The 15 Hottest Female Country Singers

When you think about sexy women in music, country stars are not what you think of first. One would think there would be way more hot women in pop, dance, hip-hop and rock. Well, maybe, but there sure are a lot of hot women in country music, too.

These chicks are often broken-hearted; it's true, but they can drink you under the table and love big trucks, so that more than makes up for it.  Be careful though, these ladies don't mess around. If you screw with a country star, she is more than likely to come after you; these ladies tend to fight back.

But still, for a certain type of guy, there is nothing hotter than the chick with the sweet voice singing about God and country, being in love, and her no-good, cheating man. Especially if she is hot as heck, which, without a doubt, all of these women are.

So who are the hottest country singers out there today? Some are new to the scene, while others have been around for awhile. All of them look real purty for country girls.

So here is TheRichest's list of the 15 Hottest Female Country Singers. Check them out.

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15 Laura Bell Bundy

Laura is a hottie who is known for her work on TV and on Broadway, but before that she was Miss Kentucky, who made it to the top ten in the Miss America contest. The reason she is on this list though is because of her singing. Um, yeah... right.  She has been putting out country albums since 2010 and has had a couple of top 100 singles on the country charts.

14 Jennifer Nettles

13 Danielle Peck

Danielle has the look that country boys just love. She has that regular country girl thing going on, combined with beauty, and a bit of smoldering hotness underneath. She also looks like she could down a 6 pack or two.  She has been putting out albums for a while now and has had a bunch of big hits over the years. For a while she dated baseball star Josh Beckett, a Good Ol' Boy himself.

12 Kacey Musgraves

Kacey totally has that country thing going on, even more than most on this list. She looks comfortable in a cowboy hat while still pulling that whole hot thing off.  I mean she even has an album called Same Trailer, Different Park so you know she gets the scene. When it comes to hot country girls, Kacey is the real deal.

11 Martina McBride

10 Sara Evans

9 Taylor Swift

8 Shania Twain

While Shania is known more for her talent and success than her looks, there is no doubt that she can still pull of the Southern hottie thing better than most, which is kind of odd as she is from Canada. She has sold over 75 million albums over the years, and that talent is hard to ignore, but so is her classic, All-American good looks.

7 Faith Hill

6 Miranda Lambert

5 Kellie Pickler

4 Jessie James

Jessie is a hottie that has been kicking around in country music for a while now. She tried numerous times to get a contract as a teen but was turned down until Mercury Records finally took a shot on her and she became a big star. Sadly, she is married to Eric Decker of the New York Jets. They also star together on a reality show.

3 Carrie Underwood

While it is tempting to put Carrie here just because she is so enormously successful and famous, she still comes in at just number 3 on our list. This is not a knock on Carrie though, as she is gorgeous for any type of woman, and that includes being a country star. She also came to fame on American Idol, when she won the show. Since then she has won numerous Grammy Awards, and has sold enough records to make her net worth over $110 million dollars. Maybe it's just that she is too wholesome to be the hottest. Yeah, that's probably it.

2 Julianne Hough

1 Jana Kramer

Coming in at number 1 on our list of 15 Hottest Country singers is Jana Kramer. Jana is an actress best known for One Tree Hill, and is also a successful country singer who has had a few hit songs over the last few years. She is also a total smoke show. Sadly for the rest of us, Jana and her second husband are expecting their first child soon.

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