The 10 Hottest Female Nerds Alive

There is something about a beautiful smart woman. The famed image of the sexy librarian is always a crowd favorite. There is a certain stigma that comes along with beautiful women. Many stereotypes embody the beautiful woman as a sex object; a ditzy beauty who flaunts her body for attention. Certainly, there are many of those in the world. But there are also beautiful intelligent women who can outsmart nearly all of their male and female counterparts.

What goes into a sexy nerd? Many times, she not only has a top notch education but she is a fan of Comic-Con and all things superhero. She has her college degree (and then some in many cases) and is able to watch CNN without falling asleep. They are brilliant, often the smartest people in the room while wearing a dress that causes men’s mouths to drop. She is an Einstein and a sexy stripper all-in-one. She is, in many cases, a male fantasy played out in real life. She is the sexy nerd. She is the ideal woman to bring home to mom while at the same time the kind of sex symbol that will draw a round of high-fives from your friends.

There are women that defy the stereotypes and are both sexy and smart. Anyone up for some sexy black-rimmed glasses and beautiful figures? These are the 10 Hottest Female Nerds.

10 Gillian Anderson

9 Mayim Bialik

8 Rosario Dawson

7 Felicia Day

6 Kari Byron

5 April O’Neil

4 Alyson Hannigan

3 Danica McKellar

2 Aisha Tyler

1 Olivia Munn

Munn wasn’t just a pretty actress who happened to make it in the business. She started as a journalist before stepping onto the set of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and getting a whole lot of attention. Munn showed off her intelligence as a correspondent for Stewart and further solidified her mental abilities on HBO’s The Newsroom. And oh, yeah, back in the day, Munn appeared as the February 2007 “Babe of the Month” in Playboy Magazine. Although she wasn’t completely nude, we definitely appreciated the effort. The beautiful self-professed geek is now riding high in big budget movies like Ride Along 2, Zoolander 2 and X-Men: Apocalypse.


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The 10 Hottest Female Nerds Alive