The 12 Hottest Girls That Nick Jonas Has Hooked Up With

I never thought that I would be living in a world where Joe Jonas is the most irrelevant Jonas. I never expected to be lusting after Nick Jonas from afar, but here I am. I would say that those shirtless Instagram photos changed my life, but I don't want to embarrass myself any further. And I am far from being the only one who feels this way. Aside from his legions of dedicated fans and followers, there are plenty of celebs who have been into Nick Jonas. This dude must talk a pretty good game because he has got with some of the hottest celebrities in the world. And I'm sure that he is thankful that he took that purity ring off when he did. The man has really been slaying it out there.

I'm jealous that my one-sided crush will never be reciprocated and I'm sure that there are plenty of men who are envious of his roster of women. He has captivated the attention of some of the hottest women in the world. He's got with super models, pop singers,and  Oscar nominated actresses. Other than getting with women who have their lives together, have professional success, and look gorgeous, it really doesn't seem like the youngest Jo Bro has a type when it comes to choosing girlfriends and hook ups. Nick really has really had a diverse line up over the years.  When it comes to the ladies, it seems like Nick is open to women of all ethnicities, professions, nationalities, and ages. It seems like he can convince anyone to get with him (myself included, obviously).

These are the 12 hottest girls that Nick Jonas has hooked up with (and rumored to have got with) over the years.

12 Gigi Hadid – His Brother's Ex

11 Kate Hudson – The Hook Up That Came Out Of Nowhere

10 Lily Collins – The (Possible) New Girlfriend

9 Miley Cyrus – The First Girlfriend

8 Kendall Jenner – The Awkward Setup

7 Selena Gomez – The Teenage Love Interest

6 Tinashe – A Collaborator Turned Rumored Hook Up

5 Olivia Culpo – The Long Term Love

4 Rita Ora – The Random Fling

3 Delta Goodrem – The Cougar

2 Samantha Barks – The Costar

1 Victoria Justice – The Longtime Buddy

These two must have known each other from the child star circuit because they claimed to be longtime friends at the time of the romance rumors about Victoria Justice and Nick Jonas. They were seen together an awful lot and it seemed like they were dating, even if it was just for a teeny bit. I wish that this lasted longer though, they would definitely be a good looking couple together.

It can be hard to tell the difference between rumors and facts at any time, but even if Nick Jonas didn't get with or date all of these women, they are still ladies that he spent a lot of time with and that would make pretty much anyone "jealous" (yes, I had to go for that joke one last time).


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The 12 Hottest Girls That Nick Jonas Has Hooked Up With