The 15 Most Overrated Places To Do The Deed

We all know how exciting it is to be spontaneous when you are doing the deed. It doesn't matter where you are, just tear off your clothes and get down to it! I mean who needs to be doing the deed stuck in your bed in your own house! That is so boring. Right!

Well the reality of it is a little bit different. While in your mind, and in your fantasy, you might be doing the deed all over town and having a blast, the reality of it is most places that you wind up doing it, are not nearly as fun as they sound.  Some are awkward, some are painful, some you spend the whole time worrying that you are going to get caught, and others are just plain creepy.

Don't get me wrong, doing the deed is almost always fun, but that isn't what this list is about. Fun is one thing, but doing the deed in the below places is almost never as fun as you think it will be. Let's face facts: as much as most of the places you fantasize about sound fun, the reality is once you tried some of these places you and your girl will run, not walk back to the safety of your bedroom. Because sometimes fantasy is not nearly as hot as it is cracked up to be. Trust me on that one.

Here are The 15 Most Overrated Places to do the Deed.

18 In The Bathtub

17 The Beach

16 In Your Childhood Room

15 At Work

14 At A Party

13 In Front Of A Mirror


12 In The Hot Tub

11 On A Boat


While on the one hand the romance might sweep you away on a boat, it is best to just wait until you get back to land. Waves, uncomfortable and cramped surfaces, oh and the chance that you fall off into the ocean, all make the whole doing the deed on a boat thing sound hotter than it actually is.


8 In A Pool

7 In A Tent

6 On A Counter

5 On The Floor

4 The Outdoors

3 The Shower

2 In A Car


Okay we have made it to number one. If you have any experience at all, you knew this one was coming. The most overrated place to do the deed is in a car. As much as it is talked about as being exciting, the reality of it is you pretty much have to be a contortionist to even feel good for a little while. Not to mention the dreaded cops rolling up on you while you are half clothed. There you have it, the 15 most overrated places to do the deed. What are you waiting for? Get back in your bed.


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The 15 Most Overrated Places To Do The Deed