The 15 Hottest Photos Of Margot Robbie Found Online

Margot Robbie started her career on the popular Australian soap opera Neighbors, but it wasn't until landing the role of Jordan Belfort's oft-naked trophy wife in The Wolf of Wall Street that American audiences started paying attention. Since then she has continued to turn heads in films such as Focus and Z For Zachariah, and nerds around the world can't wait to fawn over her take on Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad, even if they plan to trash the movie on their blogs later.

The Queensland, Australia actress is talented in many ways, but when your breakout role is a trophy wife, it's natural people will be drawing attention to your body your entire career. And obviously, Margot Robbie has the kind of body worthy of attention, as Martin Scorsese clearly understood when he cast her as Naomi Lapaglia. Dozens of modeling shoots would reaffirm that belief, and the following pictures should stand as all the evidence one would need.


15 The Pose


The Wolf of Wall Street was up for Best Ensemble at the 2014 Critics' Choice Movie Awards, and Robbie showed up to the ceremony dressed to impress as always. Her silky black dress shows off her gorgeous arms, but it's her eyes in this photo that are the real focus. Glaring at the audience admiring her, Robbie shows a great deal of confidence, ready to take that Award and many more to come after it. Unfortunately for her, the cast of American Hustle got the nod that night.

14 Margot As Harley


It's obvious Margot can stun as herself, but this set photo from Warner Bros. upcoming Suicide Squad shows she has the kind of body that can be covered in makeup and still be a knockout. Robbie plays Harley Quinn, a crazy former psychiatrist and close confidant of Jared Leto's Joker.

Despite multiple layers of clothing, Robbie's body still appears in great shape underneath the masquerade. Fans of the gothic look would likely place this one much higher up the list, and no one should blame them. But when you look like Robbie, less is often more.

13 Margot With Puppies

Via Vanity Fair

Many of the upcoming photos see Robbie either modeling or relaxing on a beach, and this shot has her doing both. Born in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, Robbie was raised by a single mother. Robbie claims she spent her time either at her grandparents' farm in Dalby or on the beach.

Her body is stunning as always in this 2014 Vanity Fair shoot, and although the dogs get in the way of some of her best features, we can't pretend we don't want to jump into this picture and just play with them. The dogs!

12 Looking Good In Blue


A great smile, a beautiful top, and a pose that lands somewhere between a playful "Oh, you!" and "Marry me!" all make it obvious why this photo lands on the list. Robbie got her start starring in independent films in Australia, including I.C.U. Almost impossible to fathom in America, Robbie so impressed casting directors that she landed the lead role in I.C.U. without an agent. She also appeared in Australian commercials, and on the television series' The Elephant Princess and City Homicide.

11 Margot Modeling 

Via ET Online

Born in Australia, Robbie is surely no stranger to the outdoors, and the wind does some amazing things to her beautiful blonde hair in this shot. She again gives another incredible sultry pose, saying with a tilt of her eyes more than many seasoned models can ever portray. Robbie's big break in Australia came as Donna Freeman on Neighbors, an extremely popular soap opera. Her profile continued to grow, and she was nominated for two Logie Awards, the Australian equivalent of an Emmy.

10 Margot And Her Box

Via Instagram

We're not sure what's in the box in this photo shoot for Elle, but we'd be happy to open that or any box Robbie had to offer. Despite being a young actress in the digital age, Robbie doesn't take to her Instagram very often. It's hard to blame her, considering her profile is only growing, and she probably doesn't have much time on her hands. But it also means that when she actually posts a shot, she must have been pretty proud of how she looked in it. With the gold, the glitz and the glamour, in this shot she looks less like a model and more like a rock star, but doesn't lose any of her beauty.

9 Margot The Ginger

Via Daily Mail

There's nothing super glamorous about this shot, but with a beauty like Robbie, the slightest changes can mean so much to your overall appearance--especially if it's as bold a change as dying your hair. The hairstyle didn't last long, but for the few months she held it in 2014, fans of redheads around the world rejoiced. After her various successes in Australia, Robbie decided to come to Hollywood in 2010, prepared to hit the big screen for American audiences.


8 Casual Margot

Via Esquire

It's hard to both look casual and obviously appear to be posing, but the laughs her smile is barely concealing allow us to overlook the blatantly manufactured nature of the shot. It isn't that hard to do when we WISH the shot was real, and we were the guy she was smiling at instead of some photographer. Torn up shorts are a look that either always works or never works, and in this shot Robbie makes it clear like with most things, they always work for her.

7 Looking Good In Denim

Via Complex

Having a body like Robbie's doesn't often come naturally, and a shot like this really shows off how thin the actress is. The contrasts of her dark dress and the brighter wall accentuate her curves, and her smile, as always, radiates. Upon her arrival in Hollywood, Robbie was almost immediately cast in Pan Am, a short-lived TV series starring Christina Ricci. The series received moderately positive reviews, and both Robbie and Ricci were gorgeous in their roles as always, but low ratings lead to the show being canceled after just one season.

6 Bikini Bod Mode

Via Daily Mail

She doesn't look particularly pleased by the camera, but it's hard to deny a bikini body like this one. In early 2015, Robbie celebrated some of her then-recent successes with her long term boyfriend Tom Ackerley, visiting a beach in Byron Bay, Australia. It's not just her slammin bikini body that makes this photo so hot - the snow leopard top really manage to take the eyes as well.

5 Bikini Bod Mode Pt. 2

Via Daily Mail

If the paparazzi catch you on the beach, they're going to catch you from behind as well. Since her role in The Wolf of Wall Street, for which she won the Empire Award for Best Newcomer, her profile has only continued to grow. Her acting talents continue to shine as well, starring in vastly different films such as the romantic comedy Focus and the sci-fi Z For Zachariah. Critics and fans alike are only growing in their praise of Robbie for her varied talents.

4 Margot The Model Pt.2

Via Instagram

As mentioned earlier, Robbie doesn't take to her Instagram often, but it's no shocker she chose to share this shot with her tens of thousands of followers. Her dress and her pose work in symmetry to create a truly sexy image, and her hair offers more than a hint of mystery and adventure. That the shot isn't entirely in focus somehow only adds to the sexy mystery of it, as though to say this woman is almost too picturesque to be real.

3 Red Lipstick


In 2015, Margot co-hosted the 87th Annual Academy Awards for Technical Achievement alongside Whiplash star Miles Teller, but it's this shot from the main ceremony the next night that really wins the award. The Academy's hair and makeup department probably didn't have too tough a job making Margot look beautiful here, but they knocked it out of the park regardless. It's pretty obvious what it is about this shot in particular that's so alluring. The colors are so vibrant, and the attention is immediately drawn to the implication...someone must care very deeply for her to have given her that necklace. Yeah. We're thinking about the necklace.

2 Bright, By Margot

Via Backgroundmachine

There's a lot to be said about "style," and Margot's style is never sexier than in this shot, wearing a scaly leather top, shining beautifully for a photo shoot. Her hair, her poise, her slightly open mouth, it all shines with a finesse brighter than her bra. Robbie's star continues to shine, with lead roles in two major upcoming summer 2016 releases. She'll star with Will Smith and Jared Leto in Warner Bros. upcoming Suicide Squad, and alongside Alexander Skarsgård in The Legend of Tarzan.

1 Margot The Model, Pt. 3

Via Facebook

Margot Robbie is an absolutely beautiful woman, and everyone seems to be blatantly aware of this fact, aside from one person: Margot Robbie. She claims in her group of friends, she "is definitely not the best-looking," adding in her youth she wore glasses and braces, was gangly, and did ballet, all of which lowered her social standing.

Obviously we disagree with all that, but why is this shot in particular number one? Forget what Robbie says. We dig chicks in glasses.


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