The 15 Hottest Women At The Crossfit Games

While this is not the biggest thing on the minds of fans of sporting events, we are now smack dab in the middle of the CrossFit Games regionals, which is an annual competition for those who participate in CrossFit. If you don't know, CrossFit is a fitness craze that has become very hot as of late. It is a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, and a whole bunch of other athletic endeavors.  It is also a marquee event for viewing some of the hottest athletes any sporting endeavor has to offer.

As you might imagine, women that participate in Crossfit get super in shape, and yes, a lot of them look ridiculously hot. We know we are supposed to be focused on who can lift the most, run the furthest or do the most squats (or something) since the CrossFit games brings together these smoke-shows from all over the world to compete as to who is the best athlete in the world, but to the average fan the competition seems way more about which one of them looks the best. Is that a little sexist? Well, not really, there are guys competing too, but for some odd reason, they do not capture my attention in quite the same way.

What does capture my attention? Well, gorgeous women who have amazing bodies. If that captures your attention as well, you will probably enjoy this list. A lot. So let's have at it shall we? Here are the 15 fittest and hottest women competing in the 2016 Crossfit Games.

15 Chelsey Grigsby


Chelsey is the perfect person to start this list as she is a pretty good example of what this whole CrossFit scene is all about; she has it all going on and is a master of all trades. She was a college softball player at Western Oregon University, was a firefighter, and now is competing in the CrossFit Games. Oh yeah, and she is also totally gorgeous. Hot, athletic and a firefighter? She seems pretty ambitious. And maybe a little scary, too. I mean, my girlfriend does not even like to get out of bed in the morning. But let's leave her out of this shall we?

Chelsey had this to say about how she got started. “I really didn’t start taking CrossFit seriously until 2013. I started working with a friend as my coach, who would write out some extra work for me to do on top of the class workouts. I really just had more time to begin to focus, after just graduating college,” she said.

14 Björk Odinsdottir


I don’t know a whole lot about her, but there are a few things I know about Bjork. She is from Iceland, her name is the same as a famous singer, she has done gymnastics for 14 years and CrossFit for five years, and she is totally hot. She could almost certainly kick my butt. She is also 28 years old and weighs in at 139 pounds of ridiculously hot muscle, and seems ready to have a good season in CrossFit. She says that she “eats quality foods but doesn’t measure the amount.” I, too, eat “quality” food and don’t measure the amount so she sounds like my dream girl.

13 Sara Sigmundsdottir


Hey guys, do you like gorgeous blondes with perfect bodies? Yeah, me neither. But for those of you who do, you could do worse than checking out Sara. Like Bjork, both the singer and the CrossFit athlete above, she is also from Iceland, which leads us to believe that either women from Iceland are really into CrossFit, or that all women from Iceland are part of a totally hot, super athletic Amazon master race. I hoping it is the latter. If it is the latter I will move there soon.

12 Elisabeth Akinwale


Elisabeth is pretty darn hot, and by that I mean totally hot, and when you look at any photo of her, doing anything and from any angle at all, it is obvious that she is in absolutely amazing shape. She started training for CrossFit in 2011 when she was already in her 30’s and qualified for the CrossFit games 6 months later, which is obviously pretty amazing. That was not the last team she made either, as she has been a regular at the games ever since, and will probably continue to be one as long as she wants to.

11 Alexandra LaChance


Alexandra is yet another woman that simply could not be left off this list- she is way too hot for that. She is a former gymnast as well as being a former model. The fact that she has those two things on her resume is simply unfair. To top it all off, she went to the University of Arkansas, where she actually was an All-American gymnast. It is possible that Alexandra has some flaws, but we are going to guess that she is totally, absolutely perfect.

10 Annie Thorisdottir


Okay, for the sake of keeping this list moving along, let’s play a game, shall we? Annie is really hot, no doubt about that, just take a look at some photos of her and you can find that out. She is blonde, that is for certain. She is ridiculously in shape, into CrossFit, all of that. So, where is she from? Come on, take a guess. Where could it be? Yep, she is from Iceland. Is the weather really that bad over there? I wonder if I got a couple of really warm coats if I could last?

9 Brooke Ence


All right then, thanks Brooke, I really appreciate you grounding me and getting my feet back on the ground. Score one for the thought of not moving to Iceland. Brooke is kind of amazing looking, and by “kind of” I mean Brooke is a total smoke show. How do things like this happen? I guess it is not for me to wonder; I should just try and appreciate it. Brooke was the winner of the California regional, and is looking to place at the games this year. While her name is new to me, it is not to everyone as she has a lot of followers on her Instagram. Check it out if you please. You won’t regret it.

8 Danielle Sidell


Danielle is another woman on this list who seems tough as nails but still looks fabulous. She went to the University of Akron on a track and field scholarship and graduated with a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology. She said that she weighs and measures her food and it is “all about the science.” I have to say that I normally am not that interested in scientific stuff, but if Danielle wants to sit down with me at some point and explain just exactly how she ended up looking so ridiculously hot, I certainly would not say no. It’s all in the name of science, after all.

7 Julie Foucher


You know how in the NBA sometimes someone has an achilles injury and they are out for months or even years? It is truly one of the very worst injuries that anyone can have, and sometimes can end an entire career. When it happens players always get pretty much carried off the court.

Julie had that type of injury last year at the 2015 CrossFit Games after she said she “heard something snap.” So anyway, she came back and competed three hours later while wearing a walking boot. These women truly are another breed of sorts. Julie is one of the best CrossFit athletes ever, and oh yeah, she looks pretty amazing as well.

6 Jessica Coughlan


Jessica is from Australia, so one has to imagine the beauty, the body, and the accent as well. It truly is almost too much to deal with. What is it about that accent anyway? Someone from Australia could say the worst thing in the world to you, but as long as they have that accent it is not going to bother you a whole lot.

She is a former gymnast who has been in CrossFit for a few years now. If you want to see some more totally hot pictures of Jessica, and we have a feeling that you just might want to do that, then check out her Instagram and prepare to be amazed, or at the very least a little bit aroused. Either one will work.

5 Jackie Perez


Jackie is at the top of any list of women that are in shape, whether they do CrossFit or not. She is a true beauty, and a very good athlete; she played volleyball in college at Cal State- Hayward. She is a personal trainer and got into CrossFit because she missed the competition. She competes regularly in national competitions, and always does well for herself and finishes high up in the rankings.

4 Lauren Fisher


Lauren Fisher is from Southern California, and competes for the Invictus team. She is just 22 years old and has been competing for a few years now. Her brother Garrett is also an excellent CrossFit athlete. He also is probably mad that his sister is on a list of hot CrossFit women. Since he is huge and obviously in totally awesome shape we are going to hope that he never sees this article.

3 Christmas Abbott


While most of these chicks have a rather clean-cut vibe to them as most athletes tend to do, Christmas gives us the gift ( did you see what I did there?) of being able to check out a hot athletic woman who has a bit of an edge. And when I say hot, I do mean hot, as she really is a smoke-show. She has a lot of ink, and describes herself as “quirky.” She has been doing CrossFit since 2006 and says that she has “loved every painful minute since.” Unlike a lot of the women on this list she does not have an athletic background other than doing CrossFit. We’re okay with that, in fact we are fine with her doing pretty much anything she wants to do.

2 Camille Leblanc-Bazinet


This list is one that talks of the hottest women in CrossFit, if you had not noticed so far. Well Camille is hot, no doubt about that, if she did not want to be an athlete she certainly has a face for modeling. She also is a talented CrossFit athlete, and by that I mean she is very talented indeed. So talented that she was the winner of the 2014 games. She is originally from Canada, and is also a pretty tough weightlifter, who has qualified for the National Championships in that country.

1 Anna Hulda Olafsdóttir


Anna is from…. well, yes you guessed it – she is from Iceland. She is a total smoke-show who also just happens to be Iceland’s Olympic champion in weightlifting, and she holds 6 Icelandic world records in weightlifting as well. To top it all off, she is studying for her PhD. She started doing CrossFit around 3 years ago. This to me is totally insane. How does someone get in such good shape in just three years? I mean I could train every day for the rest of my life and couldn’t look like that. This of course is all just a guess, because I am not going to train, even for a day.

I would tell you more about Anna but at this point I have to stop as I have to do a bit more research about moving to Iceland, once I first discover if all women look like this over there. Does anyone know how much airline tickets cost to get over there? I think I have some vacation coming up. Maybe I will just go over there for just a little while, check out the scene. Is it really as cold as they say?

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The 15 Hottest Women At The Crossfit Games