15 Hot Celebs Who Make Reality TV Enjoyable

Reality TV might not be everyone’s favorite type of programming but it is one of our biggest guilty pleasures and the reason is because of the usual, good-looking cast members. Take the perfect exa

Reality TV might not be everyone’s favorite type of programming but it is one of our biggest guilty pleasures and the reason is because of the usual, good-looking cast members.

Take the perfect example, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The family reality TV show is the most popular of them all and you can’t deny the main reason why is because of how attractive they all individually are. Besides that, it is just pure entertainment. The Kardashian sisters are most famous for their show which got them business deals and most of them are in the beauty and fashion industry.

Many reality TV shows after Keeping Up with the Kardashians premiered, have followed their footsteps and established a cast of basically really attractive people. It seems like that is the foundation for building a successful reality TV show considering how the Kardashians made a name for themselves after their show debuted.

Although, reality TV personalities are usually nice to look at, they do have more than that going for them but it doesn’t hurt to be good-looking in that industry. Many of these cast members are coming from already famous families, or just trying to get their own business out there. Some of these businesses include blogging or vlogging, singing, acting, modeling, etc. Regardless, these “unscripted” shows become successful mostly because of the style and overall appearance of these cast members.

So there have been numerous reality TV shows and a lot of the personalities that come out do become famous for, basically, just being themselves. A lot of them also just become very familiar faces and so, we rounded up 15 Hot Celebs Who Make Reality TV Enjoyable. Some of them you might recognize while for others, you might want to start catching them on their show.

15 Scheana Marie

Another one of Vanderpump Rules' good-looking cast members makes it to the list. Scheana Marie appears on the Bravo TV series as herself, working as a bartender but also pursuing her music career. Before that reality TV show, Marie was a part of a huge cheating scandal that involved Eddie Cibrian, LeAnne Rimes, and Brandi Glanville, who appeared as a cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

14 Eva Marie

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13 Stassi Schroeder

12 Jax Taylor


11 Audrina Patridge

10 Kristin Doute


9 Joe Gorga


8 Porsha Williams


Another Real Housewives star you might recognize is Porsha Williams. The model and TV personality was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and now she is the star of her own hometown. Before she appeared as a cast member for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Williams was already working her way up to the entertainment industry. Ever since she was young, her good looks have been put to work as a model for music videos and for a calendar for the “Atlanta Dymes.” So she has been representing her town since her early years, too.

7 GG Golnesa

Co-starring with Mike Shouhed on Shahs of Sunset, is GG Golnesa. The Persian beauty made her way to the reality TV industry as the youngest daughter of her wealthy Muslim family. In the beginning of the show, she was known as “Persian Princess” but often came out sort of brat-ish with her short-tempered and defensive personality. On the show, GG is seen getting into a couple of arguments with some of her closest friends who are also stars of the show.

6 Brie Bella


5 Jason Wahler

Remember Laguna Beach and The Hills on MTV? The two series captured young adults from graduating high school to achieving their dream careers. Jason Wahler was one of them, but his path took a whole other turn from the rest of his cast members. He was the eye candy in his high school so you know what that means. Yes, along with eye candy comes a bad boy personality (usually) at that age. The Laguna Beach veteran was seen as you guessed it, a player in the streets, playing with girls’ hearts in his town and yet, they couldn’t help themselves but throw themselves at the bad boy.

4 Tom Sandoval

Another man eye candy, except, super adorable and who seems like a good boy, so far. Vanderpump Rules has a lot of girls crushing on 32-year-old cutey, Tom Sandoval. Unfortunately, ladies, the reality TV personality is taken by another lady, Ariana Madix, another cast member of the Bravo TV series. By watching the show and stalking them on Instagram, they seem to be doing well. So while all we can do with Sandoval is stare, the bartender sure knows how to carry himself and the girls love it. Not to mention, his ex-girlfriend, Kristen Doute, also a cast member of the show, had a hard time letting her ex go. We feel you, Kristen. It was a wild ride post-breakup for the two, mostly because of Doute’s poor way of handling the whole situation.

He eventually confirmed his relationship with Madix. The stud is sure to be making heads turn while he is working or just out and about, so Madix, keep an eye out for him.

3 Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga, wife of Joe Gorga, is one of the most stunning cast members you can watch on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The mother of three is the perfect example of supermom. Earlier we celebrated Joe as a superdad so it’s safe to say it was a perfect match and the kids are in good hands. The 36-year-old first appeared on the Housewives in 2011, where she represents her hometown as well. She was born in Toms River, New Jersey. You can watch the sexy mother and wife on the series, in the middle of lots of drama, and just like her hubby, she usually prefers taking the high road. Gorga has other things to take care of such as her family and her music career.

2 Mike Shouhed


You have seen him on Shahs of Sunset. The highly controversial Persian-American reality star is a real estate agent in Los Angeles.  Mike Shouhed is seen balancing a new marriage life with Jessica Parido. Shouhed has been Iranian eye candy ever since the Bravo TV reality series started back in 2012. He always dressed well and kept himself nice and groomed. After all, the UCLA alumni is in the center of the high-end Los Angeles life, selling homes, so he has to know how to present himself.

1 Nikki Bella


Our number one reality TV eye candy undoubtedly goes to Nikki Bella from E!'s Total Divas. The professional WWE wrestler has blown us away from the start of the reality TV series. With her go-getter personality and hard-earned physique, Bella is making us envy her more and more every episode. You have probably watched her wrestle before the show, but for those who are late and just tuning in, it is crazy to know what we’ve missed. The mixed Italian-Mexican was featured with her twin sister in Muscle and Fitness Magazine, where she got to dish out on her fitness regime as everyone was dying to know. Unfortunately, she takes her work very seriously including a training schedule and strict diet, hence the abs. With hard work, you can look that good and she’s definitely proving it. The athlete has been open about her struggles with her body image, especially when compared to her thinner sister. However, she has made it clear that you have to work with what you got.


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15 Hot Celebs Who Make Reality TV Enjoyable