The 10 Sexiest Convicted Female Criminals

Sex, drugs, rock & roll, and... felony convictions? It is no secret that women love a bad boy, but can the same be said for men? There must be some science behind the sex appeal of misbehaving. Is it the thrill? The risks? Nice guys finish last, and bad girls have more fun; isn't that what they say? The sense of adventure sometimes trumps the sense of danger when it comes to a sexy criminal. Some of these felons out there have us questioning our own morals.

In recent years we've seen our fair share of mug shots of beautiful criminals going viral. Now, thanks to shows like Orange Is the New Black, the sex appeal of female felons has reached an all time high. It seems that we just can't get enough! From DUIs and tax evasion, to burglary, to murder - these ladies make it tough for us to accept their guilt. How can someone so sexy be so flawed? It may just be human nature to always lust after what we can't (or shouldn't!) have. These days, there are even dating sites specifically designed for those of us on the outside to connect with convicted criminals.

At the click of a mouse, you can be on your way to falling in love with a sexy convicted felon. Nothing like some prison jumpsuits and stories of illegal activity to get the sparks flying in a new relationship! Let's try to find out exactly where we draw the line by checking out some of the hottest convicted female criminals!


10 Haeli Wey - Hot For Teacher


After rumors swirled around Westlake High School teacher Haeli Wey "hooking up" with a couple of her students, the math teacher was arrested on two felony charges on December 17, 2015. The victims, two male students, allege that their sexual rendezvous with Ms. Wey, both of which lasted several months, were consensual. Although both victims were 17 years old, the age of consent in Texas, that doesn't make up for the fact that under Texas law it is illegal for a teacher to have intimate relations with students despite their age and consent.

9 Mindy Sanghera - The Jealous Convict


8 Stephanie Boudoin - Dubbed "The Sexiest Criminal"

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Dubbed "The World's Sexiest Criminal," Stephanie Boudoin was arrested in Canada and charged with a whopping 114 counts ranging from burglarizing 42 homes throughout Canada, and hiding an arsenal of illegal and deadly weapons.

7 Estibaliz Carranza - The Ice Cream...


6 Alexis Neiers - Former Member Of Bling Ring Group


Okay, let's take a step back from the disturbing murderesses, and move on to this blue-eyed babe. It's hard to hate her, because although she is a convicted felon, her crimes are much more forgivable than others on this list.

5 Amanda Knox - Drama In Italy


After serving time in an Italian prison, being tried, acquitted and finally set free, Amanda returned home to Seattle, only to be ordered to return to Italian courts to stand trial once again for the murder of Meredith Kercher.

4 Meagan McCullough - DUI


The slightly pursed lips, the tousled hair. This looks more like a model's head shot than a mug shot. This mother of four is just enough of a bad girl to pad her sex appeal, but not have us running and screaming for the hills. The single McCullough, 27, was popped in 2010 for a DUI in Florida. It was only recently that the sexy mug shot began circulating online, breaking the hearts of millions of men all around the world.

3 Alexis Wright - Ran Illicit Business In Zumba Studio


2 Rachel Wade - Sentenced To 27 Years Behind Bars


Love triangles never end well, do they? Rachel Wade, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty is currently serving a 27-year prison sentence for the murder of Sarah Ludemann, a romantic nemesis who was also involved with Wade's lover.

1 Jodi Arias


Are you shocked by this one? Probably not, but I had to include her on the list. In 2013, Arias was convicted of slaying her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, as he showered in his home in Arizona. You certainly don't want this possessive, obsessed beauty as an ex-girlfriend. The media circus surrounding this case launched Jodi Arias to the top of the "sexy criminal" list. Despite being a complete and utter obsessive psychopath, men around the world fell victim to her charm and sex appeal, including one of the jurors during her trial!

He reportedly fell "head over heels" for the attractive murderer, being one who wanted to avoid sentencing Arias to death. Just goes to show that even if you have front row seats to the trial of gruesome, heinous crimes, a man can never be too safe from a bright-eyed beautiful defendant.

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The 10 Sexiest Convicted Female Criminals