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The 10 Most Attractive World Leaders

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The 10 Most Attractive World Leaders

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Throughout history we have seen some good looking world leaders. However, right now, in 2015, the world has the hottest leaders they have ever seen. Presidents and Prime Ministers from around the world are starting to look like celebrities who walk the red carpet. Maybe that is what is getting our generation back into politics!

Politicians have a sexy demeanor about them and most of them are powerful, intelligent, well-spoken, charismatic beings with the dream of helping their countries.

Although politicians get a lot of heat, they are people just like you and I, and just like everyone else, some are better looking than others.

With the recent Canadian election and all the press that Canada’s new leader has received, we thought it would be fun to make a list of the best-looking world leaders in power right now. The following are nine men and one woman who are making politics sexy.

This list really has nothing to do with actual politics but has a lot to do with the vanity behind it. This is not a top ten of the world’s best leaders, this is a top ten of the world’s most attractive leaders, which is more fun anyway!

10. David Cameron – Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 

shutterstock_David Cameron

David Cameron was born October 9, 1966 in London England. The prime minister of the United Kingdom is a descendent of King William IV, which explains his aristocratic demure. Cameron was a great student and had the luxury of receiving a quality education, which allowed him to excel in his field. However, this is not about the good he has done for the United Kingdom, it’s about how easy he is on the eyes. David Cameron is full of charisma and character, which makes him even sexier. Oh, and who can forget that accent? He is just all around sexy, which is why he made this list.

9. Malcolm Turnbull – Prime Minister of Australia



Malcolm Turnbull is the definition of a silver fox. The prime minister of Australia has an “Anderson Cooper” sexiness about him and women all around the world are falling in love with him. However, it is not only women who are losing their minds for this fox, but young girls as well. Turnbull has been all over Twitter and Instagram, and was even featured on the cover of GQ Australia, making him sort of like the George Clooney of politics. He has the young girls, he has the older women and I am sure he has plenty of gay men too; it’s no wonder he won the election!

8. Borut Pahor – President of Slovenia 

shutterstock_Borut Pahor

There is something about the President of Slovenia that screams “Old Hollywood movie star.” Perhaps it’s his gentle blue eyes, or his presidential swag. Whatever it is, he has got “it.” This president is beyond easy on the eyes and the world has noticed that Slovenia got a lot sexier since he came into power in 2012. His demure and overall appearance is undeniably sexy and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what got him elected. The 51-year-old has one child, a son named Luka, who hopefully will follow in his father’s footsteps and turn out to be one of the world’s sexiest leaders!

7. Enrique Pena Nieto – President of Mexico



I mean, his name is Enrique, he looks like that and he is a president. Enrique Pena Nieto is muy caliente. The handsome leader is super hot, but his boyish charm is not the only reason why the world loves him. The president has made big promises to the citizens of Mexico including a universal pension program for seniors over 70 years old, government-sponsored life insurance for single mothers and creation of a national paramilitary police force which would be aimed at fighting the notorious Mexican drug cartel. There is really no denying how hot the president of Mexico is.

6. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner – President of Argentina



The one thing hotter than a man in power is a woman in power, and the president of Argentina is just that. Before she became the leader of her country, she was a senator for Buenos Aires Province as well as the First Lady of Argentina. Pretty much, Hilary Clinton is following in her footsteps. This stunning politician killed her competition during the 2007 election by winning the votes of the rural poor and the urban working class. She is definitely one of the hottest leaders in the world and she is smart which makes her even sexier!

5. King Felipe VI – King of Spain 

shutterstock_King Felipe VI

King Felipe VI ascended the throne in July of 2014. The young handsome king is married to the stunning woman who has not a drop of blue blood in her. The modern royal couple shares a lot of similarities with Prince William and Kate Middleton, however they are the King and Queen, and they are slightly more scandalous. Letizia, who is the first Spanish commoner to become queen, was married and had a live-in boyfriend before she met her real-life prince charming. Against his family’s wishes, he chose to not marry a nice Catholic princess but instead follow his heart. We like a leader that stands up for what he wants and believes and we especially like them when they are as sexy as King Filipe VI.

4. Alexis Tsipras – Prime Minister of Greece 

shutterstock_Alexis Tsipras

Okay, so Greece has seen better days. However, I don’t think it has ever has a hotter leader. Tsipras is by far one of the sexiest politicians alive and he knows it. Greek men are known for their confidence and charisma and Tsipras possesses both those characteristics. Not only is the man gorgeous, he has some good ideas to help get Greece out of this financial mess. Alexis Tsipras pretty much has everything a girl can want; he is smart, sexy and powerful, oh and he is an amazing father. Greece may be in trouble, but at least they have a beautiful Prime Minister to match their beautiful scenery.

3. Rafael Correa – President of Ecuador 



It has recently come to my attention that Ecuadorians are a sexy breed and their President is a good advocate for that. Rafael Correa has been president of Ecuador since 2007 and there is no denying that the man oozes sex appeal. Correa is not only good looking, he is also an intelligent man and even has a PhD from the University of Illinois. The President of Ecuador grew up modestly in Guayaquil and was extremely influenced by the Catholic Church and its liberation theory. Correa is one of Latin America’s most popular leaders and it is not only because of the way he looks, he loves his country and is a good president.

2. Barack Obama – President of the United States of America

shutterstock_Barack Obama (3)

America’s current president has taken some hard hits since he became president in 2008. However, no one ever doubted how good looking he was. In the past years that Barack Obama has been leading America, we have had the chance to watch him age, and he just keeps getting better looking over time. Obama is a sexy, calm and charismatic leader who is an amazing husband and an even better father. He demonstrates to the world how important family is and that is one of the sexiest traits a man can possess, especially a man with as much power as him. People can say what they want about Obama, but I don’t think anyone can deny his looks.

1. Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister of Canada



Oh, Canada, you have done it this time! The newly appointed Prime Minister of Canada is definitely the hottest leader there is. The 43-year-old heartthrob looks more like a movie star than he does a Prime Minister. Since his recent election, the Internet has been freaking out over how good looking Canada’s PM is. Trudeau is the second youngest Prime Minister Canada has ever had (Joe Clark being the youngest). Justin, who is the son of the late Pierre Elliot Trudeau, is also the first child of a previous Prime Minister to be elected. Canada has high hopes for their new gorgeous leader and we hope he does as good as a job leading a country as he does looking good.

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