The 10 Hottest Female Inmates Looking For Boyfriends

We get that it isn't easy to meet women. Especially attractive ones. You can try Tinder, get on the internet and go with something like Match.com, or you can even try to meet women at work. But none of it has been working; it just seems like these women have so many options, or are stuck on themselves.

But wait, there is an option that you probably haven't tried before. Have you ever tried to meet a woman that is currently in prison? Think about it, they are probably desperate, and they certainly aren't going to cheat on you with another guy, so why not? Sure you might have to wait around for a couple months, or maybe decades, but sooner or later she will get out and boom...you've got a girlfriend.

If this sounds like a good idea to you, and we certainly hope it doesn't, then check out Meet An Inmate. The site says "Did you know that there are millions of men and women who are currently incarcerated, just waiting for someone to write and exchange life experiences? All of the inmates who are listed here enjoy getting letters; especially those letters which help build their confidence." And by build their confidence I think they mean you are supposed to tell them just how hot they are.

Here are the 10 Hottest Female Inmates you can write to today! Of course some of them are murderers. So be careful out there.

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10 Estephanie Rios

Via meet-an-inmate.com

Estephanie says: "I am a very young Seniorita that loves to have fun. I am outgoing and willing to try anything at least once. I am easy to talk to; would love to make you happy. I love to travel; my hobbies are cooking, dancing, singing; entertaining. I am looking for an older business man/woman that knows what they want; knows how to treat; keep a lady who enjoys having a good time; likes to be catered to (and vice versa). I am seeking a genuine friendship and am willing to relocate; start new."

Don't bother with Rios if you're not "old" and a "business man/woman." If you are - great! Apparently this inmate likes to dance, so you definitely know you'll have a great time.

9 Angelica Duran 

via meet-an-inmate.com

Angelica says: "I am 22 years young, I am a very loving cancer! :-) I enjoy meeting new people and enjoy learning new things every day. My favorite food is Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo, and my favorite movie is Goodfellas.I am open to new things and want to experience new things when I am released. I am seeking companionship and who knows, maybe it can grow into something more! :-)."

The good news is she isn't only interested in women.

8 Venessa Rocha 

via meet-an-inmate.com

Venessa says: "I"m young, although I'm far from average. I've stabilized my mentality and matured earlier than most others. I'm not sure how you view a lesson learned, though I'm taking this as a learning experience. We definitely gain and grow in experience on what not to do. You never realize how strong you are until you aren't given an option. I don't allow nothing or no one to steal my joy. I smile even when its least motivated. As time changes people change and life goes on with or without us."

Before the 22-year-old's current stint in prison, she was a clerk. She also doesn't smoke. So that's a win.

7 Maeghan Rice 

via meet-an-inmate.com

Maeghan says: "I'm looking for someone I connect with and someone who's willing to help me get through the rest of my time easy as possible. I'm a kind hearted loyal person who loves to have a good time. I need someone in my life who has a good head on their shoulders and wants to do good in their life. I'm looking to only move forward with my life and not let this place define who I am."

How can someone who sounds so sweet be in prison? This inmate is looking for someone who can help her turn a page in her life.

6 Kara Blood 

via meet-an-inmate.com

Kara says: "I'm 25 years old, I know that 25 is only a number and it's our life experience that shapes us. Now mine has taught me that I am learning a lot of patience and understanding. I've been through enough to know that I'm truly blessed and because of that I look at everything in a positive perspective. I pretty much am all heart. I've been known to wear my heart on my sleeves, which always allows me to see the good in people. Our good Lord knows I've made my share of mistakes, which allows me to be more understanding of others."

5 Irene Hernandez

via meet-an-inmate.com

Irene says "I still have one more year to go, looking for a man that can keep me busy. You might not know but it can get pretty boring in here specially because its all women (if you know what I mean). I'm a free spirit, down to earth fun person to be around. Adventurous, caring and just looking to have someone to talk to. Spanish speaking would be better, but hey it does not matter everyone welcome I'll find someone to help me translate."

She's slated to be released from prison in 2016. Can you wait that long? If you're Spanish, you're in luck.

4 Tracey Rockers

via meet-an-inmate.com

Tracey says "Here are some things about myself. I'm a genuine, compassionate, fun loving person with a very nurturing side to me. I love to smile and laugh. I am social, outgoing, and I enjoy working out and taking care of myself."

It's not clear what Tracey did to get her into prison. What we do know, however, is she likes to enjoy life to the fullest. And, she's independent. Win.

3 Tessa Lucero

via meet-an-inmate.com

Tessa says: "I'm a loving optimistic, daring, brutally honest, spontaneous, rare kind of soul. Loving and great sense of humor, laughter, with huge smiles. Very family oriented. Enjoy working out, religious services, and sports. I stay productive engaging myself in furthering education. Taking initiative and a self-managed approach pursuing entrepreneurial that instills creativity, empowerment and change. Staying open minded I welcome real solid people with genuine intentions and developing foundations and friendship to write or visit me. Please send your info and photos. Sky is the limit with endless possibility."

2 Krystal Martinez

via meet-an-inmate.com

Krystal says: "I am very spontaneous and love to have a good time. As you know I am 25 years old but unlike most 25-year-olds I'm looking for a new beginning. Life is too short so I don't look to make first impressions, but lasting impressions. I'm looking for that special person who can look past my present situation and see the fun-loving and caring person I am today. As for anyone and any circumstance any time away from loved ones is hard time, but as my time comes closer to its end I'm prepared for that new beginning. I love to learn new things. I like music, art, fashion, traveling, and much more. I am 5'0", I have long hair that falls down my back. I weigh 125 pounds. Can you be that special person? if so I hope to hear from you soon."

Krystal was a hotel manager before going to prison in Marlin, Texas. She enjoys playing volleyball and working out. What else is there to do?

1 Stacey Patterson

via meet-an-inmate.com

Stacy says: "I am looking to be someone's true friend and confidant. I am a social butterfly. I am sincere, fun, loving, and loyal. I'm very passionate and I am seeking someone with similar qualities. Learning is a constant challenge. In my free time I like to play racquetball, handball and tennis. Unfortunately, I'm at a major setback in my life right now. I think we all make mistakes in life, some greater than others. I am excited about the life that is ahead of me, especially if it includes you in it."

Source: meet-an-inmate.com

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