The 10 Hottest Spreads In Stuff Magazine You MUST See

The first issue of Stuff magazine was released in 1996 as a way to provide real reviews on consumer electronics, and give insight into up-and-coming technology. Coining itself as “the world’s best-selling gadget and lifestyle magazine,” Stuff has quickly made a name for itself as a pioneer in electronics.

Technology seems to be ever-evolving, with gadgets revolutionizing daily life and quickly changing within the span of just one generation. While one generation can have memories of record players and 8-track tapes, the very next generation think of these items as prehistoric. Nowadays, children have no recollection of having to push the rewind button on a cassette player or manually winding a cassette when the tape has been pulled out.

While Stuff magazine is the go-to source for learning about the latest and yet to be released electronics, it famously geared its covers and inside spreads towards a male audience. Since women control spending in most categories of consumer goods, it isn’t the wisest move to leave out a female audience.

In 2014, Stuff announced they would drop their sexy cover models since research showed they actually sold more magazines when they didn’t have scantily clad models on the cover. Stuff’s publishing director released a statement to The Guardian saying, “While the decision to drop the cover girls from Stuff is based on what our audience have told us through focus groups and cover trials, there is no question that it feels like the right decision to make. At the industry level, we see this as a big step forward for men’s lifestyle magazines.” While they may have changed their take on provocative covers, let’s take a look back at the 10 sexiest spreads in Stuff magazine over the years.

10 Brooke Burke - July 2006

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9 Stacy Keibler - March 2006


8 Emmanuelle Vaugier - August 2004


7 Joanna Krupa - February 2006


6 Amber Mariano - July 2001

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5 Dominique Swain - February 2007


4 Autumn Reeser - December 2006

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3 Poppy Montgomery - May 2005


2 Bijou Phillips - May 2006


1 Katharine McPhee - August 2007


When Katharine McPhee was first introduced to audiences through the fifth season of American Idol, people were truly shocked when she lost to Taylor Hicks. Yet, if Jennifer Hudson has taught us anything, it’s that you don’t have to win American Idol to come out a winner. Katharine McPhee is another great example of this since she was able to parlay her celebrity status from American Idol to gain new opportunities, including a spread in Stuff magazine. In August 2007, she was featured on the cover wearing super sexy stalking and inside wearing nothing but a collared shirt and heels. While she may have been on a kid-friendly show, her Stuff spread proved she was all grown up.


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The 10 Hottest Spreads In Stuff Magazine You MUST See