The 15 Hottest Women That Were On Sons Of Anarchy

For those of you in the know, Sons of Anarchy was one of the most awesome shows ever. It truly had it all, motorcycle gangs (although they called them clubs) handsome and bad-ass dudes, drug dealers that were really good guys, cops that were really bad guys, and lots and lots of drama. The show was truly excellent, as long as you did not mind the very good chance that your favorite character was going to be killed, that is.

One of the things that made Sons of Anarchy even better though, was all the totally hot chicks on the show. Some of them were good girls, some were bad girls, some were FBI agents and some were strippers, but pretty much all of them were hot. And let's face it, the drugs, the money and the allure of being in a cool motorcycle club must have been pretty tempting, but there was one thing that probably made it even cooler to be in the "Sons of Anarchy," and that was all the hot women that were constantly around.

It is not the easiest thing to narrow it down to just 15 hot women that were on that show, believe you me, but I had a job to do and I did it the best way that I could. In fact, at many times I decided I needed to research an actress even more just to make sure she was deserving of being on this list. You may disagree with me, and if you do I can’t blame you, but here are the 15 hottest women that were on Sons of Anarchy.

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15 Kim Dickens

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The ridiculously hot Kim Dickens played Collette Jane, the owner of an escort agency in season 6. In the episode that she is most remembered in, Jax went to go scope out the escort agency that Collette Jane owned, but ended up doing the deed with her instead. Because that is what owners of escort services do all the time, right? Well, let’s face it, Jax was never all that great at making good decisions. Who could blame him though? Kim Dickens is totally hot. She is originally from Alabama, and has been acting for quite a while. How long has she been acting? Well we can’t tell you for sure, but we can tell you that she is 51-years old. Which gives me some hope for my later years, because Kim still looks totally awesome. She currently is a cast member on House of Cards.

14 Ally Walker

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Ally Walker played June Stahl on the show. Stahl was an ATF agent who turned out to be a manipulative sociopath type, and if you watch the show you have a pretty good idea what happens to someone that acts like her eventually, especially if they mess with Sons of Anarchy. They usually die in gruesome ways, and I mean really gruesome ways. June Stahl was no exception, she ended up being shot in the back of the head. When this happened, I have to admit I was actually glad. If you haven’t watched the show, don’t hate. Stahl had it coming. Ally is another ridiculously hot woman of the MILF variety, she has been acting for a long time; her career started on the soap opera Santa Barbara. I am sure she looked amazing at the time, because she still does now.

13 Zoe Boyle

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Zoe played Trinity Ashby on Sons of Anarchy. She, like many others on the show, looks quite different in real life. When one sees Zoe in most of her roles, she looks rather lovely, but when she was on Sons of Anarchy she looked a bit like trailer trash. Speaking of trailer trash, Trinity is actually the half sister of Jax, but they almost did it without knowing. Actually pretty much every woman on the show has either done if with Jax, or almost done it with him. Zoe, who is originally from England, has also actually appeared on Downton Abbey. I may be wrong here, but I would take a guess and say she is the only woman ever who has appeared on both Downtown Abbey and Sons of Anarchy. If I am wrong please don't tell me- I don't want to know.

12 Sarah Jones

Sarah is totally gorgeous, ridiculously so, in fact. She, like many of these extremely hot women, was actually a bad guy on the show. She played Polly Zobelle, who was the daughter of Ethan Zobelle, who was a white nationalist and just a genuinely bad guy. Anyway, if you have been paying any sort of attention at all, you probably have a pretty good idea what happened to Polly Zobelle. Yep, she was killed, by Gemma actually. How many people has Gemma killed? I don't think I want to know, actually. Sarah is from Florida originally and had a big role in Alcatraz, which was a TV show on the Fox network. She also once had a photo spread in Vanity Fair, which makes sense, because she is super hot, as I may have mentioned before.

11 Sprague Grayden

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Sprague played Donna Winston, who was married to Opie and the mother of his two children. Sprague was not a big fan of the motorcycle club and was always trying to get Opie to go straight. So guess what happened to her. Go on...guess. Yep, you are right, she was killed. She was killed by Tig, who thought he was killing Opie. Are you following this? Well, it's okay if you are not because as far as this article goes the only real point is that she was on Sons of Anarchy and that she is super-hot. If you can follow those two points, then you will be fine. For all you nerds out there, Sprague says she is a science fiction geek and likes to collect PEZ dispensers. She is originally from Massachusetts and has had guest appearances on many other TV shows.

10 Taryn Manning

Taryn played Cherry on Sons of Anarchy, her role was not one of the more interesting ones, she basically was just hanging around waiting to hook up with someone most of the time she was on. We have to say that at least the producers picked the perfect woman for a boring role, because she is super-hot. I honestly never would have even known what she was saying if she was talking anyway. Taryn has been in Crossroads with Britney Spears, and has also been in other well known movies such as 8 Mile and Hustle and Flow. She also owns a clothing line. So to sum it up, she is successful, talented and super-hot. Oh right I almost forgot, she also was in a successful band called Boomkat and now is releasing music as a solo artist. She would be the perfect woman except for the tiny issue of being arrested every few years for beating up her personal assistant...

9 Katey Sagal

via collider.com

One woman that isn't boring is Katey Sagal. Some of you may remember her best for being the hot, big-haired mom on Married With Children, but to me this role is one that tops even that. She played Gemma, who was the mother of Jax, and man oh man, did she play her well. Gemma pretty much had her hand in everything, she was pretty much the worst mom in the world, but hey, she kept trying to do right, even though pretty much everything she did turned out wrong. In the real world Katey has managed to keep her look together. She does not even look a whole lot different than she did back in the days of Married With Children. You might not like Gemma, or Katey for that matter, but one thing is for sure- you can't ignore them.

8 Annabeth Gish

via yahoo.com

Annabeth played Althea Jarry, who is a sheriff on the show. I have to say something right here; I know this is not rocket science, I know I am not telling you anything that you don't know, but woman police officers are super-hot. Well, I mean the hot woman that are police officers are really hot, I can't speak for all of them, that would be crazy. But I digress. Annabeth would be hot pretty much no matter what she was playing. If she was playing a manager at Carl's Jr. then she would look hot. She would probably also look hot if she were playing the town dump attendant. Annabeth has starred in numerous movies, her first big role was in Mystic Pizza, which also helped launch the career of Julia Roberts. Julia may be a bigger star, but she was never on Sons of Anarchy, so Annabeth wins.

7 Kristen Renton

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Kristen is gorgeous of course, and had a recurring role on the show as Ima, who was an adult actress. Oh yeah, if I did not mention it yet, the motorcycle club also got involved in that industry for a bit. Ima had sex with Jax, and also with Opie. The latter situation caused a fair amount of drama. Ima doesn't get killed, which I am sure you recognize at this point is kind of rare for the show, but she does get bashed around quite a bit and humiliated. But hey, being alive for long is a rarity on Sons of Anarchy, so good on her. Other than her role on Sons of Anarchy, she is best known for a role on Days of Our Lives. I am fairly sure we will be seeing her again though, as Kristen is truly lovely.

6 Inbar Lavi

via kingoftheflatscreen.com

It seems that this list has gone a bit downhill. First there were some murderous FBI agents, then we got some evil white nationalists, then adult stars? Seriously? This is awful. Inbar does not play any roles like that, no way, not her. All she does is play a professional named Winsome. Here is a really quick reality check for all you guys out there. In real life, prostitutes do not, and I repeat, do not look like Inbar, and I do mean ever. Lavi was born and raised in Ramat Gan, Israel and is from a Jewish family. As a child, she had a really bad case of asthma, and had to use a nebulizer for long periods of time. While she was incapacitated she watched movies, and "fell in love with cinema." One of her the actresses that inspired her most was Israeli-American actress Natalie Portman, who is pretty hot in her own right. Inbar is one of the most gorgeous woman ever to be on Sons of Anarchy, or any show.

5 Drea de Matteo

via nerdcoremovement.com

Drea played Wendy Case, who was the first wife of Jax and the mother of his first child. She and Half Sack are the only two main characters on the show that never killed anyone. Maybe I should repeat that. Every single main character on this show except for two killed someone. Wendy was a drug addict and was messed with by pretty much everyone on the show, in particular Gemma. If you have not figured it out yet, these people are totally nuts. While Drea plays the trashy drug addict on the show, her inner hotness always shines through. It seems to shine through to aging hair metal bass players too, as she recently got engaged to Whitesnake bassist Michael Devin. Drea is originally from Queens, New York, which is the home of hot women who remain down to earth.

4 Natalie Skyy

via wordpress.com

Natalie played the role of a mother "woman of the night" on Sons of Anarchy- this might not sound like a really exciting role until you think about what show you are talking about. On most shows prostitutes are the women that are the most likely to end up dead, while on Sons of Anarchy, they are probably the least likely, so Natalie made it through a few seasons and picked up some good paychecks without ever getting killed. Yay Natalie. One thing you might not know about her is that she was a ring girl. This is from her website: "Skyy made her pro Mixed Martial Arts debut as a ring girl with Strikeforce in 2008, which led her to serve at her 2nd MMA fight night collaboration with the Texas-based MMA show, Shark Fights. This earned her a nomination for the 2010 Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Ring Girl of the Year Award."

3 Winter Ave Zoli

Winter played Lyla Winston who was, you guessed it, a prostitute. One has to love the name as it sounds like a drink you would order in a nightclub in Miami: "Could I have a Winter Ave Zoli please?" Winter was born in America, then moved to Czechoslovakia when she was 11, which is not the way these things normally work out. She moved back to the good old US of A when she was 19 and started acting for real. She once posed for Playboy and said that "nudity is not a problem" for her. This is something that we have in common, because when it comes to Winter, nudity is not a problem for me either. Winter is another in a long line of women on Sons of Anarchy who are just ridiculously hot. But wait, the list is not over yet, so let's see who comes up next.

2 Ashley Tisdale

via collider.com

Ashley plays Emma Jean; she gets involved with Nero at one point, then she is assaulted by Gemma. Which begs the question, is there anyone that Gemma has not assaulted? I kind of imagine that she wakes up in the morning, kicks her cat and then assaults her coffee pot. Ashley is not only hot but she is also talented and works her butt off. She is an actress, and producer, and even a bit of an aspiring business woman. She was a child star and performed in over 100 commercials and got her first big break on the Disney Channel's The Secret Life of Zack and Cody. She also was a big part of the incredibly popular High School Musical franchise until she said that she no longer wanted to be a part of it. Most importantly, at least for this article, she is also ridiculously gorgeous.

1 Maggie Siff

via fanpop.com

Maggie played Tara Knowles, who was a super-hot doctor at a hospital who fell for a totally insane criminal that rode around on a motorcycle. Well, it is TV after all, let's not be too picky about such things. Tara went from an in-control doctor to a total lunatic until she was eventually killed by, guess who, Gemma, who stabbed her with a fork a whole bunch of times while trying to drown her for good measure. Yeah Tara, you probably should have just stayed a doctor. In real life Maggie is just as gorgeous as she appears on the show. She is originally from the Bronx, and has appeared in many other high profile roles, but none that approach her role in Sons of Anarchy, which is a show that not only has some great actresses, but some really hot ones too.

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