The 15 Sexiest "Easter" Bunnies Alive

Well, Easter is right around the corner, which is one of everyone's favorite holidays, and we all know what comes with Easter! Good food, family fun and of course there is the Easter Bunny. And you know the best thing about the Easter Bunny coming to town, right? All the candy? Yeah, no. Not all the candy. Grow up - you are a man, not a boy.

There is only one type of bunny out there cooler than the Easter Bunny, and that, of course, is the Playboy Bunny. Playboy has been kicking around for decades now and has managed throughout that entire time to bring us more hot women than any other magazine out there.

So this Easter, when you're sitting down to your family dinner and talking about the Easter Bunny, just for a moment remember the other famous bunny out there. The one that you tend to spend time with when your family isn't around.

To help you do that and to celebrate Easter the right way, we at TheRichest have done the dirty work of looking through hundreds of Playboy Bunnies, all to find you the hottest alive. So lean back, crack open a Cadbury Creme Egg and enjoy 15 of the hottest Playboy Bunnies out there, just in time for Easter.

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15 Lindsay Vuolo

via zimbio.com

Yet another hot chick willing to wear a ridiculous bunny costume is Lindsay Vuolo. Although not officially one of Hef's girlfriends, she was on the show The Girls Next Door, and also is one of the few Playmates that is openly Jewish and actively practices her faith. Lindsey doesn't drink or smoke, and is pretty straight-edged, other than the whole nudity and being part of a harem thing. She also has been a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice and was married in 2013.

14 Sara Jean Underwood

via forum.mixedmartialarts.com

13 Jennifer Walcott

via pinimg.com

Jennifer is another bunny who we would not mind seeing hopping around our bedroom on Easter morning. The costume is optional. Jennifer was a Playmate of the Month and is married to former NFL player Adam Archuleta. She is also a poet; one of her poems won a statewide Reader's Digest contest. I have to be honest though, if it isn't about bunnies, I don't want to hear it. At 5'3" she is one of the smallest Bunnies around, but that doesn't effect how hot she is.

12 Victoria Silvstedt

via via blogspot.com

11 Jenny McCarthy

via straitpinkie.com

If there would be one woman that ever posed in Playboy that had been photographed in a bunny costume, who would you bet it would be? Jenny McCarthy, of course. I mean she would be pretty much photographed in anything, as long as people paid attention to it. She was Playmate of the Month in 1993 and was picked by Hefner because of her "wholesome Catholic girl" persona. Since then, she has been kicking around being famous and still looking totally hot. If not very Catholic.

10 Carmen Electra

via goremaster.com

Like Pamela Anderson, a lot of people don't remember just how hot Carmen used to be. She has had an odd career and has made a bunch of bad decisions including marrying Dennis Rodman. Seriously Carmen? What the heck were you thinking?  She also dated Dave Navarro as well as Simon Cowell, pretty much removing any doubt that she has totally awful taste in men. But there was a day when Carmen was a Playboy Bunny and a darn cute one at that.

9 Jayde Nicole

via hawtcelebs.com

Now Jayde has to be on this list of course, not just because of her total hotness, or the fact that she was Playmate of the Year in 2008. No, she also has to be on this list because she actually posed in the bunny costume. Good job Jayde. Now all I need is some carrots and a cage to keep you in. Okay, maybe I took that too far... Jayde is from Canada and was the first Canadian Playmate in 26 years. Because she was hanging out with Brody Jenner at the time, she can be seen on a lot of old episodes of the MTV show The Hills.

8 Stacy Sanches

via facet.interia.pl

Stacey was the Playmate of the Year in 1996, and would look amazing in a bunny outfit, but no such luck. She worked at Hooters before she was discovered by a Playboy scout while competing in a bikini contest. Yes, ladies there really are Playboy scouts, but sadly the guy that hit you up last week at the 7-11 was not one of them. Stacey is a total knockout and deserves a spot on this list of the top 15 Bunnies. Her cover shot for Playboy was one of the most suggestive ones of all time.

7 Karen McDougal

via houston.cbslocal.com

Karen is without a doubt one of the hottest bunnies of all time. She was a Pre-K teacher when she entered a bikini contest, which then led to her career in Playboy. She was the Playmate of the Year in 1998. She has maintained a pretty low social profile, but has been very active in her career. One of the things she is most well known for is being a fitness model, and if you look at any of her photos you can see why. Her body is straight up amazing.  We're definitely hot for the teacher!

6 Hope Dworaczyk

via randomwallpapers.net

We may not be able to pronounce this Bunny's name, but it doesn't really matter a whole lot. To us anyway. Hope is a total smoke-show who was the Playmate of the Year in 2010. She also was a contestant on the show Celebrity Apprentice; she came in 8th. She has been asked by managers and agents numerous times to change her last name because it is hard to pronounce but has refused, saying "having a different last name never felt like me. I'm really happy I kept it."

5 Kelly Monaco

4 Carmella DeCesare

via impulsemagazine.ne

Carmella is a well known Bunny to many readers of TheRichest. She was a WWE diva who competed in a totally vicious Lingerie Pillow Fight with Christy Hemme. Man, I bet the feathers were flying during that one. She was selected Miss April in Playboy in 2003. She married former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia in 2007, and since then has been keeping a bit of a low profile. Until now of course, because once you are a hot bunny, well then you are always a hot bunny. She and Jeff have four children, who sadly will someday have access to the Internet.

3 Pamela Anderson

Some of us forget how hot Pamela truly was when she was younger. She has been hot, and stayed hot, for so long that it doesn't seem possible that she was even more good looking way back then. Pamela is one of the best bunnies of all time. She has been in Playboy numerous times, starting all the way back in 1989. Most of us remember her from Baywatch, or because of her bad relationship with Tommy Lee, but some of us remember her for being the perfect Bunny.

2 Irina Voronina

via themajors.net

Irina never won the Playmate of the Year award, having to settle instead for the Playmate of the Month in January of 2001. This is a great travesty as Irina is one of the very hottest bunnies of all time, let alone for just one year. She is originally from Russia and has been a St. Pauli girl spokesmodel, and has appeared in a few movies. She also modeled for another adult mag called Perfect 10.  It seems that she spends most of her time just being ridiculously hot, and hanging around.

1 Heather Kozar

via kinopoisk.ru

Oh, Heather Kozar. She truly embodies what the whole bunny thing stands for. Blonde, full-figured and totally hot. She was Playmate of the Year in 1999 and also was on the Price is Right as a model for a while. She also appeared in a series of Playboy videos. She is now married to the luckiest man in the world, otherwise known as former Cleveland Browns quarterback Tim Couch. There is no word yet whether or not she is available to come to your house for Easter, but one never knows.

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