The 15 Most Followed Women On Instagram

As we all know Instagram is where it's at these days. I mean, what is the importance of doing something if you can’t take a photo of it and put it up on the Internet for all the world to see? Back in

As we all know Instagram is where it's at these days. I mean, what is the importance of doing something if you can’t take a photo of it and put it up on the Internet for all the world to see? Back in the old days, if someone tried to take a photo of you when you were out partying, you tried to hide your face, but things are different now- if there are no photos of the party on the Internet, then the party didn’t happen.

Celebrities are not immune to this whole thing either. They are some of the biggest Instagram addicts out there. Of course, some of the use of Instagram for a celebrity is to promote themselves, but a lot of it is just plain old narcissism. Think about it; would you really want 50 million people that you don’t know checking out a photo of you and your boyfriend eating some Fried dough at the county fair? If you say yes, then maybe you are Taylor Swift, or maybe you are just an unknown narcissist.

But I digress. We rounded up the 15 most popular female Instagram accounts in the world. If you are into this type of thing, these are the women that you want to be, and these are also the women that other celebrities want to be. When it comes to social media, these are the tip of the top. Without further ado, here are the 15 most followed women on Instagram. We're sure you can figure out how to follow them if you must.

15 Rihanna - 41.1 Million Followers

Rihanna's account is badgalriri. Rihanna just barely makes the list with 41.1 million followers on Instagram. Come on Rihanna, really? That is the best you can do? In all seriousness when you come in 15th with 41 million followers than you know Instagram is doing something right. Rihanna is obviously one of the biggest stars out there and needs an Instagram to prove it. She has posted over 3000 times and is following over 1000 people herself, so you know your girl Rihanna is not all one way about this whole thing. With over 200 million records sold it seems clear that Rihanna may be on this list to stay, but one never knows, there is always going to be another social media queen out there ready to take her place. Is there another Kardashian out there we have never heard of before, for example?

14 Demi Lovato - 42.1 Million Followers

Demi uses the account ddlovato.  She has 42.1 million followers but only follows 184 people. Come on Demi. Really? Spread some of that love around every once in a while. On her page it says she is a “Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist.” That sounds awesome Demi, do you do housecleaning too? Demi’s page is rather typical for big stars on Instagram; there are lots of photos of her being super-sexy, looking like a big star and showing off her butt. Not that I am complaining, that is pretty much all I want to see when I go to Demi’s page anyway. It isn’t like I am coming here to find out what she thinks of the hot political topics of the day. Also, I never realized how nice her butt was. When you hang out on Instagram, you learn something new every day.

13 Kourtney Kardashian - 43 Million Followers

Kourtney logs on at Kourtneykardash. She has 43 million followers, and only follows 78 people. So. Lame. Anyway, while 43 million may seem like a lot, as you will see on this list Kourtney comes up last when it comes to Kardashian and Jenner ladies. That must make for some seriously awkward moments around the dinner table, with all of them knowing that Kourtney is the least popular. I mean, she has even has less followers than Khloe, and if that is not humiliating I don’t know what is. Kourtney’s Instagram is pretty much exactly what you would expect it to be. A bunch of photos of her and her sisters and friends looking as hot as they possibly can. Which sounds bad until you realize that is pretty much what every women’s Instagram in America is, whether they are famous or not.

12 Miley Cyrus - 46.5 Million Followers

Miley does not get funky with her name, she is Miley Cyrus. I would have actually thought she might even be higher on this list than she is. She is at 46.5 million followers and she follows a healthy 509 people. Now this may be obvious but some of these people are on this list because they have so many fans, and everyone thinks they are cool. Others, like Miley and the Kardashians, are on this list because some people think they are cool, and others just find them to be irresistible train wrecks. Miley's page says “if yiew get tired of da fweakyness go 2 @happyhippiefdn CHANGES lives of homeless/LGBT youth! “ Because we all know that spelling words correctly is so not cool. Miley's Instagram right now is filled with photos of her and a totally cute dog, so I have to give her some props on that anyway.

11 Jennifer Lopez - 48.2 Million Followers

Jlo uses the account jlo on Instagram. She has a bit over 48 million followers and she follows around 1000 accounts herself. If I were a betting man, and I am, I would bet that Jenny from the Block would be the least likely to stay on this list over the next few years. I mean yeah she is cool, and she is an icon, but she is 46-years old. Eventually she, and her social media accounts will go the way of Madonna, and she will get passed by- there are younger and hungrier chicks that want her spot in the top 15. Well, maybe I misspoke, there might be younger woman behind her, but not hungrier, because JLO is truly a BAMF. Her Instagram seems to be mostly a promotional tool, with not a whole lot of photos of her chilling out.

10 Katy Perry - 51.9 Million Followers

Katy brings the Instagram noise at Katy Perry which makes sense, since it is her name and all.  It says she has 52 million followers on the nose, and she only follows 244 of them back. Just a year or so ago the top people on this list had around 50 million, and now if you have 50 million you are just coming in at number 10. Now this is an Instagram I can get behind. So you mean all I have to do is click the mouse and Katy Perry will show me photos of what she does all day? Sign me up. She recently put up a photo on her account of her in a baseball hat, wearing a neck pillow while laying on a couch. It got over 600,000 likes. If I were her that would probably be the moment I quit the business and found a cabin in the hills to live in for a few years.

9 Khloe Kardashian - 52.4 Million Followers

Khloe's handle is Khloekardashian. She has 52.4 million followers, and like a true Kardashian, she never gives back. She only follows 148 people. On her page it says “I crave love so deep the ocean would be jealous.” Cool Khloe, good luck with that. Considering you want deep love and hooked up with Lamar Odom I am going to guess that probably is not going to happen. Although hey, who knows, stranger things have happened. I just can’t think of any right now. Her page seems to be trying to show how well rounded she is, it is like a constant circle of, duck face photo, sexy photo, and photos being adorable with children. While Khloe is behind the Jenner girls and Kim, she did totally kick Kourtney butt in the countdown, so she’s got that going for her.

8 Nicki Minaj - 60 Million Followers

Nicki logs in at Nickiminaj. She has 60 million followers and follows 425 back. Looking at her page quickly, it seems to be mostly photos of Nicki and her amazing butt. Some of them are photos from the side, and not really of her butt, but believe me, they are of her butt if you know what I mean. In fact, I think if Nicki’s butt had its own Instagram account, it would probably have more followers than Nicki would. You have to admit Nicki is totally adorable, I can see how millions of people check this page out every day; she has the ability to put herself out there and still kind of seem like a girl from around the way, which is something many women aspire to, but few can pull off. I think Nicki will be on this list for quite a while, and probably keep on rising. Let's hope so anyway. A man needs his daily fix.

7 Kendall Jenner - 60.9 Million Followers

Kendall is at Kendalljenner.  Makes sense right? She has 60 million followers, and is just following 172 back. Kendall is 7th on the list, but comes in 3 out of 5 out of the Jenner/Kardashians. Okay, just think about that for a minute, if you dare. There are obviously millions of women in the world, and millions of Instagram accounts held by women. Out of all of those 5 of the most popular in the world all come out of the Jenner and Kardashian family. What is wrong with you people? And what is wrong with me for writing about it? Kendall's page is pretty similar to all the other Kardashians, except she is a bit skinnier. Typical content is a photo of her wearing funny hipster glasses with pouty lips that gets 1.5 million likes. Because what could possibly be cooler than that?

6 Kylie Jenner - 66.7 Million Followers

Kylie is at Kyliejenner. She has almost 6 million more followers than her sister and comes in at a healthy 66.8 million. I imagine this causes a lot of strife. Kendall probably can’t sleep often because of it, she must toss and turn all night while wearing her $5,000 pajamas. There is probably the occasional cat fight next to the pool with them both wearing bikinis. Or maybe that was just a dream I had, I am not sure at this point. There are lots and lots of photos on this page that are supposed to be candid shots of Kylie doing things, but that are obviously so not candid at all. She just put up one an hour ago of her holding a sunflower. It has almost 600,000 likes already. Okay people, it is Sunday. Go outside for crying out loud.

5 Kim Kardashian - 76.4 Million Followers

Finally at number 5 we come to the big dogs of Kardashians, which means two things, you can stop listening to me rant about them, and I get to stop writing about them, for now anyway. She is at Kim Kardashian. Kim as always is super-confusing. Looking at her is a bit of a push-pull all the time. At one point looking at her Instagram I am thinking “What the heck is wrong with you” and then at the very next point I am thinking that she is ridiculously hot. There is no doubt her face is beautiful and that body is ridiculous. It just depends if you like ridiculous, and a lot of guys do. But if you like Kim, you are going to like this page for sure, and if you hate Kim, you are probably going to check it out anyway. Now, let's get onto to the top 4 on this list, none of which are Kardashians. Amazing, no?

4 Beyonce - 77.3 Million Followers

Beyonce has 77.3 followers and can be found at Beyonce. She does not follow back anyone at all. Okay, so we almost have to hand it to her here. Some of these women follow back 1000 or so people, like they really use Instagram themselves which is cool, but most of them just follow like 70 or a 100 people, which kind of makes them seem fake. But Beyonce, she just comes right out and basically says “This is just a promotional tool, come look at me, buy my stuff, I am never going to follow you back.” Personally I like the honesty. Beyonce is a huge star, there is no doubt of that, and she just keeps getting stronger. The top three women are all on the young side, which is cool, but Beyonce keeps it real for all the strong women out there.

3 Ariana Grande - 78.3 Million Followers

Those of you that dig her should know that Ariana can be found at Ariana Grande.  She has 78.3 million followers and is one of those that does follow people back- she is checking out over 1000 of you. Ariana always looks pretty gorgeous, especially when she is posing and professionally lit, and that is what is going on quite often on her page. I do have to say though, it appears like she did just get a pretty awesome looking bloodhound, as there are quite a few photos of her and a gorgeous dog on her page, and anyone that is into dogs, male or female, is okay by me. Ariana has been moving up this list fast over the last two years and is not too far behind the leaders on this list. Lets find out who they are now, shall we?

2 Taylor Swift - 84.8 Million Followers

Find her at taylorswift. There were articles of this nature out last year that I found when researching this piece and back then Taylor Swift was number one, and she only had a bit over 50 million. So for those of you that are math challenged, she gained over 30 million followers in a year and someone passed her. She has just a bit under 85 million followers and is following 89 people, which again is a bit of a slap in the face. Taylor's page is what a fan would expect- she has a lot of photos of her doing things and performing, and being pretty natural. She does not have a whole lot of her posing and trying to look super-cool. Which is one of the reasons that she is so high up on this list, she does her own thing, and looks good doing it.

1 Selena Gomez - 88.7 Million Followers

So now it is time for number one, and if you were paying attention you probably noticed that there was one name you had not seen yet. Who else could it be but Selena Gomez? She has 88.7 million followers, follows around 25 back and can be found at Selanagomez. She also kind of fits into the Taylor Swift scene, as her page is for the most part pretty modest. Sure there are a few hot photos here and there but most of them are just of her doing her thing.  How long is Selena going to stay in the lead? Who knows? I mean it is quite a thing to have the biggest social media account in the world. These things tend to go in cycles, someone who is on top now, may not be next year, but one thing is for sure, with almost 89 million, it seems like Selena is poised to stay on the list for quite a while.

Sources:  telegraph

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The 15 Most Followed Women On Instagram