The 14 Hottest Celebrities With Tattoos

Back in the day, having a tattoo used to mean something.  Hardly anyone had one, and if you did, it really meant you were taking things pretty far. If you were a guy, it meant you were a rebel, at lea

Back in the day, having a tattoo used to mean something.  Hardly anyone had one, and if you did, it really meant you were taking things pretty far. If you were a guy, it meant you were a rebel, at least a little bit. If you were a woman, it meant that you were a bad girl, in pretty much every way you could imagine.

Times have changed. Now pretty much everyone and their mother has a tattoo. In some scenes it is more rebellious to not have a tattoo than it is to actually have one.

Celebrities are no different than the rest of us. Having a tattoo is the big thing nowadays, and stars both male and female are all over it.  And we aren't just talking tramp stamps. A lot of today's celebrities have tattoos in pretty much every location one could imagine. Sometimes these ladies look sexy in their tattoos, and other times - well, not so much.

We'll leave that for you to decide, though - which celebrities you think look smoking hot and which ones you think are trying too hard. Because as we all know there is nothing worse than someone who is desperately trying to look cooler than he or she really is.

Here's TheRichest's list of the 14 Hottest Female Celebrities That Have Tattoos.

14 Miley Cyrus


Yeah, there's no doubt about it, Miley is all grown up. Not just all grown up but grown up and also covered in ink.  She has tattoos everywhere: on her fingers, boobs, rib-cage, hip, and her arm. She is all about the tattoos and even has a ladybug on her inner lip. We have to say though, the quality of the work is a little lacking. Come on Miley, you're rich - get some better ink girl!

13 Rihanna


This is one star that looks gorgeous no matter what. Rihanna can pull off having tattoos and still look classy which isn't that easy to do. The work on her body is done by some of the best tattoo artists in the world. At last count Rihanna had 15 tattoos, but who knows, that could have gone up by now.  She has had work done on her wrist, fingers, neck, back, rib-cage, collarbone, hip, shoulder, ankle, ears, foot, and thigh. We sure aren't complaining about any of them!

12 Christina Aguilera


Christina has tattoos on her arm, and neck. And then she has the one that is half tramp stamp/half classy back tattoo. While Christina is a bit nuts at times, and even though her tattoo is huge, the work is fairly understated and she pulls it off well. She has the confidence to pull it off. I would be expecting to see some more tats soon. We may not be huge fans of her musical art, but we don't doubt her body art.

11 Evan Rachel Wood


Evan Rachel Wood is like every guy's fantasy.  You know the one: the good girl gone bad. I mean maybe she isn't even that good in real life, and maybe she hasn't gone bad at all, but we can pretend, right?  She has tattoos on her upper thigh (that one is kind of awesome), neck and her ankle. She's had nice work done and she looks ridiculously gorgeous in all of them.

10 Heidi Klum


Heidi Klum just has the one tattoo on her arm. It is a decent tattoo, but not particularly eye catching. Apparently, it is some sort of a symbol of her ex husband, as well as her children's names in stars, so we can cut her some slack on it not being all that hot. But Heidi? She is all that hot, pretty much always, and maybe we're just jealous she didn't tattoo TheRichest's name on her arm. She can get away with anything in our book.

9 Kat Von D


What would a list like this be without Kat Von D? She has tattoos everywhere, and still looks ridiculously hot. While I am sure this many tattoos turns some guys off, I am just as sure that Kat could simply care less. Especially since she has been hanging out lately with Steve O. I mean what could be cuter than those two together? Okay, there are actually a ton of things that could be cuter. So just forget I said that. But Kat obviously still has awesome tattoos.

8 Eva Longoria


Eva might possibly be the saddest tattooed lady on this list. Much of her work was meant to remind her of her love for Tony Parker and her marriage to him. In fact, she even had the number 9 inked on her neck, which is Parker's jersey number. After she found him cheating and they got divorced, she had a tattoo on her wrist, which symbolized her marriage to him, removed. She has ink on her wrists, neck, and lower back. While some of them are okay, Eva is pretty much a tattoo fail because of her past.

7 Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett always looks awesome, there is absolutely no doubt at all about that. Some of her work may not be the best, but she pulls it off. Come to think of it, she could probably pull off just about anything simply because of her looks. She has ink on her forearm, ribs, wrist, and ankle. Although her tattoos get a C, the rest of her is definitely an A.

6 Charlize Theron


Charlize is gorgeous. She only has two tattoos, but those of you who like feet, and believe me we know you're out there, aren't complaining. Charlize has one tattoo on her foot and another on her ankle showing off her incredible legs. So for all you foot guys, start your googling.

5 Hayden Panettiere

Hayden is adorable, there's no doubt about that, but is her tattoo? Well, maybe. It says the words "Vivere senza rimipianti," which is Italian for "live without regret." There is only one problem. The word "rimpianti" is not spelled right. She has said it's purposely misspelled to put a fresh angle on the whole thing. Yeah. Sure. We get the feeling Hayden might regret this one.

4 Katy Perry

If there is one thing most of us know about Katy it is that she doesn't mind showing off her body a whole heck of a lot. How many people in the world have both a tattoo that says "Jesus" and used to be married to Russell Brand? Just our Katy. She has ink on her arm, wrist, and ankle. All of it is rather average, but who are we to judge?

3 Angelina Jolie


I know to a lot of you, Angelina is nothing more than a big star who has been around for a while. To a lot of people she is nothing more than a MILF that hangs out with Brad Pitt. But to those of us that have been around a bit, we know that Angelina used to be a bad girl. She has ink on her shoulder blade, arms, back, neck, lower back, thigh, and waist. Most of it still looks hot, but overall she is a bit overworked.

2 Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba is without a doubt gorgeous. She has a tramp stamp, and work on her wrist and neck. We have to wonder though why would someone so gorgeous and rich get a tramp stamp that looks like it was done at the county fair? We forgive you though Jessica, because the rest of you looks so awesome.

1 Megan Fox


Megan loves her tattoos. While a lot of celebs seem to shy away from showing them off, Megan puts hers front and center.  She has tattoos on her shoulder blade, side, back, arm, wrist, and ankle. Most of her work is quite nice, although a little is a bit too art school. I mean Nietzsche quotes? Come on. Tattoos do what they do for a lot of hot women; they make you wonder what else is going on behind the beauty. And in that way, Megan, as always, looks great.

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The 14 Hottest Celebrities With Tattoos