The 15 Best Actors Who Should Have Played Lex Luthor

After years of hype and anticipation, Batman V Superman has failed to live up to audience's expectations. The buzz surrounding the release of the film was unprecedented and why wouldn't it be; the two most iconic superheroes ever were sharing the big screen for the first time. After Man of Steel's lukewarm reception there were concerns from the onset of the announcement and questions arose regarding character development, storyline and most of all - casting. Those questions were duly answered as Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and Jesse Eisenberg were cast as Batman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor respectively. The initial fan response was highly critical of all three actors chosen to play such famous characters, with a huge amount of fan backlash focused on the odd casting of Jesse Eisenberg as Superman's archenemy, although, I, like many, remained optimistic to the notion of a new take on the supervillain who is typically portrayed physically as a tall, well-built, bald criminal mastermind. He is regarded as one of the most intelligent men on the planet, a brilliantly gifted scientist and inventor as well as a billionaire business magnate and philanthropist to the city of Metropolis. His hatred towards Superman stems from an ideological standpoint for contradicting his human achievements as well as viewing the Man of Steel as a threat to the very existence of humanity.

The release of Batman V Superman opened to negative reviews with most critics finding issue with its narrative structure but the performances of both Affleck and Gadot were praised. Eisenberg's turn as Luthor was heavily criticised and with that criticism comes hot debate as to which actors could have provided their own fresh take on the character and been the best man for the beloved villain.

13 Michael Fassbender

12 Bryan Cranston

11 Bradley Cooper

10 Michael C. Hall

9 Matthew McConaughey

8 Mads Mikkelsen

7 Mark Strong

6 Jason Clarke

5 Oscar Isaac

4 Clive Owen

3 Daniel Day-Lewis

2 Armie Hammer


1 Leonardo DiCaprio

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The 15 Best Actors Who Should Have Played Lex Luthor