The 10 Hottest Miss Universe Winners Of All Time

When you think of the Miss Universe contest you think of beautiful women wearing stylish clothing and bathing suits, strutting their stuff across the stage. We think of the best of the best that the world has to offer. When these beauties were young girls, many of them were entered into beauty pageants by their parents. Nowadays, beauty pageants have become old and worn by time. We have become a tad bit numb to the aspect of beauty in the world. So we look upon beauty pageants in a more comical way, with a sarcastic tone and mock the parents who force their children into these contests which have become outdated.

But the hopes and aspirations of women from all around the world are not outdated in the least bit. These beautiful women are looking for opportunities so that they may find the same kind of success that others have been able to find in  modeling and in the entertainment industry. They want fame and success and use these contests and potential launching posts for furthering their careers.

The title has led to numerous women around from all parts of the world enjoying success all due to being named Miss Universe. Many of the women who participate in this contest are stunning beauties but they also are quite educated and talented. One of the highlights of this competition is the diversity involved in the competition itself, and we want to salute these worldly beauties!

These are the 10 Hottest Miss Universe Contestants Of All Time!

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10 Natalie Glebova – Canada

Canadian beauty Natalie Glebova struck a chord in the 2005 competition and became the 54th winner of the Miss Universe Contest. She jumped right into modeling and killed it on the runways. Originally, Glebova was born in Tuapse, Russia. She was a gifted pianist as a child, studying classical piano and graduating from professional music school at the young age of 12. In addition to music, Glebova, like many Russian women before her, was also an extremely talented gymnast. At age 13, Glebova and her parents immigrated to Toronto, Canada. Glebova went to college in Toronto, graduating from Ryerson University with a Bachelor Degree in Commerce. She is a marketing wiz and has appeared as a motivational speaker for grade school and high school students. In addition to all her gifts and talents, Glebova is smokin’ hot.

9 Gabriela Isler – Venezuela

The Miss Universe title was well earned by Venezuelan Gabriela Isler in 2013. She became the 7th beauty from the South American nation to capture the title. Isler was born in Valencia, but has called Maracay home since she was a young girl. Isler is not only beautiful, she is incredibly talented. Gabriela is the Founder and CEO of the Universe of Blessings Fund, an organization dedicated to empowering young girls by encouraging life-skills and developmental counseling. Isler also holds a BA in Management and Marketing; pretty nice qualifications to go along with her stunning looks. At the young age of 14, Isler began modeling and she hasn’t looked back ever since. Isler is also a global spokesperson for HIV and AIDS.

8 Mona Grudt – Norway

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Mona Grudt has been nicknamed the “The Beauty Queen of Hell”. Her amazing face, beautiful body and deep green eyes are likely to cast any man under her spell. Grudt wasn’t sure how well she would do in the 1990 competition but her modesty only added to her allure. She won the contest. Grudt became the first Norwegian to capture the Miss Universe prize. Interestingly enough, she also was the last Miss Universe to accompany famed comedian Bob Hope on his USO tour. Grudt is now the editor of the Norwegian wedding magazine Ditt Bryllup (or translated as: Your Wedding). In addition to being an editor, Grudt was the host of the seventh cycle of Norway’s Next Top Model.

7 Olivia Culpo – USA

Olivia Culpo was able to snag the Miss Universe title back in 2012 while representing the United States of America. The win brought the title back to the US for the first time in 15 years, and Culpo did not disappoint. This stunning beauty was just 20 years old when she brought home the title. She defeated participants from 88 different countries. She originally represented her home state of Rhode Island before being named as the USA representative. Ironically, 2012 marked the first year she had even entered a pageant. Culpo’s raw beauty brought home the prize and her talents have extended to modeling, television presenting and acting. She also plays a mean cello, so bravo Olivia!

6 Sushmita Sen – India

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Sushmita Sen grabbed the Miss India title at the age of 21 and followed it up the same year with a Miss Universe win in 1994. Bollywood’s prize possession is a successful film actress who specializes in setting popular trends in clothing, shoes and fashion. Sen was also the first ever beauty from India to grab the coveted prize. After fulfilling her duties as Miss Universe, Sen began her monster career as an actress. She has appeared in many films with the Tamil musical Ratchagan marking her meteoric rise in Bollywood. From there, roles in Sirf Tum and Biwi No. 1 (both 1999) garnered her critical recognition and from there, Sen’s career has continued to take off and she is one of Bollywood’s favorites.

5 Alicia Machado – Venezuela

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Venezuelan Alicia Machado was the stunning winner of the Miss Universe of 1996 competition. Machado channeled her love for magic during the competition. Machado’s amazing looks combined with her magical skills proved to be enough to give this South American beauty the title. However, Machado has had a rocky road since her crowning. As an actress, TV host and singer, she has done her job using her various skills to have a decent career, although controversy has been a close bedfellow of Machado’s.

Machado was engaged to baseball star Bobby Abreu in 2005 when she appeared on the Spanish reality show, La Granja. She promptly was filmed having sex on camera with a male member of the cast not named Bobby Abreu (to her defense, she is a method actress…or so we’re guessing). That ended her engagement to Abreu. Then, in 2008, she gave birth to a daughter. But when reports surfaced that drug lord Alvarez Vazquez was in fact the father, Machado quickly had to do a press release and named a businessman as the father.

Finally, we get to her Twitter gaff. In 2010, Machado called for “peace between the Chinas.” She was referring to North and South Korea. Due to her ignorant statement, she had to shut her entire Twitter account down and start over. Eesh, she may be beautiful, but Machado has got to get it together off the runway.

4 Amelia Vega – Dominican Republic

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Amelia Vega brought the Miss Universe title home to the Dominican Republic back in 2003. She is listed as an actress, singer, model and charity worker these days. At the tender age of 18, she is one of the youngest winners ever. Her beauty, impressive personality and her skills as a musician did her justice in the contest. Vega’s father is a medical practitioner with offices in New York City and Miami while her mom was also a beauty queen, the 1980 representative for the Dominican Republic in the Miss World Pageant. Vega attended and graduated from Barbizon Modeling and Acting School in Santo Domingo to hone her skills. She is happily married to NBA player, Al Horford.

3 Jennifer Hawkins – Australia

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Jennifer Hawkins is a stunning Australian beauty who nabbed the title of Miss Universe Australia in 2004 and then went on to become the Miss Universe winner in the same year. She is an Australian model, brand ambassador, entrepreneur and television presenter. Her amazing looks and killer personality have made Hawkins a well sought after talent. Hawkins has hosted Australia’s Next Top Model, and is the face of the Australian department store Myer, Lovable Intimates, Mouth Franklin Lightly Sparkling and Range Rover. Hawkins has also found her way to become founder and CEO of two successful brands, Cozi by Jennifer Hawkins Swimwear and Jbronze tanning line. Hawkins is impressive in every way.

2 Lara Dutta – India

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Lara Dutta is a native of India and in 2000, scored the highest finalist interview score in the history of the Miss Universe Contest. Since being crowned the title, Dutta has gone on to have a successful acting career in Bollywood. The beautiful star was the second woman to be crowned Miss Universe from the country and after her crowning has gone on to star in a ton of successful Bollywood films. In 2003 she made her debut with the film Andaaz which was a box office success. From successful comedies to critically-acclaimed films, Dutta is one of Bollywood’s most sought after stars and pretty damn beautiful to boot.

1 Justine Pasek – Panama

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Justine Pasek may not have been the winner when the name was first announced in 2002 (Steve Harvey can totally relate) but after its original winner, Oxana Fedorova, failed to live up to her “duties,” the torch was passed to Pasek. Pasek is the first winner to be given the title in this manner but is definitely well-deserving. Born in the Ukraine, this Polish-Panamanian beauty was officially crowned Miss Universe in 2002 by pageant co-owner Donald Trump himself in New York City. Pasek then went on a whirlwind tour that included her being given a Mikimoto pearl encrusted crown worth an estimated $250,000 and an extensive prize package. Pasek has used her success to champion the cause of HIV and AIDS. She helped establish the first HIV/AIDS prevention center in Panama. Pasek has modeled for numerous name brands and made the most of her experience as Miss Universe. Her hazel eyes, amazing figure, extraordinary beauty and incredible charitable work make her one of our favorites.


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