The 15 Sexiest Real Housewives

There's only one thing in the entire world better than going out with a hot woman, and that's going out with a woman that is hot and rich. One trait sort of adds to the other if you know what I mean. These 15 women that appeared on Real Housewives sure do fit the bill. Of course, a lot of them are married, but they can afford good divorce lawyers- we're sure about that.

There is one negative, though; since all of these women have appeared on Real Housewives, we're pretty sure they're either crazy, damaged in some way or both. Why else would they be on reality TV in the first place? Of course, to a certain kind of guy, the crazy factor just adds to that whole hot and rich thing.

Here's our  list of the 15 Hottest Real Housewives. They come from every show and across all of the different seasons. Some became big stars because of Real Housewives and others are pretty obscure. But they all have one thing in common. They look good in expensive bikinis and evening gowns.

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15 Adriana de Moura

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14 Alex Mccord

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13 Lydia McLaughlin

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12 Heather Dubrow

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11 Tamra Barney

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10 Dina Manzo

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9 Sheree Whitfield

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8 Aviva Drescher

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7 Cynthia Bailey

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6 Kyle Richards

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5 Gretchen Rossi

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4 Kelly Killoren

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Kelly is an absolute knockout. She was a supermodel for years, before becoming a New York socialite. She also has a jewelry line and is an author. She was on Real Housewives for a few years and basically just fought with everyone, showing once again that rich and hot often equals crazy.

3 Alexis Bellino

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Some of you may find it odd that Alexis, star of Real Housewives Orange County, comes in so high on this list, but objectively, she is about as hot as they come. Alexis was always rather pitiful on the show. She often felt picked on, and she just didn't fit in. Maybe because she was a rich chick in a bikini always talking about Jesus.  Tamra said it best when she said to Alexis on a reunion show "You're psychotic Jesus Jugs." We don't care though, Alexis, you can be as crazy as you want. Just keep hitting the gym because you look great in a bikini.

2 Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

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Joyce is one of the stars of Real Housewives Beverly Hills, and while the knock on most of these women is that they are too crazy, with Joyce it is that she is too boring. She tries hard, but she never really seems to get it going. Joyce was Miss Puerto Rico, was runner-up as Miss Universe, was a well known supermodel, and was in episodes of Baywatch. So I guess what we're saying is, that whole boring thing is okay, as long as you look as hot as Joyce does.

1 Joanna Krupa

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Someone has to be the hottest Real Housewife and we are going to have to go with Joanna Krupa. Her being so hot is a bit ironic as she often talks on Real Housewives of Miami about how her husband doesn't want to have sex with her. Really? Come on man!  Joanna has appeared in numerous magazines, and has even been on the cover of Playboy a couple of times. She doesn't even seem all that crazy, so Joanna, you are number 1 on the Top 15 Hottest Real Housewives.

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