The 10 Hottest Women To Work For Prince

Prince’s first album featured the lyric “I’m sexually attracted to you.” By his third album, he sang, “a bl**job doesn’t mean no,” in a song named after his “Sister.” He’s cooled down a lot over the years, but obviously this is a man who has sex on his mind almost all the time. He’s also one of the most prolific songwriters of all time, writing over one thousand songs for over probably one hundred bands and artists. Prince has also used dozens of different backing bands mixed with men and women, often hiring more women than men.

Whether in the Revolution, the New Power Generation, or his current 3rdeyegirl, Prince loves to surround himself with gorgeous guitar players, drummers and whatever other musicians he needs. He also has a tendency towards seeking out beautiful young women and writing full albums for them, performing all the music and handling all the production by his mysterious purple self, leaving only the vocals to the women he calls his “protégés.” And of course there have also been countless music videos, where every artist loves utilizing the looks of beautiful women, and His Royal Badness is no different in that category. So instead of letting the elevator take us down, oh no, let’s go! Go crazy looking at the 10 hottest women to work with or for Prince.


10 Hannah Welton-Ford Steals The Attention in 3rdeyegirl

Via Drum Magazine

Hannah Welton-Ford is the youngest and in our opinion hottest member of Prince’s current band, 3rdeyegirl. As drummer and an occasional backup vocalist, Welton-Ford started performing with Prince in 2012 as a member of the New Power Generation. Prior to working with Prince, she fronted her own rock trio The Hannah Ford Band and the Christian group Bellevue Suite. After joining Prince, Welton-Ford and her husband were the ones who discovered guitarist Donna Grantis, who rounds out 3rdeyegirl along with longtime Prince collaborator Ida Nielsen.

Welton-Ford continues to be a strong influence on the direction of Prince’s current musical output. Not only does she act as a co-leader to 3rdeyegirl, but her husband, Joshua Welton, has handled co-production and offered musical input on Prince’s last few albums as well.

9 Carmen Electra Sings Prince's Approval


Every guy alive in the 90’s remembers Carmen Electra as the hottest model around. She featured in several Playboy spreads, had a regular role on Baywatch, and was generally just known for being an absolute babe. She had a high profile relationship with Dennis Rodman, but the first freak to catch her eye was actually Prince. In the early 90s, Electra moved from Ohio to California and met Prince, almost immediately signing a record contract. At the time she was mostly a dancer, and the fact her first album (penned almost entirely by Prince, of course) remains her only album all these years later speaks for itself.

Since working with Prince, Electra has continued to be a dancer, model and occasional actress. She mostly appears in minor cameo roles reflecting on her past and continued hotness, or in supporting roles in terrible National Lampoon parody films. She briefly hosted the Naked Women’s Wrestling League, and the fact that promotion failed is about as surprising as the fact Prince wouldn’t approve of it.

8 Vanity Was A Nasty Girl Who Drove Prince Wild


Vanity was the original inspiration for the character of Apollonia in Purple Rain and released an album for Prince under the name Vanity 6 before leaving him at the peak of her potential to attempt a solo career. Vanity initially came to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, appearing in Terror Train before meeting Prince at the American Music Awards. After meeting, Prince gave her the name Vanity and began writing extremely sexually suggestive songs for her, including “Nasty Girl” and “Drive Me Wild.” After leaving Prince she worked with his associates Jesse Johnson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, but never reached a high level of fame on her own.

After leaving the music industry, Vanity briefly tried acting, starring in The Last Dragon and making appearances in Miami Vice and Highlander: The Series. She became addicted to crack cocaine while dating Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue, but eventually overdosed and hit rock bottom. During her recovery she claimed Jesus appeared to her telling her to renounce her Vanity persona, influencing her to become a born-again Christian. She worked as an evangelist for nearly 20 years before passing away on February 15, 2016 due to kidney failure.

7 Anna Fantastic Waited For Pink Cashmere


Anna Fantastic is a model and actress who allegedly started dating Prince when she was only 16 or 17-years old and Prince was in his mid 30’s. A musician in her own right, while a teenager she recorded “Ronnie—Talk To Russia!” written by Dieter Bohlen (and having no direct relation to the Prince song of the same name). Later she would become Prince’s muse, inspiring him to write songs such as “Vicki Waiting” and “Pink Cashmere” for Batman. Prince also let Fantastic perform on songs released by his jazz group Madhouse.

Fantastic is also an accomplished model. While a teenager, she appeared in the German version of Playboy. Allegedly her nude modeling career is what lead to her relationship with Prince dissolving.

6 Apollonia Kotero Makes Us Want To Visit Lake Minnetonka

Via Warner Bros.

While many of the other women on this list either slide into the background while Prince was playing or simply held their own separate type of fame, Apollonia stood next to Prince as an equal star but never managed to branch out on her own. The female lead of Purple Rain, fans will never forget when Apollonia ripped her clothes off to bathe in the waters of Lake Minnetonka only to learn that wasn’t Lake Minnetonka. She also became the lead singer of his girl group, Apollonia 6, when the original singer Vanity bailed on him. Due in large part to being featured in Purple Rain, the group became moderately successful themselves, particularly the song “Sex Shooter.”

After working with Prince, Kotero attempted to become an actress while still maintain a minor solo career. She appeared on several episodes of Falcon Crest and Sliders. Without the influence of Prince, her entertainment career became gradually less and less successful.

5 Misty Copeland Just Feels Right

Via Rolling Stone

Misty Copeland is one of the most accomplished ballet dancers in the world today. Prince has dabbled in virtually every form of music and dance, so it's not that odd at some point he needed to use the talents of a ballet dancer, and with Prince’s work ethic it’s obvious he’ll only settle for the best. In 2009, Prince released a bevy of albums on the same day, and the first single to mark the occasion was a cover of Tommy James & The Shondells’ “Crimson & Clover.” Wanting to highlight the delicate beauty of the song, Prince hired Copeland to dance in his video. Copeland appreciated the experience, saying the usually totalitarian Prince just asked her to be herself and “feel the music.”

Prince liked Copeland so much he invited her to perform in a couple shows on his Welcome 2 America tour, again lending her skills as a ballerina, this time for a dance set to “The Beautiful Ones.” One of the first and most successful African American ballerinas of all time, Copeland has made various television appearances since working with Prince, including a guest spot on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and a recurring gig as a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance? A documentary about her life titled A Ballerina’s Tale was released in 2015.

4 Mayte Garcia Was The Most Beautiful Girl In Prince's World


Each of these women had a powerful impact on Prince’s life, but the woman who knows the mysterious, enigmatic man the best is probably Mayte Garcia, and with good reason—she was married to him for four years. Mayte met Prince when she was only 16, calling him her first crush. Prince was twice her age at the time, but that didn’t stop the two from eventually forming a relationship shortly after she turned 18. They married on Valentine’s Day 1996, when she was 22 and Prince was 38. During this time, Mayte was also a member of the New Power Generation and the inspiration of many of his love songs, including “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World.”

The relationship between Prince and Mayte tragically dissolved after the couple conceived two children, the first of whom died shortly after childbirth and the second didn’t even survive that long. The strain of losing two children proved too much for The Artist and his muse alike. Garcia continued collaborating with Prince, directing several music videos, but eventually the couple divorced in 2000. She has also worked for Britney Spears as a choreographer.


3 Robia LaMorte's Looks Speak One Thousand Words

Via Mutant Enemy

Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer remember her as Giles’ girlfriend Jenny Calendar, but Robia LaMorte actually got her start in the entertainment industry as a backup dancer for Prince. Starting around 1991, LaMorte was hired by Prince to appear in his video for “Cream” and followed that with appearances in several other videos for songs from the Diamonds and Pearls album. Prince kept her and fellow dancer Lori Elle as his spokespeople, leaving them to handle the majority of the promotion for the album. Prince refused to do any public speaking at the time, and by spending a girl as beautiful as Robia to distract the press, it probably wasn’t too hard for him to get away with that.

After working for Prince, LaMorte appeared in several films and television shows, including Beverly Hills, 90210 and the regular character work on Buffy. After her character was killed off, she was slotted to make regular appearances as “The First Evil,” but left the show after realizing her character was essentially the devil, feeling this conflicted with her strong religious beliefs. Prince would probably approve of that one.

2 Candy Dulfer Knows Saxuality


Candy Dulfer was a saxophone prodigy as a child and has since become one of the more accomplished jazz musicians of the 90s. Her debut album Saxuality sold over 2 million copies worldwide, but before she went solo, she went on tour with Prince. Working as Prince’s live saxophonist, she traveled across Europe and the United States while Prince toured the Batman album. Dulfer would even appear in the video for the song “Partyman.”

1 Susanna Hoffs Makes Us Manic

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Prince writes music virtually nonstop. Most of it he records himself, and that includes everything: guitar, drums, piano, vocals, backup vocals, Prince creates the entire song almost alone before passing it off to another singer. Usually it’s a singer he hired for a band he created for copyright purposes, but on rare occasions, Prince has sought out other popular artists and given them songs. It was more common in the 1980s than it has been in recent years, and the best-known example of this is Prince giving the Bangles “Manic Monday.”

Prince allegedly wrote “Manic Monday” for his girl group Apollonia 6, but decided not to use the song until he met Susanna Hoffs several years later. A seedy rock and roll rumor goes that Prince gave Hoffs the song in exchange for sleeping with him, but we think a guy like Prince doesn’t need to play it like that; he’s more the type to write an entire album for a girl just for fun, with the sex almost incidental. In this case, he probably just really liked “Going Down to Liverpool.”

Sources: Rolling Stone, People Magazine

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