The 15 Hottest Bums In Women's Sports

There is something about women's sports that draws a lot of men in, and makes them want to watch it. Could it be the thrill of competition, or watching these magnificent athletes go head to head on the battlefield in some of the best athletic competitions around? No matter what the sport, watching women's sports is just as fun as watching the men. I mean women's sports! Yeah! I can't get enough of it!

Actually, it might be something else. Maybe just maybe it's just looking at all those butts.  Women in sports have some of the best ones of all women anywhere. There's something about that high level of athletic competition that really gives female athletes a high level of butt as well. Or maybe it's just  that they have really good genes. Honestly, who cares though, really?

This list, of course, has women from all different types of sports. In fact, these women don't have a whole lot in common. Well, let's take that back. They do have something in common- they all have some of the best bums that you will ever see, there's no doubt about that. Oh, and apparently surfers and volleyball players have the best bums of all. But if you were paying any sort of attention, then you already knew that.

Here are TheRichest's 15 Hottest Bums in Women's Sports.

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15 Anna Blanchard - Pro Surfer

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Alana is a pro surfer and a model (big surprise, right?) from Hawaii. She also has her own line of swimwear. We would explain to you why she is on this list, but we aren't going to insult your intelligence. Just trust us on this one. This is not the last surfer you'll see here.

14 Angela Rypien - Football Lingerie League

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Angela is the daughter of former Super Bowl-winning quarterback Mark Rypien, and we can just imagine how proud of her he is! Well for playing football maybe, probably not for this photo. Angela plays in the Legends Football League (formerly the Lingerie League!) and shows off a perfect mix of being in shape while still having  some curves.

13 Amanda Beard - Olympic Swimmer


So Amanda is kind of a big deal I guess. She's a swimmer, who has owned some world records, and has won 7 Olympic medals, including 2 gold. In fact, she first made the Olympic team when she was 14 years old. None of that really matters a whole lot here though. This piece is about who has really nice butts in sports and Amanda's is pretty close to perfect.

12 Liliana Fernandez - Volleyball Player

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Umm. Wow. Liliana is a volleyball player (stay tuned for more of those) from Spain who competed in the Summer Olympics in 2012, but didn't get very far. Liliana can take solace in the fact that, if the Olympics had a category for best butt, then she would have won a medal for sure. Life can be unfair sometimes.

11 Michelle Waterson - MMA Fighter


Michelle is an MMA fighter who competes in the UFC.  She has had a good amount of success in the past kicking some butt and it seems like she decided to show hers off to make up for it. Michelle is rather tiny, so those of you who like a little roundness are out of luck with this one, but then again, those of you who like them toned are loving this, without a doubt.

10 Maria Sharapova - Tennis Player

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These are things we know for sure are true about Maria. We know that she's from Russia, that's for certain. We know that she's really, really good at tennis. I mean, she's been ranked number one in the world and has won numerous tournaments and millions of dollars. We also know, without a shadow of a doubt, that Maria's butt is pretty much perfect. For all of these things - we salute you Maria.

9 Ronda Rousey - MMA Fighter

via thrashsports.com

We all know Ronda Rousey. She is one of the biggest sport stars in the world and possibly the most feared woman on the planet. Well, at least she was until Holly Holm helped her take a little nap in the ring. But even though Ronda was drooling on her pillow in front of millions of people, there is still something that no one can take away from her. Ronda- your butt looks great.

8 Laura Enever - Pro Surfer

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Laura is a surfer from Australia who competes in the World Surf League. If you have not been paying attention and you need me to tell you that there is definitely something about surfers, then there's something wrong with you. Just look at the above photo and prepare to be amazed.

7 Leryn Franco - Javelin Star

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Leryn Franco is from Paraguay. She is a model and former athlete who competed in the 2008 Olympics in the Javelin competition. She was once in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Leryn just has it going on in the backside, which is why she is number seven on the list. Stay tuned for more.

6 Stacy Keibler - Former WWE Star

via flipboard.com

How nice is the butt of Stacy Keibler? Well there's an entire website devoted to it. You heard me right. Check out Stacy Keibler's butt on Tumblr. One has to admit her butt might actually be worth an entire site, though. Stacy and her butt have had a long career. She's been an actress who has appeared in many movies and TV shows, but she is best known for being a WWE diva. George Clooney is apparently a butt guy, as he and Stacy hung out for a while. Good job George.

5 Monica Byrne Wickey - Pro Surfer

via wordpress.com

Okay, let's go over this one more time just in case you weren't paying attention earlier. Surfers almost always have great butts. We don't know why this is, I mean, we can guess, it must have something to do with the whole act of surfing, right? Well, of course it does! But whatever the reason - here's more proof. Thank you, Monica Byrne Wickey, for being a great surfer, for being you, and most of all, thank you for more proof of the surfer-butt connection.

4 Snezana Rodic - Jumper

via totalprosports.com

Snezana is is Slovenian triple jumper. For some reason she has a bit of a cult following on the internet. Type in her name and you will find more than 1,700 hits on YouTube and more than 5,000 hits on Dailymotion.com.  Hmm. I wonder why? I mean, out of all the triple jumpers in the world, why is she so popular?

3 Anastasia Ashley - Pro Surfer

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Hey...wait a minute... it's a surfer, she's hot, and she has one of the nicest butts in the world. Who knew? Ashley has been in Sports Illustrated and Maxim, and appeared in an episode of Hell's Kitchen, where she taught contestants how to surf. I know I wouldn't have learned anything because I would have been too busy....ahhh, forget it, you know where this one is going.

2 Ivett Lalova - Sprinter

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Well, let's see. Ivette is from Bulgaria, and is a sprinter. She also apparently has a workout routine she does before she runs that is enough to give the average man a heart attack.  Ivette, we men around the world salute you. Long may you run and long may you keep this same workout routine.

1 Jaqueline Carvalho - Volleyball Star

via www.lazygirls.info

Well. Let's see. Jaqueline is from Brazil. She played on the Olympic team in the Summer Olympics. Okay, I'm going to stop right there. Seriously? Who cares? Her butt is absolutely ridiculous. The above picture is the single (and pretty much only) reason a lot of guys watch women's volleyball. There, I said it. Judge me if you want. All I know is, Jaqueline wins. For now, volleyball players beat the surfers, but just barely.

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