The 10 Hottest Instagram Girls To Follow In 2016

Instagram has exploded in popularity over the past few years, creating minor online celebrities overnight. Young men and women alike have amassed millions of followers by simply sharing their lifestyl

Instagram has exploded in popularity over the past few years, creating minor online celebrities overnight. Young men and women alike have amassed millions of followers by simply sharing their lifestyles and daily routines with the world. Female Instagram models have become arguably the most popular of these, racking in hundreds of thousands of likes on professional Instagram photo-shoots in an attempt to increase their online fame and money-making potential further. These models are smokin' hot but also talented, creating huge digital empires with nothing more than a smartphone.

This list will be a countdown of a mixture of up-and-coming Instagram stars as well as already established hotties who are definitely worth a follow, showing their hobbies, interests and a general glimpse into the life of the sexy and famous. These girls live the dream, making money from Instagram, holding modelling careers and travelling the world with their unbelievably attractive companions as a full-time job. Beats working the 9 to 5 job eh?

Stunning beach pictures, gym selfies and posing in front of a beautiful backdrop comprise the majority of the pictures filling these girls' profiles, showing a life completely different to the average person's instagram. Meticulously chosen filters and angles are used on the photos to create the perfect snap, increasing the popularity of their account and boosting them further into fame.

Without further ado, here are the 10 hottest Instagram girls you need to follow this year!

10 Cindy Prado


This Instagram beauty has already amassed a huge following - 241,000 to be precise. She is a model and blogger living the life in Miami where she was born and raised; however she is of Cuban and Spaniard decent, giving her great genetics to pursue her career in modelling. On her page she usually shares a mixture of stunning bikini modelling photos and incredible nights out in the famous clubs of Miami. To show she has brains as well as beauty, she studies Public Relations and Marketing at college whilst maintaining a hugely popular modelling career and managing her extremely successful Instagram page.

9 Emily DiDonato


This American-born model has an incredible 758,000 fans on Instagram, showing off the life of the rich and famous. She has featured on multiple magazine covers, including Vogue and Sports Illustrated; however her Instagram profile differs slightly to other famous models. DiDonato's profile is full of more realistic selfies, wearing less makeup and in more familiar settings whilst remaining glamorous. Hundreds of images from big-budget photo shoots feature on her page, showing her highly-demanded modelling talents and busy lifestyle.

8 Faith Picozzi


This red-headed beauty stands out from the usual crowd of Instagram models. With her combination of hipster fashion sense, freckles and unique strawberry blonde hair, she's a breath of fresh air in the Instagram modelling scene. She is exceptionally good at creating an indie and fresh vibe in her photo shoots and has even openly admitted she dislikes how social media is becoming more and more fake.

7 Devin Brugman


Devin Brugman is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, and the world definitely knows. Her 1.1 million followers show her huge fan base and allow her to travel the world. As well as modelling, she's also quite the entrepreneur, co-founding ABikiniADay and Monday Swimwear, two e-commerce sites which sell designer and fashion bikinis. Brugman uses her good looks and Instagram account to promote her business she owns with a friend which they both started when they decided to travel the world with a suitcase full of bikinis, posting pictures from their travels onto the then-relatively-new Instagram. Swiftly, they began to rack up thousands of followers and started an e-commerce empire out of the opportunity they created for themselves.

6 Renee Somerfield


Renee Somerfield is absolutely stunning. An Australian-born supermodel with sun-kissed skin, blonde hair and strong blue eyes, she quickly rose to fame throughout her teens having been featured on many high-profile magazine covers. She has a gigantic social media following, over one million on Instagram, which feature her in front of utopian backdrops in various poses.

5 Alysha Nett


This tattooed hottie has a vast following of nearly half a million and brings a fresh twist to modelling on Instagram. A model, photographer and blogger residing in LA, Nett shares a wider range than most modelling Instagram accounts; she avoids using talent agencies and tries to create her own photo shoots rather than use professional companies. These photo shoots give her Instagram an edgy, urban and more realistic feel compared to other modelling accounts.

4 Melanie Iglesias


Melanie Iglesias is of Puerto Rican and Italian descent, but was born and raised in America. She has had an extremely successful career in acting and modelling, having won Maxim's 'Hometown Hotties' before being featured on hugely prestigious magazines such as Esquire and Vibe. Her Instagram account has a colossal 1.4 million followers after gaining popularity from MTV series 'Guy Code' and 'Girl Code', boosting her quickly into stardom.

3 Nina Agdal


Nina Agdal is a Danish Model and Actress who now lives between Miami and New York. Her Instagram account shows a sizeable one million followers who look at her posts of gym selfies, formal events, photo shoots and magazine covers featuring her. She intends to move beyond modelling however, after landing a role in the fairly recent movie Entourage which will be her second role in a movie since a small part in 'Don Jon' (2013).

2 Suki Waterhouse


Suki Waterhouse has been making waves in the modelling and acting industries. Best friends with Cara Delevingne and girlfriend of Oscar-winning Bradley Cooper, two hugely popular A-listers, she is bound to soon become a hugely well-known name around the world, plus, she's seriously attractive.

1 Jen Selter


Jen Selter is a seriously fit woman. She is a social media guru, who promotes healthy eating and active living on her accounts. She is by far the most followed person on this list, with a whopping 8.3 million followers on her Instagram account, and in 2011 she claimed that every time she posted a picture of her yoga-pantsed posterior she would gain around 5,000 new followers. She mainly posts pictures of herself in the gym or shots of her toned abs after intense workouts.

She lives in New York and has less of a jet-set lifestyle than other Instagram models, instead choosing to spend the majority of her time working out and sharing tips with others on her Facebook page and website.

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