The 20 Hottest Celebrity Exes Ever

Do you get feelings of regret, shame, guilt, or anger whenever you think of your ex? Well then, don’t think about them! Instead, focus on these super-hot exes and you’ll forget all about ol’ what’s-her-name. Here is our list of the 20 Hottest Celebrity Exes Ever. Enjoy and thank us later!

Here we have singers, models, actresses, and other celebs who have gone to splitsville in the past few years. Hey, 2015 was not a good year for many people to be in a relationship, and some of these celebrities sure can vouch for that. It also goes to show that looks are not everything. If a couple is incompatible, then no amount of hotness is going to solve that. Case in point: these hottie exes!

Some of these folks were married or engaged, while others were in dating relationships. We’ve got to hand it to them; they did a good job of rebounding and coming back stronger than ever! A break up is not going to keep these stars down! Some of them have found love again and have totally put their past relationships behind them. Still, it’s sometimes funny to remember old flings. The Britney and Justin denim get-ups, anyone?

20 Denise Richards

19 Kim Kardashian

18 Taylor Swift

17 Irina Shayk

16 Jessica Biel

15 Mariah Carey

14 Gwen Stefani

13 Heidi Klum

12 Jennifer Garner

11 Britney Spears

10 Jessica Alba

9 Amber Rose

8 Hilary Duff

7 Miranda Lambert

6 Halle Berry

5 Gigi Hadid

4 Kaley Cuoco

3 Emma Roberts

2 Amanda Seyfried

1 Victoria Justice

Actress Victoria Justice is set to star in the next instalment of I Know What You Did Last Summer. Never mind that she was just a wee child when the previous versions came out. Anyway, the 22-year-old is a striking beauty and besides working as an actress, she is a singer and philanthropist. She also dated Pierson Fode, one of her co-stars, but the couple split in late 2015. Don’t worry; Victoria’s not going anywhere. She is currently working on new music and contributing to the Girl Up initiative, which provides aid to girls in the developing world. Plus, she’s young. More men will come.


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The 20 Hottest Celebrity Exes Ever