The 10 Hottest Women Of Colombia

Colombian women are known for their sensuality. Part of the legendary South American tree of beautiful women, Colombia is located in the northwest part of the continent. The women of Colombia are very independent but at the same time exhibit more traditional behaviors. Despite being independent, Colombian women take great pride in managing a good home and taking care of their men. This comes from a very macho society that over the years has been dominated by male bread winners. Although Colombian women may take a back seat at times to their male counterparts, they are strong and always lead their household. Colombian women are also known for their sensual and loving nature. The women of Colombia not only look beautiful, but they carry with them an attitude of curtailed sexuality that is both inviting and conservative all at the same time.

Relationships are very important to Colombian women. Often times, they remain with the same man for very long periods of time. This is engrained in their culture. Although they are a developed nation, Colombians often carry with them small world traditions from Latin Nations that supersede distractions and issues from North American and European countries. The women are generally tan, their skin reflecting the sun and heat of their climate. Their eyes are sensual, a combination of “cat-like” features that are more attributed to Indian tribes from long ago. Dark hair, beautiful brown eyes and big smiles normally accompany Colombian women. With all that said, these are The 10 Hottest Women Of Colombia.

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10 Shakira

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Well, her hips definitely don’t lie. This Colombian beauty, simply named Shakira, spices up the dance stage every time she steps on the stage. Born Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, this star is a singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer and model. She was born and raised in Barranquilla and began performing in school at a young age. Shakira’s success didn’t arrive right away. Her first few albums made little splash in the Latin market.

It would be when she dabbled into the English markets and released her sixth and seventh albums, Fijacion Oral, Vol. 1 and Oral Fixation, Vol. 2, that found her worldwide success. Her song “Hips Don’t Lie” exploded onto the scene and would forever cement her as a superstar (along with her smoking hot rear end and hips). Shakira is now a brand name and appeared as a judge on NBC’s The Voice. The sexy Colombian star is a legend nearly everywhere she goes.

9 Natalia Paris

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Natalia Paris is one of the most recognized models in all of Colombia. Now 40 years of age, the timeless model still causes a stir in the South American nation. Born Natalia Paris Gaviria, the model has transitioned into a very successful businesswoman, owning her own brand of personal care products under her name. However, in March 2013, Paris got a little strange when she claimed that children can become homosexual after eating hormone-injected chicken (we are only saying she is beautiful…not smart). She tried to backtrack on her comments by stating that the hormones in the chicken were responsible for causing puberty to occur earlier in girls. The National Federation of Colombian Poultry Farmers was forced to make a statement and rebuke Paris’s unscientific opinion. Paris stopped talking about chickens after that.

8 Nawal Ayoub

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Sometimes the combination of two different nations can bring about an amazing mix of beauty. This is the case with Nawal Ayoub. Born Nawal Michelle Ayoub Valderrama, this Colombian native shares Lebanese ancestry to create unquestionable beauty. Her heritage gives her strikingly original looks and made her a beauty queen. In 2004, Ayoub represented the Colombian capital of Bogota as “Miss Bogota.”

Not to be held to just one country’s national beauty prize, Ayoub was crowned Miss Earth Lebanon in 2014 and competed in the Miss Earth pageant in the same year. The model has dawned the pages of many magazines and continues to work all around the world, spreading her sultry good looks everywhere she goes.

7 Andrea Serna

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Andrea Serna is tall and curvaceous, possessing many intriguing physical qualities, including an electric personality and a killer smile. She is a famous Colombian model who has enjoyed a great career in the spotlight wearing many different hats. Off of her successful stint as a model, Serna parlayed her looks and personality into television and radio in Colombia. She has appeared as a TV presenter as well as a television show host. Her voice has carried through the radio as a DJ and she even graduated to television producer. Born in Caldas, Colombia, Serna was raised in Santiago de Cali and now lives in the bustling capital, Bogota. She hosted and co-produced the Colombian version of The X-Factor. Serna may not be well known around the world, but in Colombia, she is a big hit.

6 Carolina Guerra

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Born in 1986, Carolina Guerra is a stunning beauty who has made numerous appearances on the small and big screen. The Colombian model, actress and television presenter was chosen back in 2005 to represent the nation’s capital as Miss Bogota. She has made a number of feature film appearances (including showcasing her stunning naked body on camera) and has been seen regularly on Colombian television. She has been a presenter on Colombian MTV and appeared in numerous television shows including La Diosa Coronada which was broadcast on Telemundo in the United States. Guerra has been a successful model and photographed for numerous spreads. She is represented by Stock Models International Management. In addition to all her success, Guerra was chosen to host Colombia’s Next Top Model.

5 Manuela Arbelaez

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Manuela Arbelaez is a Colombian-born American model and actress. She was born in Medellin, Colombia back in 1988. In 2006, she moved to the United States and lived in the New York/New Jersey area. Shortly after her move to America, Arbelaez became one of the finalists during the 2008 season of Nuestra Belleza Latina, a beauty contest/reality show that aired on Univision. She eventually placed sixth in the competition. Arbelaez was hired to model on the show The Price is Right.

In 2010, Arbelaez popped up in Robin Thicke’s music video for his song “It’s in the Mornin’.” She also did a guest appearance on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. In 2012, Complex Magazine selected Arbelaez for the top spot on its list of “The 25 Hottest Game Show Eye Candy.” Also in 2012, Arbelaez was chosen as a trophy model for the 54th Grammy Awards. Pretty much, Arbelaez is hot.

4 Paula Garces

Paula Garces is an actress who was born in New York City in 1974. She grew up in Medellin, Colombia and then moved back to East Harlem in New York City. The Colombian/American has scored many acting roles presenting herself with that classic "girl next door" charm. In 1995, she landed a key role in the Michelle Pfeiffer feature film, Dangerous Minds.

Since then, the Colombian beauty has made many appearances on both television and on the big screen. She has landed roles on such hit shows as The Sopranos, CSI: Miami, The Good Wife and Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit. Garces has co-starred on the big screen in the Harold and Kumar movie series. The active beauty continues to see regular work in Hollywood, a trend we don’t believe will be ending anytime soon.

3 Paola Andrea Rey

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Paola Andrea Rey was born Paola Andrea Rey Arciniegas back in 1979 in San Gil, Santander, Colombia. She has worked as both a model and actress in Colombia and been featured all around the world in advertisements. The sleek sexy black-haired beauty has worked on a number of Colombian telenovelas including The Baby Sister, Pasion de Gavilanes and La Mujer en el Espejo.

In addition to her appearances on the small screen, Rey has been cast in numerous films. One in particular, Como el Gato y el Raton, was the recipient of numerous international awards in various competitions. Rey has worked as a featured model appearing on the Fall 2005 edition of Fuego. She also was cast as the face of Neutrogena face wash. Rey is an extremely popular actress in Colombia and for good reason.

2 Sandra Valencia

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Born in Medellin, Colombia, Sandra Valencia is one of the top Latin American models. Measuring in at 5’8” and sporting a 36-24-26 stat line, Valencia is a force to be reckoned with in the modeling world. With her brown hair and green eyes, Valencia stands out as one of the elite in her craft. The young superstar model has already been photographed for leading brands like Diesel, Americanino, Leonisa, Chevignon, Onda de Mar and numerous others. In addition to those companies, Valencia has been the face of Besame Lingerie, showcasing her physique in all its glory in that catalog. Valencia was also one of the models chosen for Leonisa Fashion Week in Ecuador. We are bound to hear and see much more from this Colombian beauty and we are thankful for that.

1 Sofia Vergara

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Sofia Vergara may be a 43-year-old actress these days who still looks very beautiful, but it wasn’t long ago that the Colombian was a supermodel who was smoking up the pages of magazines and breaking the Internet. Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, the busty beauty actually studied dentistry before she left to pursue opportunities in modeling. Vergara moved to Miami to launch her career. By 17, Vergara had been featured in a Pepsi commercial. Vergara worked all over Latin television for a number of years. At the same time, Vergara ranked high on numerous hot lists before she landed a lead role on ABC’s hit television show, Modern Family. With many film and television roles under her belt, Vergara is working her way toward being the most successful Colombian to ever hit Hollywood anchored by her hourglass physique and Latin charm.

Sourceheavy.com; www.latina.com

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