The 15 Hottest Bikini Bodies of 2015

The year is almost over and we have all the hot celebrity bikini bods you need to know about!

It seems like the year of 2015 was all about the hot sun, beach, tans, sandy toes, and bikinis. Summer was longer than the usual and celebrities took full advantage of that. We enjoy watching celebrities stun on the red carpet, or shows, but it is also cool to see when they take the day off for a beach day! They remind us they are just like us.

However, some celebrities know what they are doing when they strip off and put on their swimsuits, especially when the paparazzi is there. We’re talking about when they sizzle with their killer bods in bikinis while soaking up the sun. Whether it’s in Malibu, California or Marbella, Spain, these celebs are slaying the beachy sands and grabbing everyone’s attention.

Some celebs take their fitness seriously like Kate Hudson, and are just proud showing off their hard-earned abs. Others like the controversial, Amber Rose, are just naturally sexy and own their curves while some just gave birth and worked hard to get back into shape like Kourtney Kardashian. Wherever and however they got their bikini bodies, we are loving it. Not only are they good to look at but they are also a great motivation to get to the gym to make sure we look our best for a day at the beach or to just embrace our natural assets.

So we gathered a list of the 15 Hottest Bikini Bodies that we think took over summer of 2015. You're welcome.


15 Christina Milian


Christina Milian was spotted in Miami Beach earlier this year where she took a dip in the turquoise Florida water. Showing off her natural curves, she wore a snakeskin print bathing suit top and bottom that perfectly complemented her body. So how does the 'Turned Up' star stay in shape? Milian reportedly loves to take her fitness outside of the gym whenever she’s in Los Angeles. “Anything outdoors, but I like to hike,” she tells Pret-a-Reporter. “I usually go to Runyon Canyon. I know it’s going to keep my heart rate going up and down. I’m going to get what I need accomplished. I know the amount of time it’s going to take.” Well, it certainly is working for the 'Dip It Low' singer.

14 Fergie


Fergie slaying and having fun while out in Palm Beach, Florida with hubby, Josh Duhamel. She wore this halter-neck, multi-colored striped bikini with blue sunnies, which are a must-have for the beach. The Black Eyed Peas singer showed off her really slim, toned body while soaking up the Florida sun while she was there for her friend’s wedding as a bridesmaid. Before the festivities began, she had to stop by the beach and take advantage of not only the weather but also her awesome body while wearing the two piece bikini. She was seen strutting her stuff while also showing her humps.

Can we mention she’s only 40 years old? Yeah, as if we needed another reason to envy this photo of the 'Fergalicious' singer.

13 Amber Rose


Another curvy bombshell who loves to embrace her all-natural figure. Amber Rose is definitely known for showing off the least skin as possible. If you follow her on Instagram, you know what we are talking about. Not only does the paparazzi capture her physique, but she also likes to capture it herself to which her many selfies attest. This time though, it was all thanks to the paparazzi.

The social media star is spotted here in the beaches of Maui earlier this year as she flaunts her insane, curvaceous figure in a little nude, two-piece bikini. Like Lady Gaga, the 31-year-old also gave us a complete look at her collection of tattoos along with her figure. The mother of one was hanging out with her bodyguard as they were both seen taking a dip in the ocean. The socialite is never shy about putting herself on display so she knew what she was doing here when she saw the paparazzi.

12 Kourtney Kardashian


As a mom of three and just giving birth to her third child, Kourtney Kardashian is slaying right now with her fashion and figure statements. Also, her newly single life after breaking up with Scott Disick certainly has something to do with her transformation. She was spotted here in St. Barts while spending quality time with the rest of her family. The reality TV star has been looking the best she has ever looked and it is thanks to her fitness regime. She has been seen in a few swimsuits, flaunting her flat tummy and tan figure. From Instagram to photographs, the brunette is making a name for herself as the hottest milf around town.

The 36-year-old went for a bandage bikini top and bottom that hugs her body in all the right places. The oldest of the Kardashian sisters has been focused on her fitness and has always been known to be the healthiest and most “organic” of the bunch and the results are undeniably showing.

11 Rumer Willis


When this pic of Rumer Willis came out, the Internet went crazy and the photo eventually went viral. Everyone couldn’t stop talking about the Dancing with the Stars competitor’s bump in this little, black bikini bottom. The daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis enjoyed her Memorial Day weekend lounging poolside with some friends and drinks. We could not help but realize she almost looks like an identical twin of her mother, who is also known for her athletic, fit figure. Mom must be so proud. Thanks to Tye Blue for posting the photo on Instagram, we got to see her amazing backside that is probably due to her dancing moves on the ABC show.

The bikini babe reposted the photo on her Instagram for her followers to see for themselves. We would, too, if we looked that good. She captioned the picture, “I am shamelessly reposting this #sorrynotsorry @tyeblue1” while Blue captioned the photo, “#Dance does a #body good. Happy #memorialday from @ruelarue to all of you #YoureWelcome.”

10 Lady Gaga


Seen here is Lady Gaga as she enjoys the sun and beach while vacationing in the Bahamas. She’s wearing a bright green two piece bikini and sporting what looks like pigtails. So Lady Gaga. The best part of all of this is how she’s embracing her natural curves and looks so happy doing it. Lately, we have been noticing how the 'Born This Way' singer has been keeping it way more casual than before when it comes to her appearance.

With all her toned down looks, we also get to see her on-fleek curves and body and this bikini is no different. The singer is owning her natural figure by wearing this itsy-bitsy bikini without any added accessories like she usually does. All natural.

9 Khloe Kardashian


Another Kardashian makes the cut. This time, we know her as the "Queen of Fitness," especially of her family. Khloe Kardashian is spotted out in a red one-piece bikini and Compton logo hat while vacationing with her family in St. Barts. We all know why she looks bangin’ hot here and it is because of all the time she has put in the gym. It has all paid off.

The third member of the Kardashian klan is known for being the most thick of the sisters and has revealed a few times how she’s been bullied for being the biggest of them all and needs to lose weight. However, she’s definitely used that to her advantage as opposed to letting it tear her down. Rather than displaying her natural figure, she worked hard to tone up those curves and we are so envious looking at them here. It’s amazing what a strict, gym schedule can do for you.


8 Nicole Scherzinger


While in Mykonos, Greece, Nicole Scherzinger is seen here flaunting her toned figure in this animal print, strappy two-piece bikini. She was out there celebrating her 37th birthday as she put it all on social media for her followers and friends to see. The singer and dancer posted a few photos captioning them, “Good morning from #Mykonos…I couldn’t imagine a better birthday view to wake to…actually haven’t slept. Don’t want to miss a second of this day. Not a moment. #stillness Reflecting…where does the time go? Thru it all, I’m so full of #love and #gratitude. Thank you to all my family, loved ones, friends and fans for believing in me and yea…just loving and accepting me for who I am. I love you back. I’m carrying you with me today on my #birthday. From #myheart to yours❤️all my love…”

Scherzinger has always had an amazing body. From her days with the Pussycat Dolls, we have been full of envy whenever we saw a peak of her insane physique.

7 Kylie Jenner

Via Instagram

Kylie Jenner was spotted in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico while celebrating her 18th birthday with friends and boyfriend, Tyga. She wore a neoprene, purple bikini top and bottom by Lisa Maria Fernandez Natalie while sporting some cornrows. The two-piece bikini noticeably hugged her curves in all the right places.

Based on her Instagram, it is obvious the youngest of the Kardashian klan is not shy about showing off her curvy figure and putting herself on display, despite her young age. Although she is legal now, the reality TV personality is known for getting backlash for being too provocative for her age. She has also gotten backlash for her body being anything but natural, from her lips to her mid-chest level to her bottom. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, though, has defended herself the whole time insisting it is a part of “growing up.” However, we can’t help but get some beach and bikini inspiration from the Kardashian so we certainly don’t want her to stop whatever it is she is doing.

6 Karina Smirnoff


Karina Smirnoff shows off the results you get from being a professional dancer. The Dancing With the Stars instructor was seen out in Malibu, California earlier this year, displaying her toned figure in this skimpy, blue bikini top and bottom. The brunette beauty is all smiles as she walks down the shoreline. It’s probably because she knows she looks good and is enjoying showing it all off. We would be, too, if we were rocking that figure.

It is no surprise she is amazingly fit, considering she is a professional on the dance floor. If you have seen the ABC show, you know how crazy the moves can be so what we watch as entertainment is pretty much those contestants’ gym time. This is the second star of the dance show to show up on this list so maybe we should start considering taking some Zumba classes and squeezing that in our gym schedule.

5 Kendall Jenner


Kendall Jenner decided to show off her toned body as a model on Instagram, earlier this summer. She was seen lounging by the pool while having some fun in the sun. Jenner posed in this orange, two-piece bikini by Monday Swimwear. She paired up the bikini with a Capwell + Co. necklace and some mirrored sunnies.

The 19-year-old rarely posts provocative pictures like all her other sisters despite the fact that she is the only professional model in the family. Regardless, it was nice to see Jenner take a break from her busy schedule as a model. The model is always out and about, mostly in New York. She finally got some time to hang out with gal pal and also model, Bella Hadid, at her mother Yolanda Foster’s Malibu home. She also most likely took along her little sister, Kylie Jenner, who posted a swimsuit photo as well on her Instagram during the same weekend.

4 Gisele Bundchen


While enjoying a beach day with NFL hubby, Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen showcased her flawless, model body earlier this year. The runway beauty was spotted during a family beach day in Costa Rica, sporting a tiny, black triangle bikini. This was just days after she announced she was retiring from the runway, but apparently the news didn’t stop her from showing off her cheeky figure on her tropical vacation with her family.

By her side were her kids, five-year-old Benjamin and two-year-old Vivian, enjoying the Central American beach sand, too. Bundchen and Brady certainly turned heads as they were seen making out in their swimsuit attires. Her husband had just won the Super Bowl XLIX. Perhaps the two were celebrating the victory. They were also accompanied by their dogs, who kind of got in their way while they were making out. But overall, it was a complete, family vacation.

3 Kate Hudson


She is known for being into fitness and even has her own fitness clothing line, Fabletics. So it’s a no brainer she has a nice physique. Kate Hudson was spotted on a small island called Skiathos in Greece earlier this summer and gave us tons of "fit-spiration." She wore this super skimpy nude bikini top and bottom, showing off what she’s worked for in the gym. You can see the definition from her arms to her tummy to her thighs.

The actress was also seen with mother, Goldie Hawn, who also showed off her impressive figure in a blue one-piece swimsuit. She got it from her mama, that’s for sure. The two were obviously enjoying the beaches of Greece as they were seen frolicking the shorelines. It looked like Hudson was definitely promoting her fitness clothing line considering her bikini choice. Whether it was a marketing strategy or not, the 36-year-old impressed a lot of us with her fit frame.

2 Eva Longoria

Oh yes, that is Eva Longoria showing off her amazing Latina curves we all love. Wearing a blue, two-piece bikini, the former Desperate Housewives actress was seen enjoying the sun in the beaches of Marbella, Spain. While she was there as a celebrity ambassador for the Global Gift Gala, which raises money for charities, the brunette bombshell made sure to not skip a day at the beach and we’re so glad she didn’t.

Longoria first stepped out in a white romper accessorized with a white sunhat, mirrored sunglasses and hoop earrings and then ended up in a tiny, blue bikini top and bottom. The actress got to show off her tanned skin and sculpted abs, curves and legs while she took a dip in the ocean under the Spain sun. By the way, she’s 40 years old. What exactly is she doing to maintain her physique? Whatever it is she is doing, it is working.

1 Jessica Alba


Always been a babe and always will be. Jessica Alba is seen here posing for Shape Magazine in a sexy, blue bikini as she lounges by the pool. Since her days as a sexy tomboy in Dark Angel to being such a sex symbol in Into the Blue, the 34-year-old has made a name for herself as a bikini bombshell in the industry.

So where do we begin? According to the sexy actress herself, her wanted physique isn’t all natural. She has been working for it throughout her whole career. “I attribute my athletic body to the martial arts, gymnastics, dance, and strength training I did while filming Dark Angel,” she told the publication. “That’s made me strong and really set the bar.”

However, the Machete actress admits that just because she is toned and works hard for it, doesn’t mean she actually enjoys it. “I’m not going to lie. Working out sucks,” she said. “I have to break a sweat or I don’t feel like I’ve gotten anything done. When I only have 30 minutes, I’ll do a series of burpees, mountain climbers, squat jumps, planks, and few sun salutations.”

We hope you were taking notes. Whenever Jessica Alba makes an appearance in a bikini, it’s no doubt she will be at the top of the list and that is where she landed on our list of the Top 15 Hottest Bikini Bodies in 2015.


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