The 12 Most Guilty Pleasure Movies That Men Won’t Admit To Watching

The top 12 guilty pleasure movies men love - even though they may not all admit it. You won’t find a better list out there. I've ordered it by popularity. Twelve being the least popular and one being

The top 12 guilty pleasure movies men love - even though they may not all admit it. You won’t find a better list out there. I've ordered it by popularity. Twelve being the least popular and one being the most popular. This list is comprehensive. Not all men are bench-pressing 300 pounds in the gym twice a week or pounding down beers while picking up chicks at a bar. And even the men that do can end up feeling not far from a character or a scene in a chick flick because it doesn’t matter how much testosterone you have.

After listening to all the stories told to me, I’ve learned a few things: sometimes men end up identifying with the characters in a movie they thought they would hate. There’s a long list of "girl movies" which a lot of men actually do enjoy watching every now and then. Some of the more extreme cases include men who will watch one of these movies for weeks on end. And I’ll go through all the reasons for this spectacle.

In everyday life, things like this don’t get talked about because we don’t have time to show you how much we love a certain chick flick. There’s no time for that; not out loud in public or around friends. That gets our man-card pulled. But now you’ll know the secret: what we see in these movies which women may not see and why we may actually like a chick flick.

Here are The 12 Most Guilty Pleasure Movies That Men Won’t Admit To Watching.

12 How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days


Some dudes say Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey had undeniable chemistry together. I could care less. But in most romantic comedies you’re just focused on the guy and the gal. But this movie was about more than the two main characters. It was funny too.

11 Love Actually


This is a huge favorite among men. It’s easy to relate to. There’s plenty of eye-candy. And the many story lines weave in to each other well. A lot of people watch this in groups of guys and gals. But I’ll tell you, some dudes cry while watching it alone. It’s hard to image girls laughing to this the way I laugh. It’s got a lot of guy humor in it. It’s bold, quick, and blunt.

10 10 Things I Hate About You


Based on Shakespeare’s play "The Taming of the Shrew," there’s actually a good story here in 10 Things I Hate About You. It’s comedy, drama, and teen-romance all mixed up in one. The movie’s director, Gil Junger, did a great job. The script is well-written, clever, and interesting. This was Heath Ledger’s first major movie role as a leading actor. Also joining the cast were the young versions of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Julia Stiles.

9 P.S. I Love You


This movie is about a widow. It’s philosophical. It has elements to it which every guy can relate to like moving on, starting again, facing fear and the inevitable, and pushing through hard times. I like this movie because it transcends life and death. So we’re talking about something with deep meaning. This fact alone elevates P.S. I Love You into a status higher than chick flick or “rom com" for that matter.

8 The Princess Bride


There’s violence and grit. Loyalty, "true love," and honor. Different from the other movies on this list - somewhere between chick flick and drama.

7 You’ve Got Mail


Such a classic, respectable, and well-done film. Starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Although some may consider it a chick flick… it’s Tom Hanks! And Dave Chappelle is hilarious as the best friend. Anything Tom Hanks does automatically upgrades the movie to awesome.

6 Pitch Perfect


It’s kind of like Glee, only it's a movie. Most dudes are not into the musical, acappella, chick-group thing. In fact, the movie’s opening-week census consisted of 74% women. And yet, it’s a guilty pleasure for a large majority of dudes.

5 Moulin Rouge


Guys don’t usually go for musical productions or movies centered around lovey-dovey romance. Watching a "rom com" equals wasting time on something we don’t want to think about anyway. It’s like torture. But Moulin Rouge in some places can feel like you’re in the club; a gentlemen’s club that is. And it has gorgeous women, sex appeal, and the music isn’t half bad.

4 The Devil Wears Prada


A naive girl meets the cold harsh world. This film reminds me of “State of Play” starring Russell Crowe. Or am I crazy? Both films have many of the same elements. TDWP includes the older, more knowledgeable, Miranda Priestly (played by Meryl Streep) as editor-in-chief and the naive, simple, just-graduated-from-college young lady-journalist Andrea Sachs (played by Anne Hathaway).

3 (500) Days of Summer


People who give out relationship advice often cite this movie. Heck, people who give out life advice cite this movie. And I can't say this enough. A huge amount of Toms (the main character, Joseph Gordon-Levitt) exist in the world. That’s why guys watch this movie. It's about the one girl who will break your heart. And it always happens exactly the same way, every time.

2 The Notebook


1 Mean Girls


More men secretly love Mean Girls more than any other movie out there. It’s watchable, even if it’s really all about chicks. Once again, it’s all about strategy. And we can dig it. When I think back on my high school days, I don’t remember idealism, or melodramatic, mushy-gushy subject matter. I do remember hierarchy, social inclusion and exclusion, rules and by-laws, random betrayals, and animal-like psychology. It was all for the greater glory. Even if the greater glory was pure vanity, men can still relate to that.

And Lindsay Lohan looked good in this movie. This was when she was like the girl next door, just coming into adulthood. In fact, Mean Girls was a huge reason for her fame. Why do you think she got famous in the first place? Because a whole bunch of dudes were watching this movie.


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The 12 Most Guilty Pleasure Movies That Men Won’t Admit To Watching