The 10 Hottest Girls Harry Styles Hooked Up With

Being a part of a successful music group has a lot of perks. No, I'm not talking about the snacks in the dressing rooms or the designer wardrobe options. There's something that famous singers have access to that can be more satisfying than million-dollar paychecks. What could that be? I'm referring to the girls, of course. There's something about being a musician that attracts the ladies. And if there's one dude who's familiar with that lifestyle, it's Harry Styles from One Direction. And it totally makes sense to me. He is super famous, pretty good looking, and he actually seems like a nice guy. And on top of all that he has some appeal as a seemingly loyal person who would stick around, unlike some people — cough cough Zayn Malik.

One Direction has been an extremely popular band for a while so it makes sense that there is just so much speculation about Harry Styles and his love life. I mean, come on, just look at that hair. I'm sure that a lot of girls want to run their fingers through that.

There are so many rumors out there that it would take forever and a half to run through the whole gamut of women, but it's only fair to have a shortened list with the ten hottest girls Harry Styles has (reportedly) hooked up with. All of the best looking celebrity ladies seem to migrate in one direction and that is toward Mr. Styles.

If you don't believe me just check out the list of names and see for yourselves.


11 Emma Watson — The A-List Actress

No need for me to fill you in on a backstory when it comes to this girl. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past decade, you definitely know who Emma Watson is and exactly what she looks like. And I honestly can't imagine her giving Harry the time of the day. I feel like she would never fall for his musician shtick, but I would not think any less of her if she did. There have been plenty of photos with the two of them at events, but nothing that made them look like more than friends. This was until 2015 when the two were spotted trying to be covert at a Manchester United game. If the two of them were just friends then why would they try to distance themselves from each other? It had to be a date and I'm sure it was one of many that they had. Although, I really can't picture the two of them finding anything to talk about so I just fantasize that they spent a lot of time together in private—not saying a word, if you know what I mean.

10 Taylor Swift — The Ex We All Know About



I am so over talking about Taylor Swift dating Harry Styles, but there is no way that there could be a round up of Harry's hottest conquests without including Swifty. The girl has really grown into her looks. The only thing that hasn't changed is her need to detail what went wrong with every ex boyfriend in her song lyrics. These two only dated for a couple months in 2012 and she is still singing about it. This just makes me think that there is something pretty special about Harry Styles. She even had a single called "Style" off her last album. Really subtle, Tay. And now I just have so many questions about their relationship than I would like to admit. Although I always say that I'm done with this topic, I just want to know what really went down between the two of them.

8 Caroline Flack — The Cougar


Some people outside of the UK might not be familiar with Caroline Flack, so let me fill you in on this slightly scandalous hook up situation. If you didn't know, One Direction was formed through the TV competition called X Factor in the UK. Caroline Flack hosted the reality show and had a short-lived romance with Harry Styles. I have no idea if this violated some sort of company dating policy or if it was just glossed over because of the publicity it brought to the show, but either way it's a rather strange dynamic. On top of that, Harry was only seventeen and Caroline was 32 at that time, so the press had a field day with that aspect. So why did they break up? It actually wasn't the age difference like you might suspect. Instead, One Directioner fans barraged Caroline with death threats on Twitter which is a pretty valid reason to stop messing with a teenager that you have no future with. But good for Harry, that's a very  impressive get for a 17-year-old boy.

7 Cara Delevingne — The It Girl

This pairing was a tabloid's wet dream back in 2013. Everyone and their grandparents were already talking about these two as individual entities, so when they were spotted together, the media could not get enough of it. There were several reports about them exclusively hanging out or something else vaguely worded. One "inside source" even claimed that Harry was "chasing her nonstop," but the two never copped to having an actual relationship. Clearly the two never had "boyfriend and girlfriend" titles, but it kind of sucks that people like me have to blow up their spot if they were just trying to get it in casually. But on the bright side, they're both gorgeous and famous, so I think they'll be able to survive the gossip.

6 Daisy Lowe — The Celebrity Offspring


Daisy Lowe is one of those names that might sound vaguely familiar to you, but you can't concretely place why. In 2004, Daisy's godfather Gavin Rossdale–as in Gwen Stefani's ex– found out that he was actually her biological father. So that was a pretty shocking revelation that made some headlines, but that is how the world found out about Daisy's existence. But anyway, there was a lot of chatter in 2013 about Harry and Daisy being an item since they were spotted and photographed together pretty often. There was even a story going around about Harry also dating Kendall Jenner during the same time period in some sort of love triangle situation. And as you can imagine with anything Kardashian/Jenner related, that got a lot of attention and whatever may have been going on with Harry and Daisy faded away from the gossip mill and Harry's reputation as a player lived on.

5 Emily Atack — The British Actress

Emily Atack is another person that you don't know if you are not familiar with UK pop culture, but clearly this is a beautiful girl. She is famous across the pond for being on the British TV show Inbetweeners. Back in 2012, Harry Styles said that he "never even kissed Emily Atack" which may have been true at that instance. Or it is more likely that the heartthrob was being coy in the media since the two were seen together many times. A year later, Emily finally admitted that the two dated and that it was "brief, but fun" - whatever that means. It sounds to me like they might have hooked up once or twice and this girl was looking to capitalize on it and get her come up into another level of fame.


4 Alexa Chung — The "Friend"


This is a little confusing to me. Yes, I know that boys and girls can be friends, but I just find that hard to believe when it comes to famous people who are so good looking. Plus there is strong support to believe that Harry and Alexa Chung had some sort of romance going.  Alexa Chung and Harry Styles were photographed by the paparazzi hanging out on Valentine's Day of all days. Well isn't that suspicious? They were also spotted hanging out together a lot aside from that incident. Alexa even said that looking at Harry Styles feels like she's "staring into the face of a lighthouse". First off, that's a really odd thing to say. I feel like there are far more casual compliments that a person could dispense. Second, who would say that about a "friend"? That seems like a little more than friendly praise to me. I'm calling bullshit on this one. Maybe they had some sort of friends with benefits situation? I have no idea, but I'm sure we would never get a confirmation on that anyway.

3 Caggie Dunlop — The Reality Star

You are probably scratching your head trying to identify another random blonde girl. Caggie Dunlop is a UK reality star and aspiring singer. So I have a sneaking suspicion that this could have been a situation where Caggie saw an easy opportunity to get some media attention by being associated with Harry Styles. Nevertheless, I'm sure Harry didn't necessarily mind. I mean come on, look at her.  But anyway, she is five years older than Harry and got with him when he was just 18 so I can't imagine them having a ton in common. Caggie even tweeted "i love harry styles" one time. If that's not a call for attention and inevitable criticism, I don't know what is. The fierce One Direction fans ended up scaring her away by harassing her online and even showing up to her parents house. So these two had no shot at being anything long term.

2 Sara Sampaio — The Victoria's Secret Model


Sara Sampaio isn't the first Victoria's Secret model that Harry has dated and she is not the last. The dude clearly has a thing for models. Sara Sampaio may not be a household name (yet), but you probably recognize that face. The girl is indisputably gorgeous. So it makes sense for Harry Styles to be interested in her. Plus, he clearly has good luck when it comes to VS models. But it looks like it was a short-lived romance. It seemed like as soon as all the blogs posted their "Who's Harry Styles' New Girlfriend Sara Sampaio?" posts, the "relationship" or whatever that was seemed to disappear.

1 Kendall Jenner — The Supermodel

It's pretty clear that there was some sort of romantic interaction between Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles— affectionately referred to as Hendall by their mutual fans. They have been spotted together on and off since 2013, but they are very discreet, something I credit to Kendall, even though you wouldn't suspect it given her family's media presence. She is very subtle when it comes to her personal life. Hendall was spotted enjoying a tropical vacation together over New Years and they even hung out with Ellen DeGeneres. So it seems like things might be back on. Going on a trip with someone seems pretty serious to me, but then again I'm not a famous millionaire. Kendall is the best choice for Harry though. She is just as famous and busy as he is, but she actually cares about her privacy and would not use a relationship for media attention. Oh and she's a supermodel who looks perfect all the time, which doesn't hurt at all.



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