. After all, this is a gorgeous woman who basically lived on the Billboard Hot 100 for years.

14 Gwen Stefani

When Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale got married, it was like the perfect musical pairing. Both of these people were stunning, could totally rock out, and were independent, free spirits who were so in love. Their marriage was one to admire, so what happened? They were married from 2002 to 2015, and things seemed to look just peachy. But “irreconcilable differences” tore them apart. Maybe Gwen was spending too much time working away from home; she was one of the judges on The Voice, was (maybe) reuniting with No Doubt, and was doing her own music. But now she’s with Blake Shelton!


13 Heidi Klum


We knew Heidi Klum was married to Seal (their marriage lasted from 2005 to 2014,) but we didn’t know she divorced from Ric Pipino as well (they were married from 1997 to 2002.) Anyway, most of us recognize the absolutely beautiful Heidi from her hit television show, Project Runway, on which she sends losers packing with the now-famous quip “Auf Wiedersehen.” She is a German entrepreneur, host, producer, designer, TV judge, and model. She’s in her 40s, but she can hold her own against those 20-somethings! Really, besides being drop-dead gorgeous, she is worth a fortune. She’s one of the top-earning female models and works with various charities.

12 Jennifer Garner

It was so sad when actress Jennifer Garner got divorced from Ben Affleck. They were such a powerful (and lovely) couple. They had a beautiful family, too: Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. For the 2015 winter holidays, Jen and Ben put their differences aside and decided to spend time together as a big (hopefully happy) family again. Aw, that’s so cute. That being said, we can understand Jen’s decision to split from Ben. He was allegedly dating their children’s nanny! Yet even through all of this drama, they have both put on brave faces and have been keeping a lot of their private details under wraps.

11 Britney Spears


Kind of hard to believe that Britney Spears is in her mid-thirties already, isn’t it? Well, she has come through a lot of good and bad from her “Baby…One More Time” days. Back in the day, she also dated Justin Timberlake. Just try to remember when they wore their matching denim suits to an awards show. Now try not to laugh. Besides dating Justin, Britney was married to Jason Alexander for a whopping 55 hours. Wow. And that is when we should have seen the red flags. But no, she went on to marry Kevin Federline and they had some kids. Then there was the whole head-shaving, umbrella-wielding “dark times.” Now, she is back in business!

10 Jessica Alba

Sure, now Jessica Alba is the smoking-hot mommy to Honor and Haven, as well as the wife of Cash Warren. But she too was a Hollywood ex. She was yet another celeb who dated Derek Jeter (lucky guy, huh?) For three years, Alba also dated Michael Weatherly. Sure, he was 12 years older than her and she was just 20 years old. But hey, she has a thing for “older men.” Okay, anyway, Alba is an accomplished actress. She is also an entrepreneur and does loads of humanitarian work (when she isn’t busy making headlines by walking out her front door.)

9 Amber Rose


You probably know her by her stage name, but Amber Rose is really Amber Levonchuck. She sure is busy when she isn’t getting wrapped up in romantic relationships! She’s a model, designer, rapper, and she acts. She actually married Wiz Khalifa, but they split after just a year of marriage. She’s also the ex-girlfriend of Kanye West, Machine Gun Kelly, and now has been linked to Nick Cannon. There is lots of speculation surrounding their friendship, but neither Nick nor Amber has confirmed that they’re dating. Sheesh, it’s a chore to keep up with this girl! One thing is certain: she’s hot!

8 Hilary Duff

Actress Hilary Duff was married to Mike Comrie of the NHL from 2010 to 2015. The actress, singer, and strong female role model has been staying strong throughout the divorce, and she continues to be a proud mommy to her son, Luca Cruz. In most recent news, Hilary took to the hair salon with Alyssa Milano and got her locks chopped off. But don’t worry! She is still so striking. In your face, all those ex-lovers. We’re talking to you, Aaron Carter, you two-timer. Hilary is taking charge, and she is starring in the television series Younger as well as promoting her new album, Breathe In. Breathe Out.

7 Miranda Lambert


Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton were the cutest couple on the country music block from 2011 to 2015. But alas, that notorious “summer of breakups” did not leave them unscathed. Now Blake is with Gwen Stefani, so what is Miranda to do? Well, she has actually been seen hanging out with Sam Hunt. Reportedly, the two have a “solid” friendship and enjoy teasing each other flirtatiously. Huh, so it looks as though Miranda has found her rebound guy – we mean her new true love. While Miranda continues to sift through the after-effects of divorce, we hope that she can find someone who appreciates her. Maybe it’s Sam!

6 Halle Berry

Halle Berry will never stop being hot. Ever. Just accept that fact and we can move on. Okay, let’s talk a bit about her exes. There is her ex-hubby Oliver Martinez. They were married in 2013, but have recently announced their split. They have a son together. Halle’s other ex-spouses include Eric Benet and David Justice. She also had a serious romantic relationship with Gabriel Aubry for a few years. Man, this woman is busy! Besides that, she is an award-winning actress, does loads of charity work, and also did modeling work. We will forever remember her as Catwoman, though.

5 Gigi Hadid


Gigi Hadid is just 20 years old, but we can all agree that she is a gorgeous young woman. She also has some exes to talk about. She dated Joe Jonas for a bit, as well as Cody Simpson (she must have a thing for singers.) She also immediately goes into new romances. Now she is with Zayn Malik of One Direction. When Gigi isn’t busy using and abusing young men, she is working as an up-and-coming model and strutting her stuff as a body-positive role model for women everywhere. Now that’s something we can get behind! As for love, good luck, Gigi!

4 Kaley Cuoco

The sweet and comedic Kaley Cuoco has been capturing our hearts and making us laugh for years now. She recently sent a shout-out to her family for helping her through a hectic 2015. But hey, she made it! And we hope that 2016 is awesome for Kaley. That being said, she does have some romantic baggage to discuss. First, she dated Johnny Galecki for about two years. She was even engaged to Josh Resnik for a bit before becoming engaged to pro tennis player Ryan Sweeting. They got married on New Year’s Eve in 2013, but announced their divorce in the fall of 2015.

3 Emma Roberts


24-year-old Emma Roberts is an interesting character. She looks so tiny and fragile! Yet she was also arrested on charges of domestic violence against her then-boyfriend, Evan Peters. She was later released. Emma and Evan were engaged for about a year and a half, but called it off in June 2015. A few months later, they apparently had worked things out. Emma’s got a list of ex-boyfriends, including Alex Pettyfer, Dathan Kuppin, and Chord Overstreet. Now she’s starring on the television series Scream Queens as a super-beeyotch head of sorority. Hm, we wonder how true that is to real life.

2 Amanda Seyfried

Where haven’t we seen Amanda Seyfried? The 30-year-old actress starred in Mean Girls, Mamma Mia!, Big Love, Jennifer’s Body, Red Riding Hood, and more. She also dated Justin Long for a while, but alas, the two split up in the fall of 2015. Even so, that has not stopped her from continuing on with her awesome star-power. She has won two MTV Movie Awards, a Satellite Award, a National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Award, a ShoWest Award, and a Locarno International Film Festival Award. So never fear, she’s got this! As she heads into her 30s, we can expect more great things from her.

1 Victoria Justice


Actress Victoria Justice is set to star in the next instalment of I Know What You Did Last Summer. Never mind that she was just a wee child when the previous versions came out. Anyway, the 22-year-old is a striking beauty and besides working as an actress, she is a singer and philanthropist. She also dated Pierson Fode, one of her co-stars, but the couple split in late 2015. Don’t worry; Victoria’s not going anywhere. She is currently working on new music and contributing to the Girl Up initiative, which provides aid to girls in the developing world. Plus, she’s young. More men will come.


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