The 16 Hottest Celebrity Grandmas Alive

Celebrities literally get paid to be hot, so it's not at all shocking that these women look hotter at nine months pregnant than I will ever look in my entire life. Being a hot mom is a celebrity rite of passage at this point. It's so much the norm that it's not even a big deal anymore. It's just expected. What's a big deal these days? Being a hot grandma. Yes, that's a thing now. And there is some stiff competition in Hollywood.

These famous grandmas are truly ageless and are honestly just getting hotter.  They are not just "attractive for their age" kind of hot, but just really slaying in their own right. And in all honesty they are putting women a third of their age to shame. If the acronym GILF wasn't already a thing, then it should be now. There's really no other way to describe these women.  Well, actually that's not true. There are a lot of words that come to mind including, but not limited to, "stunning," "hot," " attractive," "sexy," "ageless," and "unreal."

And then you remember that these are women who have kids and those kids have their own kids and you have no idea how you're supposed to feel. But you shouldn't feel weird about crushing on a grandma, especially when they look like this.  Plus, these ladies work hard to be that hot and it's only polite to acknowledge a good work ethic— right? So who are the hottest Grandmas in Hollywood? Check them out.


15 Sarah Palin

Once again, this is another underrated grandma. Say what you want about Sarah Palin. Quote whatever unflattering interview that you want, but open your eyes. Sarah Palin is a very attractive woman. People don't give Sarah Palin enough credit for her sex appeal. I think it's because she always has her hair back, but even with the glasses she is smoking hot. I get that this isn't a typical topic of conversation because we are supposed to be focused on what she says instead of what she looks like, but there's nothing wrong with being successful and sexy. Political views aside, you cannot deny her good looks.

14 Kris Jenner


It's easy to overlook Kris Jenner's attractiveness when most of the attention is focused on her five famous daughters, but where do you think they got their good looks from? No matter how you feel about the Kardashian/Jenner reality TV dynasty, you have to admit that Kris Jenner is objectively attractive. If you take a step back, you will realize that the girls have been trying to "keep up" with Kris this whole time. She just turned sixty and she's never looked better!

13 Melania Trump

Yes, I know that this one is kind of a stretch when it comes to using the word "grandmother," but hear me out for a second. As we all know, Melania Trump is married to Donald Trump who has a bunch of kids from different baby mamas. So this means that she's a grandmother through marriage or a step-grandma if that's a thing. And while the grandma label might not be completely applicable here, the word "hot" is definitely accurate. So I have no issue putting Melania Trump in the GILF category.

12 Tina Knowles


Tina Knowles is another one of those grandmas whose hotness is lost in the shadow of her super famous daughter. But I'm sure Tina "woke up like this" way before Beyonce was doing it or singing about it. In all honesty, Tina looks like she could be her sister. So when girls flex on Instagram with a caption about channeling their inner Beyonce, maybe they're just actually exuding their inner Tina Knowles. She is one hot grandma!

11 Jade Jagger

This is one of those instances where you might be saying "who?" to yourself, but you know that last name even if you don't one hundred percent know who I'm talking about. Mick Jagger's daughter looks way different than any grandma I've ever met. Then again, Jade Jagger is only 44-years-old so it makes sense for her to look this good. Nevertheless, she is technically a grandmother so that's why she's on the list.

10 Goldie Hawn


Have you ever looked at a photo of Goldie Hawn and thought you were just looking at Kate Hudson? And I'm not talking about an old photo from back in the day. I'm referring to recent pics where I have to zoom in to figure out who I'm looking at. She still looks so much like her daughter even though she's a 70-year-old grandmother.  I would be a little intimidated if I were Kate Hudson. Goldie is really killing it and is still giving her daughter a run for her money.

9 Carole Middleton

If I'm keeping it real, Kate Middleton brought some much-needed beauty to the royal family.  It's kind of a mean thing to say, but we all know that Prince William and Prince Charles were not holding things down in the looks department. Kate Middleton is gorgeous, so it's really no surprise that she has a hot mama. Carole Middleton is 61 and her long legs have made plenty of headlines over the years. Move over, Kate.


8 Jane Fonda


Jane Fonda is one of those celebrities who doesn't seem to age. In all honesty, if you flip through some photos over the years it seems like she's aging in reverse somehow. Whatever she's doing, she's doing it well and needs to keep it going. Yes, her body is unbelievable for a 78-year-old, but truthfully speaking, women of any age would be happy to look that good. She is still killing it.

7 Tina Turner


Tina Turner is just one of those ladies that you only know has grand kids thanks to a confirmation from a Wikipedia article. You would never guess her grandmother status by looking at her. The woman doesn't have a single wrinkle. It doesn't seem like she's aged at all.  Tina Turner's famous legs are looking as youthful as ever.  Tina is 76 and can still shake it with the best of them.

6 Jessica Lange


Jessica Lange is one of those ladies who is always going to be sexy. This woman is 76, but it doesn't matter because she just has it. She just knows how to work it and slays it in that cougar type of way. And now that she's starring in American Horror Story, I have a feeling that there is a whole new generation of fans crushing on the grandmother. 

5 Marie Osmond

Given her decidedly wholesome image, it feels kind of weird talking about how hot Marie Osmond is, but we all have eyes and can see that she's always been gorgeous. And if she's still hot at age 56, I feel like she's' just going to keep it going forever.

4 Lynne Spears


Lynne Spears is one of the old school momagers in Hollywood— and by old school I'm referring to the 1990's. Britney and Jamie Lynn's mom has been staying out of the spotlight these days, but the woman has always looked good! If this is any indication of how her daughters are going to age, then they're going to be two hot Hollywood grandmas in the future.

3 Sally Field

Sally Field has never really played up her sex appeal as much as she should have and it's a damn shame.  She has always been so beautiful! It's not too late though, at age 69, Sally Field looks eternally youthful and can totally get away with turning up the hotness. So if you're reading this, I support you Sally Field.

2 Naomi Judd


Naomi Judd is one of the few women in the world who can pull off dying her hair red. The woman has always looked fiery hot and should maintain that style forever. She may be a 70-year-old grandmother, but she is still looking really good and super youthful too.

1 Tamra Judge

Being a cast member on Real Housewives of Orange County, it makes sense for Tamra Judge to be on top of her appearance. Plus, she owns a gym so it only makes sense for her to have a slamming body. She is one of the hottest grandmas I have ever seen.

Age aside, these grandmas are all smoking hot. I have no idea how they keep it going, but I know that everyone appreciates it. Well, except maybe their children and grandchildren who are tired of the ogling, but whatever #HotPeopleProblems.


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