The 15 Hottest Gingers On The Planet

Gingers might not have souls, but some sure are nice to look at. Who needs a soul anyway… not them. Sure, blondes have more fun (though not 100% proven) and brunettes… well, what about brunettes? They’re self-proclaimed (we're guilty as charged) fun-havers as well. But, before we get to the good stuff, ponder this: Why do the elite hair colors get to soak up all the attractiveness in the world… truth is they don’t! Surprisingly there is a plethora of ginger celebs out there today that not only get the stick just because there’s a stigma surrounding them and their gingerness (sorry guys, you didn’t choose the ginge, the ginge chose you), but they’re total freakin’ babes and we never even knew it! Damn that fiery distraction atop your heads. Sure, you might go blind touching yourself to sexy shots of these redheads, but it’ll be worth it to take a brief gander at these good lookin’ folks-- we’re just kidding about the blind thing… we think.

You’ve got to admit, it’s no secret that Hollywood is full of hotties, and sure, gingers often get a bad rap for their fiery locks… exhibit A. Scott “Carrot Top” Thompson, how unfortunate, amiright or amiright??? But not everyone has that odd combination of the Shirley Temple and Little Orphan Annie thing going on. Thankfully. Nonetheless just because they’re sporting orangey type mane’s doesn’t mean they have to be void of hotness. In fact, many surpass the level of hotness that is expected of them. That’s scientific jargon, by the way (well, no it’s not). But, whether you love them or hate them, these cultural outcasts are always on your radar.

Oh, and did we forget to mention that nowhere in this article does it state that we’re listing natural red-heads, so move over pure of hearts… they could have come from a box, or perhaps borrowed locks (well, that would be weird) but you get the idea. We don’t discriminate on how you became one, so here’s the 15 Hottest Gingers on the planet (according to yours truly).


15 Jessica Chastain

This celeb is absolutely breathtaking, and probably more so that she’s got that strawberry blonde thing going for her. Yes, I just admitted that I love a redhead. Pinch me, I think my soul has been swiped by default. Jessica is gorgeous, I’m not sure how to articulate what an amazing actress she is, let alone speak about her beauty in such a manner I don’t sound like a rambling idiot. Nonetheless, from guest roles on shows to being the center of attention-- Chastain will always make my list of hotties!

14 Isla Fisher


The smokin’ hot actress can come find us anyday. She’s got an Amy Adams vibe going on, and what could be wrong with that? But for real, Isla is that girl next door type… that looks like she could really make your life miserable if you ditch her. She’s charismatic, funny, and has a smirk that will make even the grumpiest of people smile. This 39-year-old might be pushing forty, but that won’t stop her from stealing our hearts with that strawberry mane.

13 Holland Roden

Now, if you’re not into shows on MTV then you might have missed this gorgeous ginger. Lucky for you, I’m on the teen show-watching case. Holland is not only pretty and a redhead, but she’s also super smart. The girl has a knack for science and if this acting thing gets old, she can always do something just as explosive. She plays this seemingly superficial high school student on Teen Wolf, and although she seems a bit shallow at first, there’s more to Lydia Martin that meets the eye. I think my love for redheads began with Holland. Because, come on, how can you not swoon for her?

12 Hayley Williams


The iconic singer, songwriter and musician who is not only well-known for being the lead vocalist of the widely popular band Paramore, but she’s also known for having a grungy, super sexy style that has had her fair share of hair shades… but I’ve gotta be honest: red, orange, any form of the family looks va-va-voom on her! Add a touch of red lipstick and man, you’ll be on the floor begging her to serenade you to your grave.

11 Kevin McKidd


If this Scottish actor doesn’t melt you with his accent (I mean, how could you not smile listening to him speak) he’ll surely nail you down with his looks. The talented redhead who plays a war veteran and damn good doctor on the hit ABC series Grey’s Anatomy can give me an exam any day. Okay, that was inappropriate, but come on-- look at him and his adorable red locks. Are you looking? Isn’t it so good… If my doctors looked more like him, I would definitely throw myself down some stairs a few times a year. Stop judging me.

10 Christina Hendricks


The woman was nominated for six Emmy Awards due to her role as Joan Holloway in the AMC series Mad Men. This dramatic look into the 1950’s put this luscious lady on our radar, and thank goodness for that! Drink in hand, floral dress on tight, there’s nothing Christina Hendricks can’t pull off… oh, and we’re digging her wearing glasses too. Man, all the awards to this ginger, who proves that just because you have no soul doesn’t mean you won’t get the role. Boom!

9 Prince Harry

We’ll never be royals, but at least we can feel a little bit closer to them by fantasizing about their Prince. Okay, so, this one might be a hit or miss for some people (I’m putting this guy on my list for a friend, or else she’d have my head). I think not only is Prince Harry a stud, but he’s got one of those personalities that just makes him ten times hotter… you know those kinds of people? Yep. He’s one of them! It doesn’t hurt that his ginger status comes with a crown… or do they not actually wear crowns over there? Asking for a friend who wants to become a princess. Who else is digging scruffy Harry over smooth as a baby’s bottom Harry? Me!


8 Michael C. Hall


Don’t deny it, you know even when he’s playing a vigilante serial killer on Showtime’s series Dexter or a leading lady in a broadway show like Hedwig and the Angry Inch, you still wanted to jump his bones… or be his best friend. There’s just something about a rugged dude who knows how to wield a knife (and wear heels) and who has a knack for putting plastic tarps on everything before taking out a vile member of society… I might be okay with it if he was sporting that sexy facial hair and disheveled look he usually has. Shhh, I know my love for him no matter his occupation is troubling, but lemme have this one!

7 Kenneth Bek


Please hold while I pick my jaw off the floor. Who knew that a ginger could be this attractive. He’s not only an actor but a model as well (as if you couldn’t tell by his impeccable abs and chiseled features). I wonder if it’s true that once you go red, you’ll never get out of bed. Ha, okay I made that one up right now-- but in this case, I think Kenneth would be the first to make that statement true. I mean look at that bod, look at it. You can model your birthday suit for me anyday, Kenneth.

6 Michael Fassbender


Michael is a German-Irish actor and I can barely compose my thoughts while I write about him since I’m drooling a bit on the keyboard. Yeah, what can I say-- a dude who has some great indie and blockbuster films… who actually can pull this soulless thing off. Not to mention, he’s German and Irish and hello - Accents!

5 Benedict Cumberbatch

Sorry ladies, he’s happily married-- but that doesn’t have to stop us from looking at the Sherlock star and grinning from ear to ear at his adorableness. This handsome gent hails from England, pip pip cheerio, and not only does his make our list because he’s sporting those non-coveted hairs on his head… but because he’s got an accent. Clearly you know how to win my heart… just pretend to be Australian, British, Irish or Scottish and you’re in! Take note Cumberbatch, take note.

4 Emma Stone


If you don’t know who Emma Stone is then shut the front door because you’re not welcome here. From The Help to Easy A, this ginger is probably one of the most famous out of all on this list. She’s super down to earth and hilarious, and she just has a face like you can trust her. Not to mention, she’s certifiably hot. In addition to her talents as a performer, yep, being a hottie doesn’t hurt.

3 Amy Adams

Amy Adams sung her way into our hearts on Enchanted, and she swept us off our feet playing hard-ass Charlotte Fleming in The Fighter. Oh, and did we add that she’ll be playing Lois Lane in upcoming movies like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and The Justice League Part One. Not too shabby for a redhead, huh? We can live with the awesomeness that surrounds this gal, can you?

2 Karen Gillan


Everyone’s favorite companion! Whether she’s traveling the universe with a man in a time machine disguised as a police box or kicking ass in Guardians of the Galaxy, there’s really nothing this ginger can’t overcome. I mean, she’s a ginger for God’s sake. She’s already got ten strikes against her. But, rest assured, this lady is red hot… and we’re not just talking about her hair. From having a pixie cut to having long illuminating locks, this girl makes our list every time. Oh, and a bonus for having the most adorable and dreamy accent on the entire planet!

1 Damien Lewis

The Brits have really taken over, haven’t they. And I’m totally fine with it. Damien is an English actor (accents, all I see is accents… and red hair. Lots and lots of it) who is most known for his role as Nicholas Brody, a U.S. Marine Sergeant in the Showtime series Homeland. Yeah, he even has a super cool job that’s seemingly top secret and such. You know what’s not a secret, that this ginger has a face that is visually pleasing. Mmm-hmm, and I’m sticking to it!


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