The 10 Hottest Women Rumored To Have Dated Tom Cruise

Sadly, when I hear the name Tom Cruise these days, my mind immediately goes to thoughts about Scientology. As talented as Tom Cruise is, it's just kind of hard for me to take him seriously these days. I hate saying that and kicking a dude that's been at a low point in terms of public persona for many years, but it's how I feel. And I know I'm not the only one. I have no idea what he's doing professionally and I can't really imagine anyone dating him now. The whole Scientology aspect seems really overwhelming and I just can't help feeling that dude would be a super controlling boyfriend.

But if you can rewind your mind a little bit, Tom Cruise actually used to have the most stellar reputation. He had hit movie after hit movie. He was the most likable guy. And he dated and married some of the most beautiful women in the world. He was really winning at life for a long time. It seems like that run is over, although it would be great if he made a comeback. But whether he does or not, the dude had a pretty solid run, both personally and professionally.

It seems like his reputation is irreparably flawed, but hopefully he can be remembered for his great movies and at least a little bit for his success with the ladies. He really did well for himself over the years.

These are ten of the hottest women that Tom Cruise has dated.


10 Laura Prepon

After his split from Katie Holmes, there were stories about Tom Cruise secretly dating fellow Scientologist Laura Prepon. The story was that the two of them were trying as hard as they could to keep the romance a secret, but both of their reps denied it and said that they just spent a lot of time together at Scientology functions. This is possible, but they were also spotted on dinner dates. But I guess if both of them were denying it there isn't too much to talk about. Once again, Tom Cruise was romantically linked to someone who is very attractive and way out of his league. I don't know how he does it, but props to him.

9 Sofia Vergara


To be honest, I kind of forgot that Tom Cruise dated Sofia Vergara. I just am so thrown off by the pairing. Sofia seems like such an assertive person who is super proud to be an independent woman and it is just so clear that Tom Cruise has to wear the pants in all of his relationships. I also feel like they are not on equal levels of hotness. Look at her: she has a gorgeous face, flawless hair, and a body that won't quit. Tom Cruise is an average short person at best. Sure, he gets bumped up because of his celebrity status and wealth, but it still seems like he was seriously out of his league with this relationship.

8 Yolanda Pecoraro


Yolanda Pecoraro really seemed like the dream girl for Tom Cruise. Aside from being extremely attractive, she is also a devout Scientologist, which is obviously something that appeals to the actor. Apparently she dated Tom before and after he was with Katie Holmes. And rumor has it that Scientologists were really rooting for her to be the fourth Mrs. Tom Cruise. Supposedly the church thought that these two forming a union would serve as great damage control after the Katie Holmes divorce. I can definitely see why they would be feeling her as a match for the king of Scientology, but I just feel like she is a lot hotter than he is. And I also find it incredibly strange that a religion would make the love life of one member a priority, but then again, it is Tom Cruise.

7 Olga Kurylenko


There were so many rumors of Tom Cruise dating his Oblivion costar Olga Kurylenko dating right after he split from Katie Holmes. The chemistry between them was on fire and everyone was over analyzing all of the photos of the two kissing in their scenes. Everyone felt like they were together and it was just really unclear. It is definitely possible that the two just had really great chemistry as actors. But we will never know if anything else ever went down. At least Tom Cruise was blessed to get with her in scenes for the film whether or not he did in real life.

6 Cher

Back in the day, music megastar was getting her cougar game on with Tom Cruise back in the 80's. It seems a little random, but then again, most people getting with Tom Cruise seem to be pretty strange matches to me. This romance happened at the beginning of Tom's career and before he joined the Church of Scientology so it really was a different era than we all know now. Cher even said that Tom Cruise was in the top five when it came to her list of lovers. Well, hot damn. That was unexpected, but good for Tom Cruise.

5 Nicole Kidman


Nicole Kidman really came into her own after she divorced Tom Cruise. She became a style icon, an Oscar winning actress, and she just seemed like a happier person overall. She was one of those women who proved that you can be even better after a tough divorce. Sure, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were such an "it" couple, but I just feel like that height difference was mad awkward. Nicole Kidman is built like a supermodel and there have been rumors forever that Tom Cruise has lifts in his shoes for a height boost. She has always been a statuesque beauty and I cannot be the only one who felt like these two were a mismatch the entire time.

4 Nazanin Boniadi

I have heard so many shady things about the relationship between Tom Cruise and Nazanin Boniadi. Supposedly the Church of Scientology was somehow involved in "recruiting a girlfriend" for the actor and she was required to fix her teeth and hair before they even met. And apparently there were audition tapes involved to land the role of being his girlfriend. I totally see how she won "the part." Nazanin Boniadi is indisputably gorgeous. I just have no idea why she would have to go through so much scrutiny and grooming restrictions to get with Tom Cruise. She is a million times hotter than he will ever be and on top of that all of these rumors are just too crazy.


3 Heather Locklear


Heather Locklear is one of those women who will always be hot. She could be a senior citizen in a retirement home and still look super sexy. I feel like she never ages and will always be able to bring it when it comes to the sex appeal. With that signature blonde hair and a body that has never been out of shape, Tom Cruise was seriously blessed to get with her. Plus she is a teeny bit shorter than him which I'm sure was appealing. With Heather Locklear's rock star boyfriends and husbands, I have no idea how she ended up with a square like Tom Cruise, but I'm sure he cherished his time with her.

2 2 . Katie Holmes

I cannot help feeling bad for Katie Holmes. I loved her on Dawson's Creek and in some of her movies, but ever since she got with and divorced Tom Cruise she is more known for being half of the infamous TomKat duo than anything else. Their relationship skyrocketed Katie's celeb status and now it's just this ghost that won't leave her side. She will forever be associated with Tom Cruise and it's unfair. I just want to know what really went down in their marriage. Tom was super lucky to have a girl like Katie. She just seems so sweet and has that girl next door appeal that any person would find appealing.

1 Penelope Cruz


It would have been so cool if the romance between Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz worked out. If they got married her name would have been Penelope Cruz Cruise and I would just never get over it. These two were an unexpected couple, but they really worked at the time. I can't imagine what they talked about when they were alone, but then again, I feel the same way about Tom Cruise and every other woman on this list. Tom Cruise was very lucky to be with Penelope. Not only is she gorgeous, but she also has a super hot accent, is extremely accomplished, and is very charitable. The woman really has it all going for her.

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