The 12 Sexiest, Filthy Rich Female CEOs

What's the only thing better than an incredibly sexy lady? Well, an incredibly sexy lady that's filthy rich, of course!

Only 8% of the world's billionaires are female, so even with the growing gender equality in our country, it's still pretty unusual for women to be extremely rich. Of course, an even smaller amount of women have perfect physical features to match their perfect bank accounts. The ladies on this list, though, truly have it all - their beauty is just as impressive as the piles of money on which they sleep.

While there are plenty of rich and beautiful actresses, models, and musical artists in the world, many of them own fortunes that don't compare to powerful businesswomen and trust fund babies. These 12 ladies are all either CEOs of successful companies or heiresses to their parents' enormous fortunes, and they're blessed with being equally rich in attractiveness. While some of these ladies are already married, here's hoping that you might be lucky enough to have a chance at dating one of the world's most eligible bachelorettes. After all, isn't that every man's dream - dating a woman who is gorgeous and can pay for everything? We should all be so lucky.

Without further ado here are the 12 sexiest, filthy rich, female CEOs in the world today!


12 Whitney Wolfe - Tinder Co-Founder


Many of you owe some thanks to Whitney Wolfe, whether you know it or not. That's because if you've ever used the massively-popular dating app Tinder, Whitney has had a hand in your dating life. As one of the seven original co-founders of Tinder, Whitney has made a good deal of money as the app has skyrocketed towards becoming a staple of millennium life.

However, Whitney left Tinder last year, after filing an ugly sexual harassment lawsuit against fellow Tinder co-founder Justin Mateen, which was settled for an undisclosed amount. Afterwards, Wolfe went out on her own and started another dating app, Bumble, which is more female-oriented than Tinder.

Bumble has yet to reach Tinder's level of success, but Wolfe still gets royalties from Tinder in addition to the revenue her new company is generating, so we feel safe in saying that she's making a lot of money.

More importantly, at just 26 years old, Whitney is still single and gorgeous. Full disclosure - I've even come across Whitney's profile on the Bumble app. Here's hoping one of you, dear readers, is lucky enough to match with the Bumble CEO!

11 Sophia Amoruso - Nasty Gal


Sophia Amoruso might not be very familiar to the dudes reading this, but chances are your girlfriends know her name, or at least her business. The 31-year-old Amoruso founded online clothing company Nasty Gal nine years ago, and went from humble beginnings - selling her creations on eBay and marketing them via Myspace - to a massive international fashion retailer.

Sophia stepped down from her full-time role as CEO of Nasty Gal about a year ago, and has released the book #GIRLBOSS about her career and how to make it in business as a woman. The book has inspired Netflix to pick up a series with the same name, in which Amoruso will be involved.

Amoruso is blessed with beautiful, exotic looks in addition to her excellent fashion sense, and she has done some modeling of her own in the past. With a net worth of around $250 million, Amoruso has the bank account to match her beauty as well.

10 Tamara Mellon - Jimmy Choo Co-Founder

Tamara Mellon is one of the older ladies on this list, but at 48, her beauty still remains as impressive as ever. Of course, this British fashionista is incredibly wealthy as well.

Tamara is one of the co-founders of massively popular luxury shoe and handbag company Jimmy Choo, which brings in over $400 million in revenue each year. As you might expect for a co-founder, Tamara Mellon has earned a nice piece of the Jimmy Choo pie, and her fortune is somewhere in the neighborhood of $180 million.

While Tamara has been through some serious addiction and financial difficulties in her life, she appears to be on the upswing, and is still hot and rich as ever as she approaches age 50.

9 Tory Burch - Owns A Fashion Company


At 49 years of age and with a net worth of over $1 billion, Tory Burch is one of the most successful businesswoman in the world. Tory is also one of the world's most eligible bachelorettes, as this prized cougar has been single since 2007.

Tory is the CEO of Tory Burch, LLC, the fashion company she built from the ground up.  This Ivy League graduate - from the University of Pennsylvania - is one of the most powerful ladies in the world of fashion today.

8 Alexa von Tobel - LearnVest


At 31 years old, Alexa von Tobel has been more successful than most of us can hope to be in our lifetimes. Alexa was a student at Harvard Business School in 2008 when the recession hit, and she decided to take a leave of absence to focus on starting her own financial planning company.

Fast forward eight years, and now, in 2016, Alexa von Tobel is the wealthy, powerful CEO of LearnVest, an online financial planning platform that millions of Americans rely on for learning key things such as budgeting, determining their net worth, and saving for retirement.

This blonde-haired, blue-eyed babe is extremely successful, and LearnVest only continues to grow, securing over $80 million in funding to date. With that kind of money and natural beauty, Miss von Tobel is deserving of a spot on this list.

7 Marissa Mayer - Yahoo CEO


Marissa Mayer is an ultra-powerful businesswoman, and as the president and CEO of Yahoo! she is one of the top female executives in the world.  With an estimated net worth of $380 million and an annual salary upwards of $40 million, Marissa Mayer is also one of the highest paid executives in the country, regardless of gender.

After attending Stanford for both her undergraduate and graduate studies, Marissa got her start as one of Google's original 20 employees, and continued to ascend the ranks of the company before leaving Google for rival Yahoo...and a boatload of money.

But Marissa Mayer isn't just filthy rich and extremely powerful - two undeniably sexy qualities - she's sexy in the traditional way as well.

6 Izzie Lerer - Dodo


30-year old Izzie Lerer is another lady who carved her path to success all on her own - and in doing so, started a company that we can all get behind. Izzie founded the Dodo, a website and startup dedicated to animal rights causes in 2013, and since then, the Dodo has raised over $50 million.

With strong backing from big companies like the Discovery Channel and the Huffington Post, the Dodo has grown from a girl with a passion to a booming, 30-person startup in just over two years. And in those two years, Izzie Lerer's company has raised awareness for a plethora of animal rights issues, and donated millions of dollars to relevant causes.

Unlike most of the other women here, Lerer has not made a fortune as the CEO of the Dodo - that's not the point of the company. But Izzie comes from a very wealthy family, so that's a secondary concern. And, at 30, this brunette babe is in her prime - both in terms of finances and attractiveness.


5 Hayley Barna  - Birchbox

via Glamour

Hayley Barna (pictured on the right, above) and the next lady on our list (Katia Beauchamp, left - we'll get to her in a minute), made their fortune together. These two college friends started their own company, Birchbox, in 2010,  after graduating from Harvard's MBA program together.

Birchbox is a women's beauty supply company, and in just six years, it has grown from a teensy startup the girls were running out of their apartment into a billion-dollar player in the cosmetics industry.

Originally one half of Birchbox, Hayley Barna was instrumental in founding Birchbox and growing the company massively. However, Barna stepped down from her role as co-CEO in 2015, although she is still involved with the company, serving on the board of directors. In any case, this 31-year old beauty made a killing in starting the company, and is still gorgeous as ever.

4 Katia Beauchamp - Birchbox


With Hayley Barna stepping down from her CEO role last year, Katia Beauchamp is now the sole CEO of Birchbox, and continues to rake in the dough from the labor of her love. Beauchamp has become one of the most influential businesswoman in the beauty industry, and you can see why - she's pretty damn gorgeous herself.

Birchbox was recently valued at almost one billion dollars, and the company's financial backing only continues to grow. This sexy 32-year-old is incredibly rich and incredibly good looking to boot, making her one of the youngest, and richest babes in the entire world.

3 Kelsey Falter - Former CEO Of A Startup


Another successful, single, 26-year-old babe is Kelsey Falter, the CEO and founder of Poptip, a startup that assists companies in conducting surveys and marketing via social channels and analyzing online conversations.

Kelsey started the company at age 21, dropping out of Notre Dame just before graduation in order to pursue her passion. Kelsey's risky gamble definitely paid off, though, as Poptip grew quickly before being acquired by multi-billion dollar company Palantir in 2014.

Kelsey might not still run Poptip after the acquisition, but it's safe to say she probably made a few pretty pennies on the sale of her startup. Kelsey is currently pursuing other entrepreneurial avenues, and continuing to be young, rich, and gorgeous - and you can't go wrong with that combination.

2 Danielle and Jodie Snyder - Own Fashion Label


At number two on the list, we have a two-fer: gorgeous sisters Danielle and Jodie Snyder. Danielle is 29 and Jodie is 32, and although Jodie is now married, both of these lovely ladies deserve a spot near the top.

Danielle and Jodie Snyder started their company, aptly named DanniJo in 2008, creating their own fashion label that has grown to include jewelry, handbags, bridal supplies, and much more.

The sisters small company has become a major player since its humble beginnings in 2008, and DanniJo products have been endorsed by everyone from Beyonce to Oprah. Needless to say, with those endorsements, the sisters have made many millions from their passion as well.

1 Dylan Lauren - Ralph Lauren's Daughter And Successful Businesswoman


Dylan Lauren has an extremely rich father who you might have heard of - Ralph Lauren. However, even apart from her father's vast wealth, Dylan has made a great deal of money for herself, mostly through the success of Dylan’s Candy Bar, a candy and confectionary business that she started on her own in 2001.

Dylan Lauren is worth about $4 billion, and while she can definitely thank her father for a large chunk of her vast fortune, she has certainly carved out an individual legacy as well. Dylan’s Candy Bar is the product of Dylan's childhood dreams, and she turned the whimsical candy company into one of the world's largest suppliers of sweets, largely through her own hard work and determination.;

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