15 Hottest Types Of Lingerie You Want Her To Wear

The female form is a truly wondrous sight to behold. Smooth skin, sensual curves, and a sexy smile are the trademarks of a tantalizing woman, and these attributes have been bringing men to their knees since the dawn of time. And while the female physique is already pretty damn close to perfect, there are plenty of ways to amplify its allure even more. One surefire  method to enhance the beauty of the female body is to slip into some lingerie.

Think about it. When you give someone a gift, you wrap it first. That's the basic concept of lingerie - it's a provocative way to package the bombshell body that lies beneath. Yes, you're going to "unwrap" your present eventually, but isn't it more fun to take your time and enjoy a little mystery first? The best part about lingerie is that it comes in a variety of styles, so a woman can easily fulfill any naughty fantasy that her man has been dreaming about. She can be a full on femme fatale one day, and a sly little sex kitten the next. There's a lingerie style for every mood and occasion, so you can switch it up and keep things spicy, whether you're prepping for an exciting first date or trying to keep the spark in a long term relationship.

Whether it's a special occasion like Valentine's Day, or just a boring Tuesday night that needs a little spicing up, lingerie is guaranteed to take things to another level in the bedroom. Here are 15 sexiest styles of lingerie to choose from - and remember, you don't need to pick  just one!


15 Silk Robe


There's something casual yet alluring about a short silky robe on a woman. She's comfortable, relaxed, and not trying too hard to impress, yet you can't help but wonder what she's waiting to reveal under there once things start heating up. While perhaps not the most "in your face" sexy style of lingerie, a pretty robe combined with pedicured bare feet, a perky ponytail, and minimal makeup sends the message that a woman feels secure in her natural beauty, and doesn't need an hour of prep time to feel seductive.   When your lady puts on a silk robe, you know that she's feeling soft and romantic - and that she still may have a naughty surprise in store for you once the robe comes off. Plus, she'll still look super sexy in it when you're lounging around drinking coffee the morning after. If you really rocked her world, maybe she'll even make you some eggs.

14 Bra and Panty Set


When things start getting hot and heavy in the bedroom, there's no bigger turnoff than when a woman unveils a boring bra and mismatched panties under her otherwise sexy outfit. That's when her man stops feeling fired up and starts looking for the nearest open window to escape from. To prevent this, it's essential that a matching bra and panty set be in every lady's lingerie drawer. They come in countless combinations of lace, silk, and satin in every color of the rainbow, so there's really no excuse to be wearing that ratty old sports bra and granny panties (shudder) on date night - or ever, really. And since men love variety, a different bra and panty set for every day of the week is a surefire way to keep him on his toes. Mix it up and pair one set with knee high pleather boots and red glossy lips, and another set with demure heels and soft, pretty curls. Matching bra and panty sets let you role play every day of the week!

13 Boy Shorts


Boy shorts are a tight fitting, feminine version of men's boxer briefs, and they're perfect for a sexy tomboy who wants something that's comfortable and a little sporty when it's time to impress in the bedroom. Boy shorts are for the girl who will take you on in a sweaty game of pickup basketball, and then still be in the mood for a different, more R rated type of workout. This style of lingerie is also a great way to showcase a grade A booty and ripped abs while still leaving a little something to the imagination. Boy shorts come in lots of quirky colors and designs, including superheros and cartoon characters, so they're best for men who enjoy a more lighthearted lingerie look. When paired with a perky ponytail, a pair of sneakers, and just a touch of lip gloss, boy shorts are a fun and spunky way to role play with lingerie.

12 Lace Teddy


The teddy is styled like a one piece bathing suit, but since it's usually sheer and made of lace, with a deep V cut and thong style back, it's much more seductive. This lingerie look  is for the woman who wants to embrace a full on sex kitten vibe, complete with stilettos and a luscious red lip. The lace teddy is pure, unbridled, take no prisoners sensuality, so whoever is joining her in the bedroom better be ready for fireworks. Shy girls should probably skip the lace teddy, since there's not a lot of room to hide in skintight black or crimson lace. Role playing potential is nearly unlimited with this lingerie look. Pair it with some thigh high stockings to make it even naughtier, or get creative and add some black elbow length gloves. Whatever accessories you choose, the lace teddy is preferred by men who like their women to be brash, bold vixens in the bedroom.

11 Body Stocking

The body stocking is basically a sheer leotard that covers the arms, and usually it's made of black lace. Think of it as the lingerie version of the "little black dress," only far more sultry. This look is best for a woman who is seeking out a creative alternative to more mainstream lingerie options. The type of lady who is drawn to the body stocking is probably the artistic sort, perhaps a painter, dancer, or actress. She's confident, a little kooky, and not afraid to be different, and will turn up the heat even more by pairing her body stocking with sky high platform heels. Or, to really amp it up, she might even throw on some knee high black leather boots. The body stocking is the lingerie of choice for men who like a lady that lives by her own rules, consequences be damned.  Just don't be surprised if she wants to perform her new interpretive dance for you after your night of passion.

10 Bustier


The bustier is basically a push up bra that extends to the waist. It's most commonly available in satin or lace, and is designed to enhance and showcase the assets of the woman wearing it. There's something deliciously naughty about the bustier. On its own, it's mesmerizingly sexy. But it can also be worn under clothes, and the image of it peeking out underneath a silk blouse, along with a mountain of mouth watering cleavage, is enough to make most men forget their own name. The bustier looks best when paired with sky high heels to elongate the leg and compliment the curvaceous figure of the woman wearing it. This is an incredibly versatile type of lingerie that can be unveiled in the privacy of the bedroom, or subtly disguised under a date night outfit. That, combined with its miraculous chest amplifying abilities, guarantees that the bustier will attract attention, wherever the lady wearing it happens to be.

9 Garter Belt

A garter belt is a narrow band of fabric worn around the waist, with several straps attached that clip to thigh high stockings and hold them up. While garter belts were once a practical necessity in women's fashion, these days they are the go to lingerie look for women who want to seduce. While they are most frequently available in black, they also come in bold colors like red, as well as softer, more angelic shades like soft pink and white. Garter belts are tantalizingly sexy, and seem to be an across the board crowd pleaser when it comes to turning  a man on. When worn under a tight fighting pencil skirt, the garter straps will peek out and offer just a teasing glimpse of skin. Later on, in the privacy of the bedroom, they look especially enticing with a strappy heel. They are most appreciated by men who like a classic, low key, yet alluring lingerie look.


8 Fishnet Stockings


Fishnet stockings are a little dirty, in the best way. They tend to be worn by "bad girls" from the wrong side of town - the ones your mother warned you about. Yet, most men find fishnet stockings irresistible, maybe because they can transform even the most straight laced, conservative woman into a sexy temptress. To really get the most out of fishnet stockings, don't be afraid to embrace the naughty side that they will undoubtedly bring out in you. Just give yourself over to the provocative mood they create, and see what kind of fun you can have. When rocking a pair of fishnets,  you don't want to look too prim and proper, so let your man run his fingers through your hair, and don't worry if your red lipstick gets a little smudged when things really start heating up.  A pair of fishnet stockings combined with sky high heels is a simple yet very effective way to role play for a man who wants to take a walk on the wild side, if only for one night.

7 Negligee

The negligee is equal parts naughty and nice. It looks a little like a very short dress, but since it's often made with sheer fabric, it offers a tantalizing preview of what's to come. The negligee can be paired with panties or boy shorts to add an air of playful mystery, or it can be worn with nothing underneath to make the mood more risque. It is available in a variety of colors, from black and red for a bolder look to soft pink and white for the good girls who are embracing their naughty side. This style of lingerie looks best when paired with a sassy little kitten heel and soft pink lips. The versatility of the negligee makes it a great choice for a woman who is trying lingerie for the first time, and it's perfect for a man who likes a little sugar and spice in the bedroom.

6 Silk Chemise


Silk is one of the most sensual fabrics. It's soft, luxurious, and cool to the touch. So when it's combined with the snug fighting chemise style of lingerie, passion will surely ignite. The silk chemise is styled like a long shirt that comes down to the hips, and is ideal for a shy girl who wants to break out of her shell in the bedroom. Featuring skinny little spaghetti straps that just beg to be slipped off, and often enhanced with delicate lace details, the silk chemise is pretty, classy, and not too revealing, but still highlights the luscious curves of the female body. This style of lingerie often comes in soft colors like light blue and pink, and looks great when combined with long, flowing waves. The silk chemise will best be appreciated by a man who likes an elegant look on his lady, even when things are about to get R rated.

5 Babydoll


The babydoll style of lingerie is shaped like a very short nightgown that flares out at the bottom. It's fun, flirty, and gives off a retro 1960's vibe that's perfect for the man who likes a woman with a little vintage flair in the bedroom. How fun would it be to role play as a classic Bond girl, and greet your man at the door holding a martini, dressed in a pair of platform heels and your sexy little babydoll? This style of lingerie is usually adorned with bows or ruffles that add to the playful look, and while basic black will never go out of style, look for them in bright colors like hot pink, yellow, and green to really add a festive feel to your sultry night together. The babydoll is just screaming for bright pink lips and long, straight hair to play up the swinging 60's angle.

4 String Underwear


Okay, it barely even qualifies as lingerie, because it's just underwear so skimpy that it's almost invisible. But that's why the G-string is so beloved by men everywhere - it's the next best thing to a naked woman, but there's still a little something to take off.  A very little something. The best part about the G-string is its simplicity, because when lingerie is this minuscule, the sky is the limit when it comes to fun and enticing accessories. Of course, sky high platforms will look great, but what about adding a feathered boa for a glamorous effect? A fantastic diamond necklace worn with a G-string can also make a statement that screams high class, seductive luxury.  One thing is certain, G-strings are embraced by women with complete body confidence who feel they have absolutely nothing to hide, so any lucky man who gets to join them in the bedroom better be bringing their A game.

3 Corset

The corset laces around the midsection to create the look of a smaller waist, while also providing extreme lift and separation to the bust. The result is an outrageously exaggerated hourglass figure that will stop any red blooded man dead in his tracks. Corsets have been around since medieval times, but their extraordinary enhancement of the female form has ensured that their popularity is here to stay. They are widely available in classic lace or satin, but you can also find them in bright colors and materials like leather and velvet, and with intricately hand stitched designs. To really take it to next level, consider having a corset custom made that will be personalized and molded to your body. Whatever look you choose, this style of lingerie is favored by men who like a bit of an old world look on their lady - perhaps a date to the Renaissance festival is in order before heading home to unlace that corset.

2 Leather Catsuit


The leather catsuit is definitely on the fringe of lingerie looks. It's not sweet, it's not pretty, and it's not nice. In fact, it's downright depraved. But then again, that's what makes it so much fun. The leather catsuit should only be attempted by bold, confident ladies who can hold their own in the bedroom, and who don't take sass from their men, or anyone else for that matter. But when worn by a badass woman who can pull it off, head to toe skintight leather will burn an unforgettable memory into any man's brain. Pretty much the only accessories that will work with the leather catsuit are matching knee high boots and a whip. Don't try to girly it up with pink lips or a sparkly headband. Just embrace it and be the all-powerful goddess you were born to be. It goes without saying that this look will be preferred by men who like their women to take charge once in a while, lest they be punished like the bad boys they are.

1 Panties Without The Middle

Does anyone really need this explained to them? They're women's panties, and they're crotchless. You can take it from there. Use your imagination. Crotchless panties probably come in a variety of colors and fabrics, but honestly, if you're in the market for a pair of crotchless panties, do you really care what they look like? They're freaking panties with the crotch missing. That's all that really matters to you. If you're the type of woman who wears crotchless panties, or the type of man who likes a woman in crotchless panties, there's no way you're even reading this article, because you've likely faked your own death and taken refuge in an abandoned mansion on the edge of town with no running water or electricity while you wait to start a new life.  You've never paid taxes, and have outstanding arrest warrants in several states. You laugh in the face of death and start fires for no reason. All you care about in this crazy, mixed up world is your freedom, and your all consuming, inexplicable love for panties with the crotch cut out.

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