The 10 Most Beautiful Swedish Models

Swedish women are known for their beauty. Known for their milky white skin, blonde hair and bountiful breasts, their lore has made its way into American culture. There was an actual “Swedish Bikini Team” but they weren’t necessarily Swedish. The American models were created as a stereotype of beautiful Scandinavian women in an advertising campaign for Old Milwaukee Beer. The campaign was comical in nature, but also was found to ruffle the feathers of feminists who found the ads misogynistic in nature. The parodies continued on as the Swedish Bikini Team made its rounds around American culture.

The actual models who are Swedish may contain some of the elements parodied by the American advertising version, but there is a great deal of beauty that emerges from this European nation. The American version may not be too far off with its idealistic views of Swedish women. The women do predominately have blonde hair and their milky white skin has a lot to do with the colder elevated climate of the Scandinavian nation. Although the stereotypes of Swedish women point to large breasts and tiny wastes, the country is actually one of the heavier in Europe. It is true that the Swedish beauties have breasts on the larger side, but the rest of their bodies are also on the plumper side compared to its European neighbors. And the big smiles of the blonde women in the advertisements is also true to form with Swedish women having the reputation of being very friendly.

No matter how you look at it, there is a tremendous amount of beauty hidden in the Scandinavian nation. With all that said, these are The 10 Most Spectacular Swedish Bikini Models.

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10 Elin Nordegren

Via www.wallpaperloft.com

Nordegren was born in Stockholm, Sweden. She began modeling in 2000 and shortly after met the infamous Tiger Woods. As Nordegren was just getting noticed while modeling, she and Woods kicked up their relationship. Nordegren was always a sought-after beauty. While working on the side as a nanny for a Swedish golf pro, professional golfers would constantly try to obtain dates with her. That’s when Tiger Woods entered the picture.

Woods proposed in 2003 and they were married in 2004. Ironically, Nordegren never had great intentions of being a model in the first place. Her first appearance on the cover of a Swedish magazine in 2000 wearing just a bikini didn’t impress herself despite her being sought after by numerous agencies. She was more interested in becoming a child psychologist. However, Nordegren did take enough modeling photos of herself in bikinis to show off her absolutely stunning figure.

9 Michaela Savic

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Born in Helsingborg, Sweden, Savic is a stunning beauty. Savic has been modeling since she was just 14 years old. She is also a Swedish beauty pageant title holder. She was runner-up for Miss Universe Sweden in 2009 and captured the top spot in 2010, representing Sweden in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Swedish beauty had this to say about the modeling industry after her big win in 2010: “Modeling…is quite extreme, but in the beauty contests, curves are allowed. It makes it more interesting. It’s about more than appearance. I am a normal, healthy girl who undergoes trainings.” Michaela, we are all about your curves and health! Although Savic enjoys showing off her figure, she has always made it clear she will never compromise her body to walk runways.

8 Oksana Andersson

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Oksana Andersson is a Russian-born Swedish model. Andersson was born July 2, 1984 in what was the former Soviet Union. She moved to Sweden with her family at just 10 years of age. The beautiful blonde originally worked as a dancer for the musical group Sunblock. After that, she got noticed and quickly got into modeling.

It was because of her astounding good looks that helped get Andersson noticed by many. With her impressive array of bikini modeling photos, Andersson caught the eye of Swedish futbol midfielder, Christian Wilhelmsson. The two got married in 2010 in Las Vegas. Andersson and Wilhelmsson became an it couple with interest constantly surrounding the power couple.

7 Caroline Winberg

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Caroline Winberg was born in Sollentuna, Sweden. Ironically, Winberg was a tomboy growing up and aspired to be a professional soccer player for AIK of Solna, Stockholm. Becoming a beautiful fashion model was the furthest thing from her mind. But when a modeling talent scout spotted the 15-year-old Winberg, her life plans changed. By 16, Winberg was thrust into the modeling spotlight and began booking local jobs. From there, she blew up.

Unlike many other Swedish models, Winberg has more of a classical modeling figure (she has no body fat on her whatsoever and sports a petite frame). Winberg has been featured in numerous modeling campaigns for all the big names out there, including Victoria’s Secret.

6 Ronnia Fornstedt

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Ronnia Fornstedt was born in Sodertalje, Sweden in 1990. She breaks a little of the Swedish mold with brown hair but features extraordinary blue Scandinavian eyes. Fornstedt was crowned Miss Universe Sweden 2011 and represented Sweden at the Miss Universe 2011 competition in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Fornstedt won the Miss Photogenic Award in 2011.

Incredibly, this beauty overcame a lot in her life with her father leaving the family when she was just a one year old and her mother passing away when she was just 12. She was raised by her older sister. Fornstedt has had a successful career with agencies such as Elite Stockholm and Zap Models. She became the face of Transderma Skin Care in June 2011.

5 Katarina Wigander

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Born in Lerum, Vastergotland, Sweden, Katarina Wigander is known as one of the hottest supermodels in all of Sweden. In 2004, she took home the prize for Miss Sweden in the country’s beauty pageant. Also in 2004, she began modeling for magazines like Moore. The sexy Swedish model was caught up in a scandal concerning her 2004 beauty pageant win. The scandal had nothing to do with Wigander, per se, but rather the company which sponsored the event. The same magazine which sponsored the competition, Moore Magazine, not only presented her with the title, but then signed Wigander to model for them. In addition, no one else was crowned as winning the competition until a new company took over. Despite the supposed scandal, Wigander is still beautiful and represented her country very well.

4 Marie Plosjo

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Marie Plosjo was born in Njuv, Sweden back in 1976. The Swedish model is a wonderfully gifted talent. Plosjo is a true beauty and her looks landed her modeling for magazines such as Café, Moore and Slitz. With her bountiful assets, Plosjo also was able to find her way to Playboy as well as Ice magazine. In 2005, Plosjo became a contestant in season 2 of the reality television show Paradise Hotel.

Plosjo also ventured into music and released a single called “Boom boom boom” before continuing her modelling career in 2008. She hosted Miss World Sweden in both 2007 and 2008. Aside from those talents, Plosjo is also a talented artist with her work featured around the world. Looks, talent and a winning smile! Did we mention the big breasts, too?

3 Tilde Froling

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Tilde Froling was born in Stockholm, Sweden on May 15, 1980. Froling is one of the few non-blonde Swedish models to be featured on the list. Her gorgeous dark hair blends well with her stunning blue eyes. In addition to her good looks, Froling is the descendent of two Swedish actors. She has followed in her family’s footsteps, not just modeling, but also becoming a successful Swedish actress and television presenter. She was the winning participant in the 2005 TV3 celebrity version of Expedition Robinson. Nowadays, Froling can be seen on television channels TV 6 and TV 3 on the shows Rocky and Drago and Lustgarden. Froling also continues to model for various Swedish companies.

2 Ela Rose

Via www.purepeople.com

Swedish model is very new on the scene. The young beautiful model recently moved out to Los Angeles, CA to get recognized. It would be the beaches of Malibu, CA that got Rose most of her attention. There, she did a modeling shoot for a bottled water company. And naturally, when you think of water on the beach, you think of topless women. That’s what Rose did. The smoking hot Swedish beauty posed for a ton of shots, some of which featured her in the buff. Her Instagram account has blown up and this gorgeous model has future Playboy spread written all over her. Expect to see big things from Rose in the near future. She is one of Sweden’s most up and coming models. We can tell you she has shared some pretty big things with us already!

1 Elsa Hosk

Via wall.alphacoders.com

Born on November 7, 1988, Elsa Hosk is a gorgeous Swedish model who is currently a Victoria's Secret Angel. She owes her new-found fame thanks to her father, who submitted photographs to several local modelling agencies when Hosk was just 13 years of age! She began to model a year later.

Hosk played professional basketball for two years before moving to New York City in pursuit of becoming a professional model. She since appeared in ads and magazines for the likes of Dior, Ungaro, Dolce & Gabbana, Lilly Pulitzer and Guess. The model also worked for the runway during Victoria's Secret annual fashion shows in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. She only became an Angel in 2015.

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