The 10 Most Ridiculously Tricked Out Hotel Rooms In The World

Whether the world's elite are looking for over-the-top luxury or something completely extravagant, there are a variety of tricked out hotel rooms available. Your favorite celebrities have stayed in at least one of these suites. For one night, and for a massive price, guests live the high life, finding more amenities than a small town. Of course they must throw down more wads of cash than most people make in a year. It's where world-leaders go to unwind. A place to host a party after a night at the Oscars. Or a hub spot for a week at the Cannes Film Festival.

The guests enjoy things most people can only dream of. So there’s nothing wrong with spending tens of thousands of dollars a night. Surrounding yourself with a team of private assistants, who serve gourmet meals at any time of the day. And with one phone call, you are ready to ride away in one of the world's most expensive cars. Or you can do something completely crazy like play a game of 5-on-5 basketball in your own hotel suite, swim on your own private beach, go hiking in the snow-capped mountains only a few minute's away, or unwind in world-class saunas, relax in massage rooms with a private masseuse. Whatever their cup of tea, these celebrities can enjoy access to the world’s most high-profile hotel rooms.

Here are 10 of the most ridiculously tricked out hotel rooms in the world.

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The Presidential Suite / Hotel Principe di Savoia
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10 The Presidential Suite / Hotel Principe di Savoia

The Presidential Suite / Hotel Principe di Savoia
Via www.condenast.co.uk

When staying in Milan, Italy, the Presidential Suite at the Hotel Principe di Savoia is the pinnacle choice for luxury. It has welcomed everyone from celebrities and presidents to royalty. Located on the hotel’s top floor, guests enter the room through private elevator. What they see is one of the largest and most exclusive rooms in Europe, a place which has hosted people such as Queen Elizabeth II, George H. W. Bush, and Vladimir Putin. Guests gaze out the windows and see Milan's historic buildings and the snow-capped mountains 10 miles north. Every room sports world-class art and original Empire style antiques, three bedrooms, a living room, a full dining room with piano, a library, and a terrace.

The star of the show is the Pompeii-style spa. Fitted with fresco walls and a vaulted ceiling, it features a large private marble swimming pool. There's also a whirlpool, Jacuzzi, sauna, and Turkish bath.

Cost per night is roughly 14, 500 euros.

9 The Jewel Suite / New York Palace

The Jewel Suite
Via www.businessinsider.com

Positioned in the heart of Manhattan, this luxury suite is only a 12 minute walk from Central Park. The triplex resides on the tip-top of the New York Palace. Both David Foster and Babyface have occupied its space. The entry of the suite houses five custom pieces of jewelry, valued at $1.5 million. You can look but you can’t touch. They’re attached to the walls for good, suspended in jewelry cases. About a foot away hangs a two-story “diamond waterfall” chandelier.

Taking a trip up the private elevator reveals the clandestine roof-top terraces. Guests can light the fireplace and view some of the most prodigious buildings in the world all while sipping champagne in the luxury whirlpool. The triplex features three bedrooms and six bathrooms. When the stay is over, visitors receive a custom diamond ring, designed by Hollywood-jeweler Martin Katz himself.

Cost per night is $25,000.

8 The Sky Villa / Palms Casino Resort

The Sky Villa
Via www.justluxe.com

Next to the Vegas strip, there’s the Sky Villa. Bigger than three houses put together, its famous outdoor pool hangs over the edge of the tower - 30 stories above ground. Offering one of the best views of the Vegas strip available, only short glass walls hold its water in. The suite has been hugely popular with celebrities. The suite features a private glass elevator, many terraces, a massage room, a fitness area, a spa treatment room with its own sauna, and 24-hour butler service. Hugh Hefner designed the suite himself, building it to model the original Playboy mansion. There are Playboy logos and past cover images that decorate the entire suite. And in addition to the outdoor pools, there’s another indoor pool. The suite’s private media room is the topping of the cake, featuring three televisions, a massive party couch, and black-out curtains.

Cost per night for the one-story high villa is $10,000. The two-story villa cost's twice as much per night.

7 The Owner's Cottage / Matakauri Lodge

Matakauri Lodge
Via www.thismagnificentlife.com

The Matakauri Lodge rests almost in the middle of New Zealand. This secluded room sports 360-degrees of nature’s most amazing views, located right on the edge of the one-and-a-half mile wide Lake Wakatipu. Visitors enjoy breathtaking views of both the snow-covered Tooth Peaks to the south and the densely green Mount Crichton, only 20 yards north. The Cottage’s four bedrooms sleep up to eight people. Even the bathrooms are decked-out. Featuring clear views of the nature surrounding, you won’t hear any disturbing sounds from the city here.

A chef creates private world-class meals, including the freshest of seafood which visitors can enjoy while mingling on up to four modern-style patios. The room is complete with a fireplace, jacuzzi, and barbecue. And when the sun sets, the cottage is only a short ride away from New Zealand’s buzzing nightlife scene.

A room can cost as little as $1,300 per night.

6 The Royal Suite / Burj Al Arab

The Royal Suite
Via www.dubaitourism.nl

Boasting the world’s largest fleet of Rolls Royces, incoming guests of the Burj Al Arab hotel see spectacular optical illusions. As fireballs shoot into the air, reflecting in the hotel’s glass exterior the Burj Al Arab stands on an artificial island, not far from Jumeirah beach. The Royal Suite spans the entire 25th floor. A grand entrance leads to a huge magnificent hall. The two-story suite features unparalleled views of the Arabian Gulf, a dining room with space for 12 people, a helipad, a library, a cinema.

The in-suite electronic system allows guests to fine tune their environment at the touch of a button, controlling music, lights, HD TVs, and the modern-style office space. Guests receive a twenty-four carat gold iPad, two 21-inch iMacs, the world’s largest brigade of butlers, 2 private bars, 27 phones, a daily breakfast buffet, access to Wild Wadi Waterpark, and Burj Al Arab’s private beach.

Cost per night is $24,000.

5 The Hardwood Suite / Palms Casino Resort

The Hardwood Suite
Via www.bgo.com

Guests arrive from the airport in courtesy Maybachs. The Hardwood Suite comes complete with its own basketball court. There’s also a billiards room, TV’s in the mirrors, poker tables, a dance floor, a full bar, a Jacuzzi, and space for a DJ. In its entirety, the suite can house up to 10 people at a time. Hidden in the walls of the court are three huge fold-out beds. Once folded out, they're big enough for any seven-foot-tall baller. Guests can even hire their own cheerleaders.

Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Shaquille O’Neal have all spent nights here. And for posterity's sake, there’s a special memorandum to the side of the court, which bears signatures and special messages by everyone, from Don King to Britney Spears. They read to the likes of, “Drop it like its hot”, “Are you kidding me? I’m moving in!!!” and “I Love this shit!”

Cost per night as little as $25,000.

4 The St. Regis Villa / St. Regis Mauritius Resort

Via www.priceline.com

It’s a surfer’s dream. Seated on world-famous surf spot “One Eye,” the villa's guests walk right out onto the Indian Ocean. Guests have at their fingertips, a beach not open to the public, a private grand entrance, four bedrooms each with its own living room, a Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii, a personal trainer who will work out with guests upon request, gourmet meals prepared by a world-class chef, a dining area which can seat up to 12 people, and a team of butlers who stay on-call 24 hours a day.

And comfort found on the villa's four luxury decks include four heated pools, one jacuzzi, and a full-service bar. And to get away from the getaway, there’s a private speedboat available. Luxury vehicles are operated by chauffeurs.

Cost per night is roughly $2,000.

3 The Royal Villa / Grand Resort Lagonissi

Via www.ilovegreece.ru

Cristiano Ronaldo, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Irina Shayk all stayed here. The villa offers amazing views looking out into the Aegean Sea. Included is its own outdoor pool, seated on a hilltop, bestowing views of the nearby mountain range. The lucky few who enjoy staying here, park away from other guests, with their own parking area. And famously, the villa employs its own pianist. It may as well be a house. Guests enjoy two bedrooms, a living room, and a dining room, plus a business center, outfitted with all the necessities.

For food, the hotel offers 10 five-star restaurants, all diamond status. If guests feel like eating in, there’s a butler and chef, both waiting in their own detached quarters with a separate entrance. Also included are hair washing stations, steam rooms, a message table, and a private Lear jet, ready to give a flying tour of the Greek Islands.

Cost per night is $50,000

2 The Hilltop Estate / Laucala Island Resort

Via paowmagazine.com

In 2003, Dietrich Mateschitz, head of Red Bull, bought the island of Laucala, Fiji. First it was a private retreat for celebrities. It is now a resort consisting of 25 villas - each villa with its own unique theme. The Hilltop Estate being the cream of the crop. It is available for rent only when Mateschitz himself isn’t occupying it as his home. Consisting of three separate private dwellings, the entire Hilltop Estate totals 118,403 square feet. It features a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean and surrounding islands. Its dubbed “a resort within a resort.” Included is its own private chef, a chauffeur, a nanny, and access to a private airstrip. Surrounding the villa are golf courses and spas.  Expect to see waterfalls, hiking trails, horse stables, and of course, the Indian Ocean.

Prospective guests must first ask to rent the villa by filling out a form. Then they must wait for an invitation.

Cost per night is reportedly $44,000.

1 The Royal Penthouse Suite / Hotel President Wilson

The Royal Penthouse Suite
Via www.originaltop10.wordpress.com

A few blocks from the United Nations is one of the most secure and high-profile spaces in the world. Bill Clinton, Michael Jackson, and Bill Gates have all stayed within this private fortress of luxury. Taking up the entire eighth floor of Hotel President Wilson, located in Geneva, Switzerland, is the Royal Penthouse Suite, which has 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and one gigantic 1,680 ft. wraparound terrace. Offering views of both Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps, its gigantic windows and gorgeous terrace have been the inspiration for many famous musicians.

Luckily there’s a Steinway piano included in the package. Guests have access to their own butler, chef, and personal assistant. Also featured are several living rooms, a dining room with space for 26 guests, a guard room, one well-stocked library, a fitness center, a royal boardroom, a billiards room and a helipad for smooth entry and exit to avoid paparazzi. The entertainment system alone costs $120,000.

Cost per night is reportedly $80,000

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