The 15 Best Pokémon Go Fails

Finally, an app that gets people off their couch and puts their ass in motion! Pokémon Go is that latest trend and it has just about everyone talking. Basically a countrywide scavenger hunt, people are using the new app to chase down Pokémon in their neighborhoods and add them to their Pokédex. Sound familiar? The app is based off of a popular franchise that came about in 1995 featuring video games, an anime television show, movies, card games, and more. A game for the generation of collectors, if you aren’t playing it then likely you’re sitting around with your friends making fun on those who are.

If you’re still clueless, here’s how it works. After you download the app, you’ll join one of three teams and compete for the ownership of a Poké Gym. In this world, gyms are necessary to train your Pokémon and are where battles take place. They all have strange names like the Violet Gym and the Cinnabar Gym, and are found in public places. Collecting Pokémon and battling with others is the only way to move up in the ranks, making the one with the highest rank Gym Leader. And like they say, you gotta catch ‘em all!

So, what’s all of the ruckus about? Using your phone’s GPS system, whenever a Pokémon is nearby it will vibrate, sending dozens of people after the same illustrated little monster. To capture them, you’ll have to throw a Poké Ball in their direction, and hope for the best. With the popularity of the game causing major glitches and hundreds of kids are out exploring new territory on their own, competing over the capturing of imaginary creatures, what could possibly go wrong?


15 Man Hits Cop Car While Playing

Hilariously captured on video, two Baltimore officers were responding to a 911 call recently and found themselves in headlines all over the country. While standing on the sidewalk at 3:30 a.m. just last weekend, one of the officer’s body camera captured the whole thing go down. A tan Toyota RAV4 sideswiped the officer’s patrol vehicle while passing by at high speeds, startling the officers already on the scene.

After making sure the occupants of the vehicle were safe, the seemingly young driver stepped out of the car holding up his phone for officers to see saying, "That’s what I get for playing this dumbass game.” No one was seriously injured, in fact the driver seemed more embarrassed than anything else. The Baltimore police used the popularity of the app to capture the attention of Twitter users by tweeting, "#PokemonGO is not all fun and games. Here is a video of a distracted driver who struck one of our cars. #PlaySafe."

14 Two Men Fall Off A Cliff


When two Pokémon Go players in their early twenties hit the news recently, it was clear that some players are taking the game a bit too far. These young men had to be rescued by firefighters on a beach in California after they’d fallen off a cliff while being too distracted by the app to notice their surroundings. They forced their way behind a fenced in area in hopes to capture a Pokémon that was lurking in the area only to find themselves in trouble.

Rescuers found one of the young men roughly a hundred feet down the cliff. The other guy was found unconscious even further down, as he’d fallen an additional fifty more feet. To make matters worse, the incident had happened in broad daylight! They literally walked off the cliff in the middle of the afternoon. Luckily, neither of them were seriously injured and they can continue to run around capturing Pokémon. Hopefully they’ve learned their lesson and will pay attention to their surroundings from now on.

13 Pokémon Player Gets Caught Cheating

Since the Pokémon Go app is still fairly new, there are features that have yet to be discovered by all of its users. One of these features is the apps ability to use your phone’s mapping software to record where each Pokémon is captured. While this specific feature seems to have no particular use other than tracking where you’ve captured all of your pocket monsters, using your phone’s GPS is necessary for the game’s other aspects. The most obvious being that it’s necessary to use this technology to show players where they can find Pokémon. It’s also used to track how far each player walks because you have to walk a certain distance in order to incubate and hatch a Pokémon Egg. The app even uses your phone’s pedometer to ensure you’re walking this distance, and will limit your egg’s incubation speed if it calculates that you’re traveling at faster speeds.

So, when Evan Scribner strayed from his relationship and found himself in the arms of his ex-girlfriend, it wasn’t guilt that got him caught. He foolishly caught a Pokémon in his ex’s apartment in Brooklyn, which showed up on the game's mapping system. When his girlfriend was playing around with the app on his phone, she asked him what he was doing hanging around his ex’s apartment. Evan couldn’t come up with an excuse fast enough, so she left and he hasn’t heard a word from her since! The sex with his ex couldn’t have been too great if he was pulling out his phone to play Pokémon though. Just saying…

12 Couple’s Home Is A Poké Gym


A Massachusetts couple that resides in an old church have had dozens of unexpected visitors these last few weeks, as their home was accidentally made a Poké Stop. What the hell is a Poké Stop? My question exactly. Basically it’s like a store in the Pokémon world where players can get more Poké Balls and other digital products to help them train their collection of Pocket Monsters, as well as where Poké Gyms can be found. These are mostly located at churches and in cemeteries and players must physically go to these locations if they want to continue playing. See, you can’t catch anything without a Poké Ball!

While the couple seems to be taking this intrusion of Pokémon players lightly for now while they wait for the location to be changed, homeowner Boon Sheridan has been tweeting the hilarity of the situation for the world to enjoy. The couple even got to meet the “owner” of the Poké Gym on their property!

11 Trespasser Caught On Snapchat

Speaking of unwanted house guests, it seems Pokémon Go players don’t understand what qualifies as trespassing and are getting themselves in a whole lot of trouble. However, they’re also entertaining the crap out of the world right now. One particular guy took to Snapchat to record a grown man wandering around his yard, holding up his cellphone in full Pokémon Go action.

The video starts with the homeowner saying, “I’m not even lying right now, someone just wandered into my yard playing Pokémon Go. This is insane.” The video then shows the trespasser, who is more than old enough to know better, roaming around in full Pokémon action. He’s clearly an adult, or at least the size of one. And what does he say when he’s confronted for trespassing? Well, after trying to run away he shouts, “There’s a hotspot over here!” He points towards the homeowner’s fence and holds up his hands, speaking in a tone that indicates that he truly feels Pokémon Go is an appropriate justification for his actions.

10 Don’t Play Drunk


Pokémon Go has led to a slew of injuries and even several deaths, forcing police departments all over the world to release statements regarding how to be safe while playing. Some of these tips include playing in groups, not wandering onto private property, oh and don’t play drunk. While the sober are stumbling down cliffs and crashing into parked cars, the drunk offer a slightly higher level of hilarity.

In this video, an unidentified woman is seen stumbling around and slurring her words after a few drinks attempting to play the game with a male companion and his dog. The video then cuts to the woman hilariously stuck in a bush and desperately asking him for a helping hand. “Did you find the Pokémon?” he asks while only her head can be seen poking out from the leaves. He eventually gives her a helping hand telling her, “This is why you shouldn’t find Pokémon when you’re drunk.” He speaks the truth!

9 Caught at Work

There have been a ton of memes making fun of those using Pokémon Go to escape the misery of their office jobs, as if this is the only app that has been distracting cubicle dwellers from getting any work done. But what happens when you work in a newsroom instead and you’re not only caught on live television searching for these little pocket monsters but you completely interrupt filming? This is exactly what happened in Florida at 10News WTSP.

Meteorologist Bobby Deskins was reporting the weather when news anchor Allison Kropff casually strolled by with her eyes glued to her phone. Deskins laughs it off, hilariously asking her, “Is that a Pokémon?” as she walks on by, pronouncing it Pokémaan. He doesn’t even attempt to save the show, and continues to laugh as he mentions Pokémon players should be careful when walking and using the app. I hope she caught that Pokémon as it might be the last time she gets airtime for a while.


8 Guy Goes For An Unexpected Swim


This Pokémon Go app has taken its players on journeys landing them in many unexpected places. Players have reported coming across abandoned animals, celebrities, and have even discovered dead bodies. The game certainly took Albert Monina to a unexpected place, a twenty-five year old Pokémon hunter from Brooklyn. While out searching for pocket monsters near a bridge in Prospect Park, he took an unexpected dip in a moss covered pond. Lucky for us, he was live-streaming the whole thing!

So, what did Albert have to say for himself? “The whole pond was covered in moss and it was pretty much pitch black, so I was walking — and throughout the whole night I was cutting across grassy areas to get to lures faster — and I thought the moss on the pond was just another big grassy patch. I just walked and fell right in.” After falling into eight feet of water, he was forced to walk home soaking wet in clothes that he said were so disgusting from the pond water that he was forced to throw them out. Gross…

7 Pokémon Go Glitching Out

With the rising popularity of Pokémon Go, servers have been overloaded and many players are flipping out when the app isn't working properly. YouTuber Ali-A got his struggle to capture a Scyther on video, not once, not twice, but four times! At first it seems that every time he came across this rare Pokémon that his phone would freeze up. After his fourth attempt, the video shows him freaking out as he can't seem to manage his Poke Balls. In his last ditch effort to capture this apparently rare pocket monster, with his phone battery down to one percent, the game glitches again and no Scyther was caught.

Ali-A takes his frustration out on the grass, punching it in an epic Pokémon freak-out. While the Scyther is known to be difficult to catch and might be the reason why the app was “glitching out,” crashing servers aren’t the only interruption causing players to have meltdowns.

6 Phone Call Ruins Pokémon Capture


Aside from overcrowded servers causing glitches in the game, it seems Pokémon Go also freezes when phone calls are received. One frustrated player named Chris learned this the hard way. In this video, a crowd of young players formed in hopes to catch a rare Pokémon called a Dragonite. Apparently they all had lures down in the area and were desperate to catch it. As it appeared, the others could be heard saying they caught it while Chris is yelling repeatedly, “Who keeps calling me?!” A better question is, who actually calls people anymore? Has his friend never heard of texting?

Likely a friend trying to join in on the Pokémon fun, the phone call caused a glitch in his app. He shows the frozen screen to the videographer and suffers in silence as the others continue to call out their victory of capturing the Dragonite. His failure has taught other users the importance of turning phones on silent before venturing out on important Pokémon hunts.

5 The Pokemon Rage

What, like it’s hard? For some, like the player featured in this video, it is apparently. Matt doesn’t seem to be having the best of luck finding Pokémon, claiming he’d been walking around for twenty minutes and the distance between him and the pocket monster he has targeted hasn’t changed. His friend follows him around laughing hysterically, capturing Matt yelling in frustration at his phone. It even seems at one point the app leads him into a movie theater, where he still has no luck.

After what seems like clips from an entire night of Matt pulling on his hair and raising his phone in attempt to get the app to work, his evening ends unsuccessfully. His friend was basically useless, even when Matt threw his phone on the ground in rage. Either this guy needs to look into anger management or the video was staged. Either way, this epic fail is friggin’ hysterical.

4 Pokemon Makes This Guy A Witness To A Crime


A YouTuber who calls himself Hood was out making a humorous “Pokémon in the hood” type of video with his girlfriend, and had been filming for hours for his followers. Later in the night while still recording his adventures, they heard a loud BANG! His girlfriend suggested it might be fireworks, however you can tell in the video that soon after she says that, they saw something they didn’t like. They start to run, and it’s clear that the duo had just witnessed some kind of crime. Another gunshot rang out and they continued filming as they ran.

The two made it home safely and immediately contacted the police, who told them that they hadn’t found the shooter just yet. On the bright side, they hadn’t found a body either. Hood, who respectfully talks about how he’s not into violence, was only trying to make a funny video and instead got much more than he bargained for. Talk about an epic fail…

3 Two People Get Shot At

It seems YouTubers are really having too much fun videoing themselves attempting to play Pokémon Go. Lanceypooh and Redbeard recorded their first attempt at catching (or hunting as they say) Pokémon in the back alley woods of lord knows what part of the country. They’re seen driving onto a dirt road that is clearly someone’s property. They even mention that trespassing is illegal, but they then say that they’ve come across an abandoned home.

They get out of their truck and right before they’re about to throw their first Poké Ball, an unhappy homeowner starts to shout at them. Likely woken up by their childish argument on how to actually capture the Pokémon using the app, the man demands to know what they’re doing on his property. Dumb and Dumber respond with “what?” as if they can’t hear the man, and after two more attempts to get the trespassers to respond, the homeowner starts shooting. Hopefully just shooting in the air, the fear tactic worked and the guys ran back to their truck unscathed.

2 Lures Lead To Robberies


In O’Fallon Missouri, a group of teenage fools decided to use the Pokémon Go app to make some extra cash. How you ask? By attracting unsuspecting players to a Poké Stop and robbing them. Using lures, which is a feature in the game that players can use to attract Pokémon as well as other players to any Poké Stop, the teens waited nearby as the game attracted people to the secluded area. Likely this feature of the game is intended to be used to catch rare Pokémon and to meet new people, as the app is designed to force people to not only get out of their homes but to be more social as well.

The lures did what they were meant to and gave the shady teens the opportunity to roll up on players with a handgun, demanding they give up all of their belongings. After robbing nearly a dozen people, the teenagers were caught and arrested for armed robbery. Whether they were robbing players for money or for their Pokémon is still being investigated.

1 Guy Doesn’t Want To Walk

In this hilarious video, a guy is seen roaming around the streets of his neighborhood on a hoverboard in search of Pokémon in a fit of rage. His friends capture his frustration on film as he rolls around and can’t find a single pocket monster. When his friend suggests getting off the hover board so he can search on the grass he screams, “I don’t want to walk!” He refuses to go after any Pokémon that would require him to get off the hover board and actually use his legs.

The guy doesn’t seem to understand that he needs to use his phone in order to play the game, as when his friend suggests he use incense to attract the Pokémon he sarcastically asks if he should go to the dollar store down the block to pick up some. Clearly a hoax, unless this guy actually thinks he’ll be able to capture Pokémon in real life, the video is still by far the funniest one out there right now.

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