15Chelsey Grigsby

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Chelsey is the perfect person to start this list as she is a pretty good example of what this whole CrossFit scene is all about; she has it all going on and is a master of all trades. She was a college softball player at Western Oregon University, was a

firefighter, and now is competing in the CrossFit Games. Oh yeah, and she is also totally gorgeous. Hot, athletic and a firefighter? She seems pretty ambitious. And maybe a little scary, too. I mean, my girlfriend does not even like to get out of bed in the morning. But let's leave her out of this shall we?

Chelsey had this to say about how she got started. “I really didn’t start taking CrossFit seriously until 2013. I started working with a friend as my coach, who would write out some extra work for me to do on top of the class workouts. I really just had more time to begin to focus, after just graduating college,” she said.

Knowing that Chelsey looks the way she does and just got started a few years ago is kind of scary; we are going to guess genetics must have a little to do with this.

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