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The 12 Hottest Girls That Nick Jonas Has Hooked Up With

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The 12 Hottest Girls That Nick Jonas Has Hooked Up With

via TheRichest

I never thought that I would be living in a world where Joe Jonas is the most irrelevant Jonas. I never expected to be lusting after Nick Jonas from afar, but here I am. I would say that those shirtless Instagram photos changed my life, but I don’t want to embarrass myself any further. And I am far from being the only one who feels this way. Aside from his legions of dedicated fans and followers, there are plenty of celebs who have been into Nick Jonas. This dude must talk a pretty good game because he has got with some of the hottest celebrities in the world. And I’m sure that he is thankful that he took that purity ring off when he did. The man has really been slaying it out there.

I’m jealous that my one-sided crush will never be reciprocated and I’m sure that there are plenty of men who are envious of his roster of women. He has captivated the attention of some of the hottest women in the world. He’s got with super models, pop singers,and  Oscar nominated actresses. Other than getting with women who have their lives together, have professional success, and look gorgeous, it really doesn’t seem like the youngest Jo Bro has a type when it comes to choosing girlfriends and hook ups. Nick really has really had a diverse line up over the years.  When it comes to the ladies, it seems like Nick is open to women of all ethnicities, professions, nationalities, and ages. It seems like he can convince anyone to get with him (myself included, obviously).

These are the 12 hottest girls that Nick Jonas has hooked up with (and rumored to have got with) over the years.

12. Gigi Hadid – His Brother’s Ex

shutterstock_233350432 (1)

If you are into celebrity news like I am, then you remember the buzz about Gigi Hadid getting with Nick Jonas back in the day. That’s why I was so surprised to see that Gigi dated Joe Jonas for so long after that. It’s unclear what really went down between them, but I love how the Jonas Brothers go from rocking matching purity rings to getting in a love triangle with a smoking hot super model. Hadid’s face and body have impressively represented Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret. Good for them both. I see you, Jonas Brothers.

11. Kate Hudson – The Hook Up That Came Out Of Nowhere


I am still so thrown off by this one. I have no idea if it’s still going on, but I do not know how I feel about it. Nevertheless, I am still curious. First off, there’s the super obvious age difference. Kate Hudson is 36 and Nick Jonas is only 23. Oh and she has two kids. I just have no idea what they have in common or what they can possibly talk about when they’re alone, but maybe they just focus on something else instead of conversation. Still, I don’t blame him for going after her. She is looking better than ever in all honesty. Her body is slamming and she honestly hasn’t aged a day. Props to Nick.

10. Lily Collins – The (Possible) New Girlfriend


Nick Jonas dating Lily Collins is one of the biggest stories for the tabloid magazines and celebrity blogs. You also might be wondering who she is because she has a pretty common last name but isn’t Nick Jonas-level famous. And if you were wondering, the answer is yes, she is Phil Collins‘s daughter which itself is a pretty solid get for Nick Jonas. On top of that, she is a beautiful actress on the rise.

9. Miley Cyrus – The First Girlfriend


At one time in my life, Miley meant everything to me. I always wanted to know what exactly went on between Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus since they were so young when they “dated.” They were Disney darlings who still wore their purity rings, but I just couldn’t help wondering what the real deal was there. I mean this is when all those scandalous photos of young Miley in that green bra leaked onto the internet, so who was she posing for? I also wonder if they ever hooked up again later in life and if they’re still in touch now. The Miley that Nick dated was definitely a different girl than we know now. He was involved way before she was naked and writhing on a wrecking ball. Personally, I think Miley has always been stunning. No matter what antics she’s up to, she will always have that beautiful face (or at least I hope so anyway). And she really gets no credit for her banging bod.

8. Kendall Jenner – The Awkward Setup


After Nick Jonas accepted his (alleged) former hookup getting with and dating his own brother, he had to see them being super annoying with all of their PDA-filled social media. Aside from dealing with that, apparently Gi Joe decided to act like one of those couples who thinks they know everything about relationships and start giving out love advice and setting people up. Case in point, Gigi Hadid hooked Nick up with her best friend Kendall Jenner and the situation was super short lived. But I guess once a girl gets with your own brother, giving her best friend a chance is a solid way to get through it all or at least get back at her a little. Oh and hooking up with another supermodel is not at all a bad move, Nick Jonas.

7. Selena Gomez – The Teenage Love Interest

shutterstock_77836306 (2)

If this one worked out or lasted a little bit longer, the internet might not have latched on to the everlasting saga that is Jelena. That’s right, Nick was basically the last dude to be with Selena Gomez before the Bieber era so we can basically blame him for setting her free and involving all of America in their tumultuous on-again-off-again romance. We also have this relationship to thank for the Selena and Taylor Swift best friendship. The girls met when Taylor was dating Joe Jonas. So thank you, Nick, for essentially instigating the girl squad era.

6. Tinashe – A Collaborator Turned Rumored Hook Up


To be honest, I don’t really know what happened, if anything, between Nick Jonas and Tinashe. But at the very least, the “Jealous” remix that they did together turned out to be such fire. I would definitely be proud of Nick if he actually did get with Tinashe, but at the same time I’m sure that everyone would be pretty jealous of the pairing (pun intended). People claimed that he was dating the singer after his breakup with long term girlfriend Olivia Culpo, but there wasn’t really a lot of evidence, other than that amazing collaboration. Plus he also seemed to be hanging with Kendall Jenner during this time, making it hard to know what was really happening. So let’s just hope that they actually did get together and leave it at that.

5. Olivia Culpo – The Long Term Love


I really thought that these two were going to be engaged by this point, but all Nick Jonas fans know that it is not at all what happened. They were a cute couple while it lasted though. He started to come into his prime with the lifting and Instagram posts and Olivia Culpo was Miss Universe so she was obviously flawless in pretty much every aspect. I was hoping that these two would get back together, but it seems like the youngest Jonas brother is happy playing the field

4. Rita Ora – The Random Fling


What went down between Nick Jonas and Rita Ora is very unclear, but it seems pretty obvious to me that something did happen with the two of them. Rita Ora denies that they ever dated and that “it was a very weird situation… because we were close, but it never went to that level.” So what is a “weird situation”? And to add to the weirdness, Nick even dedicated the song “What Do I Mean To You” to Rita Ora and he even put her name in the lyrics. So clearly they were an item to some extent, right? Once again, good for you Nick. Good for you.

3. Delta Goodrem – The Cougar


It’s not super surprising to hear about Nick Jonas dating an older woman in the past— cough, cough Kate Hudson. But anyway, Nick’s foray into that cougar chase happened when he was just 18 and dated Delta Goodrem, who was 26 years old at the time, for 10 months. That’s a pretty big get for teenager who threw out his purity ring. So this Kate Hudson thing really should not be a surprise after all.

2. Samantha Barks – The Costar


To be honest, I had no idea who this girl was until I saw the name Samantha Barks next to Nick Jonas in a sentence. It turns out the British actress and Nick were costars in a stage adaptation of Les Miserables, which is something I had no idea Nick was doing either. But anyway, the costars ended up becoming pretty close and on top of the buzz for her acting abilities, her celebrity cache began to rise being associated with Jonas in the short-lived romance.

1. Victoria Justice – The Longtime Buddy


These two must have known each other from the child star circuit because they claimed to be longtime friends at the time of the romance rumors about Victoria Justice and Nick Jonas. They were seen together an awful lot and it seemed like they were dating, even if it was just for a teeny bit. I wish that this lasted longer though, they would definitely be a good looking couple together.

It can be hard to tell the difference between rumors and facts at any time, but even if Nick Jonas didn’t get with or date all of these women, they are still ladies that he spent a lot of time with and that would make pretty much anyone “jealous” (yes, I had to go for that joke one last time).

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