The 15 Dumbest Criminals Caught on Camera

"Criminal mastermind" is not the term one would use to describe the individuals on this list. These criminals clearly didn't think through their plan and they were caught, red-handed, on camera. A smarter criminal might have realized that there are cameras everywhere. These 15 people, did not.

Intelligence is not a prerequisite for being a criminal, although to be fair, there are no prerequisites for being a criminal. One thing is for sure, a few more brain cells would have saved quite a few of these guys from spending years in the slammer. After all, one of these criminals caused the policeman to utter the phrase "I've seen a lot, but this is the most stupid criminal I've ever seen." Trust me, you probably won't be disagreeing with him.

While most people that are going to commit a crime know the basics, these folks appear not to know the first thing about being a decent criminal.

Any ordinary person would consider a security camera a deterrent, or at the very least a reason to cover their face. Which means you really won't believe how many of these criminals attempted to commit the dumbest of crimes with their faces front and center on the security footage. Normal people also may realize that if you're committing crimes, maybe don't go ahead and post about it to social media?

If you are ever considering committing a crime of any nature, you can use these videos as an example of exactly what not to do.

Take a look at these 15 moments of uncoordinated criminal fails caught on camera.

16 Exposed.

One of the most basic rules of robbing somewhere is to have your face covered. There are cameras everywhere and you do not want to take the chance that your face could be picked up by a camera.

I am pretty certain that the middle of a sunny afternoon is not the best time to commit a burglary. In this video of the crime caught on tape, the homeowner gets a clear look at the man attempting to rob his home. The guy looks directly into the camera for Christ's sake!

As if that is not bad enough, the criminal (if we can call him that) continues to flip off the camera and then throw a rock it... missing.

15 Crash...Into Me

Maybe they felt like the store was in need of a drive-thru upgrade. These two idiot criminals attempted to break into a convenience store with a dramatic crash through the store windows. After all that, the robbers only stole $100 worth of items.

14 If You Fall Down, Get Up And Try Again... And Again

This dumb criminal wannabe takes four epic falls in an attempt to rob a liquor store, but hey, you've got to admire the man's determination. He takes a couple of spills, but if at first you don't succeed, get yourself up and try again.

All this for some booze? Watching the video of him robbing the liquor store, you may think that each fall is the last one, but let's be honest, after one or two, just stay down buddy!

13 The Fashion Slip

Looks like this guy should have tried on his robbery gear before the night of the big steal. This burglar appeared to be having difficulties keeping his mask on.

12 Special Delivery For You

Who doesn't love getting a package? Coming home to a package on your doorstep is like Christmas morning or your birthday! A huge percentage of shopping is done online these days; making shipping carriers a major mode of transportation from business to consumer.

It can be annoying and frustrating to arrive home expecting a package only to find that has not arrived. Well, imagine this guy's frustration when he goes back to view his security footage and sees his delivered package being stolen from his front door in broad daylight!

This dummy didn't realize that while he was snooping on this man's doorstep, taking his package, he had five, yes five, fairly visible security cameras catching his image from every angle.

11 Desperate For A Phone

Breaking your cell phone is no fun. You feel separated from the world and desperate to get a replacement. Feeling like you don't know what's going on with your friends and your social circle? Are you missing a tweet? A text message?

Most of us would just go get the broken phone fixed or replace the broken/lost phone with a new one immediately! It seems that solution didn't fly with this guy.

This not so sly criminal walks idly through the store and pretends to play and be interested in purchasing a few of the devices.

Apparently, this guy has never been to a Verizon store or any cell phone retailer before because he seemed to have not known that the cell phones were tethered to the counter for security purposes.

10 Share With Your Friends

Car chases are fun and exciting to watch. In a modern world where we can record anything and upload it immediately to social media, it is not surprising to see how modern technology has impacted one of the dumbest and most dangerous crimes.

This enraged motorcyclist races down the highway, messing with police as he entices them to chase him at the high speed of 125 miles per hour. The entire chase was caught on video.

9 Gun Turned On You

Did you forget something, sir? That's right, this guy went and robbed a store at gunpoint, then proceeded to leave his gun at the counter on his way out.

This guy also has his face in full view of the security camera. He realizes he has left the gun behind but by the time he turns around the shop owner had already grabbed the gun and turned it on him!

8 Once A Criminal, Always A Criminal

This guy has already been caught and arrested for a previous crime. In this video, he is in police custody. This South African attempts to steal while in police lock-up!

7 The Runaway Groom

This video shows a man, just married, taking police on a car chase, eventually crashing into the barriers on the road. The chase was all caught on the police officer's dash cam.

The driver is filmed swerving all over along Interstate 40 in Tennessee and crashing into road barriers.

An officer noticed the Chevy Equinox swerving down the highway. The man swerved passed the patrol car, narrowly missing the bumper.

6 In A Rush To The Strip Club


This homeless man was really desperate to get to the strip club. So desperate, that he stole an ambulance. Apparently public transportation was not his thing, and with no car of his own, what was he to do but steal the next ambulance he came across?

5 Instagram, Straight Flexin'


This criminal couple just could not help but share their crime with friends and fans on Instagram. Apparently the couple had stolen thousands of identities.

The couple took a photo of Morton's steak with macaroni and cheese, a meal so perfect they just had to photograph it. It was uploaded to the woman's Instagram account, uploaded with the perfect caption: "Morton's."

IRS had already been tracking the couple for the identity thefts.

The IRS arrested the couple and found around 55,000 identities on flash drives in their home. The Instagram post was cited as evidence against them in court.

3 Chick Bank Robber Shows Off To All Of YouTube

A 7-minute video called "Chick Bank robber" lives on YouTube. It begins with a blonde, tattooed woman sitting on the floor of a room looking into a camera stating, "I stole from a car." Boom, right there incriminating herself on tape.

The woman then reaches into a bag pulling out marijuana and a pipe. The next card she pulls out says, "Then I robbed a bank!!" The woman smiled as the subtitles read, "with a gun, a pillow case, and a note."

She then shows off a wad of cash as "$6,256" appears at the bottom of the screen.

2 Identified Via Breasts


Police allege that an Anonymous hacker posted a picture of his presumed girlfriend's breasts as a taunt to U.S. authorities.

The picture allegedly contained GPS information that led the FBI to her. Higinio O. Ochoa, 30, is a Linux administrator by day, but by night, he’s accused of being part of the group “CabinCr3w,” an affiliate of the hacktivist organization, Anonymous.

Ochoa had apparently hacked a number of websites belonging to the government.

Ochoa allegedly used a Twitter account to direct people to a Web site where all the law enforcement information he'd supposedly hacked was on display.

Police linked the man to the photograph of the breasts because Ochoa took the photo with his phone, containing GPS information leading back to his girlfriend's location in Melbourne, Australia which was revealed on her Facebook page.

1 The Guy Who Couldn't Help But To Brag On Facebook


A teenage male, 19, broke into the house of a Washington Post journalist and stole "a bunch of stuff," including cash, a winter coat, and a laptop computer. As you can imagine from someone that landed on this list, the criminal then posted selfies of himself boasting about what he had done on the victim's own Facebook page.

The journalist reported: "He felt compelled to showboat about his big achievement: He opened my son's computer, took a photo of himself sneering as he pointed to the cash lifted from my son's desk, and then went on my son's Facebook account and posted the picture for 400 teenagers to see. In the picture, the man is wearing my new winter coat, the one that was stolen right out of the Macy's box it had just arrived in."

While investigating the crime, DC police officer Kyle Roe admitted: "I've seen a lot, but this is the most stupid criminal I've ever seen."

The man was dragged before the DC Superior Court where he pleaded guilty to a burglary charge and another charge of carrying a pistol without a license.

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