The 15 Hottest Photos Of Margot Robbie Found Online

Margot Robbie started her career on the popular Australian soap opera Neighbors, but it wasn't until landing the role of Jordan Belfort's oft-naked trophy wife in The Wolf of Wall Street that American audiences started paying attention. Since then she has continued to turn heads in films such as Focus and Z For Zachariah, and nerds around the world can't wait to fawn over her take on Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad, even if they plan to trash the movie on their blogs later.

The Queensland, Australia actress is talented in many ways, but when your breakout role is a trophy wife, it's natural people will be drawing attention to your body your entire career. And obviously, Margot Robbie has the kind of body worthy of attention, as Martin Scorsese clearly understood when he cast her as Naomi Lapaglia. Dozens of modeling shoots would reaffirm that belief, and the following pictures should stand as all the evidence one would need.

15 The Pose


14 Margot As Harley


It's obvious Margot can stun as herself, but this set photo from Warner Bros. upcoming Suicide Squad shows she has the kind of body that can be covered in makeup and still be a knockout. Robbie plays Harley Quinn, a crazy former psychiatrist and close confidant of Jared Leto's Joker.

13 Margot With Puppies

Via Vanity Fair

Many of the upcoming photos see Robbie either modeling or relaxing on a beach, and this shot has her doing both. Born in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, Robbie was raised by a single mother. Robbie claims she spent her time either at her grandparents' farm in Dalby or on the beach.

12 Looking Good In Blue


11 Margot Modeling 

Via ET Online

10 Margot And Her Box

Via Instagram

9 Margot The Ginger

Via Daily Mail

8 Casual Margot

Via Esquire

7 Looking Good In Denim

Via Complex

6 Bikini Bod Mode

Via Daily Mail

5 Bikini Bod Mode Pt. 2

Via Daily Mail

4 Margot The Model Pt.2

Via Instagram

3 Red Lipstick


2 Bright, By Margot

Via Backgroundmachine

1 Margot The Model, Pt. 3

Via Facebook

Margot Robbie is an absolutely beautiful woman, and everyone seems to be blatantly aware of this fact, aside from one person: Margot Robbie. She claims in her group of friends, she "is definitely not the best-looking," adding in her youth she wore glasses and braces, was gangly, and did ballet, all of which lowered her social standing.

Obviously we disagree with all that, but why is this shot in particular number one? Forget what Robbie says. We dig chicks in glasses.


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The 15 Hottest Photos Of Margot Robbie Found Online