The 10 Hottest Arab Models You Need To See

The Middle East is in the news quite a bit for political instability and unrest. But despite some of the negative attention the region gets, it is a beautiful land with equally beautiful people. The A

The Middle East is in the news quite a bit for political instability and unrest. But despite some of the negative attention the region gets, it is a beautiful land with equally beautiful people. The Arabian lands have a rich history dating back to the earliest times of civilization. Equally important is the religious history embedded in the Middle East. The fertile soils of Mesopotamia have been home to the birth of numerous religions. The land has been deemed Holy by many and numerous wars have been waged in the areas name.

The beauty of the Middle East, however, is unmatched, with historical monuments and religious relics spread across the entire region. Mixed in among the physical and geographic beauty is a wealth of beautiful women. The women have long been noted for their mysterious beauty. Slowly but surely, some places in the Middle East have become increasingly progressive, allowing women to display their beautiful figures for the world to see.

The lore of beauty from the Arabic world began way back with Cleopatra. Noted for her beauty and ability to seduce men, her legend has been the foundation of beauty found within Arab communities. As times has progressed, women from the part of the world have had the opportunity to become national icons, models, actresses and entertainment forces within their societies. These are the Top 10 Arab Models You Need To See.

10 Rola Saad – Lebanese Model/Singer


Rola Saad is a Lebanese pop singer born in Tannourine, Lebanon. She was an orphan as a child but that didn’t stop her from getting into show business first as a model. She landed fashion ads for Habibi and Dallou’a perfumes, as well as landing roles in music videos.

Saad erupted onto the music scene when she did a cover of hit singer Sabah’s classic “Yana Yana” with Sabah making a cameo in the video. The song topped the sales charts in 2006 and launched Saad into stardom. Aside from making music, she also found her way into the movie Room 707 (2011). She may be getting up in the age department, but in her prime she could knock a man down with a single stare.

9 Sandy – Egyptian Songstress/Model


This young Egyptian singer began her career in 2006, quickly becoming one of the leading teenage music idols in all of the Middle East. Her first album, Lisa Sogayara, was released in 2009. She gained firm grounding with multiple hits featuring the dance tracks “Eyak” and “The Garetna.”

8 Mona Abou Hamze - Lebanese TV Personality/Model


Mona Abou Hamze is a Lebanese television host. Born in Saida, she is best known for her work on the show Talk of the Town on Murr Television. This amazingly beautiful woman won the Murex d’Or Award for best TV presenter in Lebanon. I’d definitely vote for her!

7 Nadine Aghnatios – Lebanese TV/Model


Nadine Aghnatios is a sexy television host in Lebanon. The Lebanese beauty is known best for her amazing face and beautiful hazel cat-like eyes. She works mostly with Rotana Television and has been part of the Akher El Akhbar entertainment news program.

6 Rania “Ruby” Hussein – Egyptian Singer/Model


Rania, known as “Ruby,” is a successful Egyptian singer and actress who emerged in 2003 with her hit single “Enta Aref Leih.” The song was a hit on the satellite music stations across the Arab World. Ruby wasn’t shy about showcasing her body and the media scrutinized her for appearing in a provocative belly dancer costume to help sell the song’s music video.

5 Yamila Diaz-Rahi – Lebanese /Brazilian Model


Yamila Diaz-Rahi is the product of a Lebanese father and a mother of Spanish descent. Due to her father and mother’s work in the health care field, she was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This model-in-the-making was studying economics in Buenos Aires when she was discovered, by a talent scout from an agency based in Milan, while on vacation in Uruguay.

4 Karima Adebibe – Moroccan Model


Karima Adebibe’s roots come from Morocco, but she was born in Bethnal Green in London, England. She grew up in Tangier before heading back to the UK for good. She started out as a secretary before getting discovered for her amazing beauty. This gorgeous model and actress was chosen to be the featured model for the popular video game series Tomb Raider.

3 Myriam Shehab “Melissa” – Lebanese Singer/Model


Melissa is a 33-year-old Lebanese pop singer who was first discovered by music producers Fady Bitar and Jean Saliba. She released her first album, Baddi Mennak, with Egyptian record label Alam El Phan. The label was home to successful artists Samira Said and Haifa Wehbe. Melissa got some international notoriety when she collaborated with R&B hit-maker Akon on the song “Yalli Nassini.”

2 Haifa Wehbe – Lebanese Singer/Model


There is clearly a Lebanese trend going on, but it is impossible to ignore the women of this amazingly beautiful country. Known as the “Madonna” of the Arab World, Haifa Wehbe has found both success and criticism on her way to stardom. This Lebanese singer and actress has released six successful studio albums. But it all started for Wehbe when she burst onto the Lebanese scene when she was just 16 years old and won the title of Miss South Lebanon. She fell just short as Miss Lebanon, finishing runner-up. But that didn’t matter as she struck massive singing success. Her song, “Bus al-Wawa” (Kiss the booboo”) was used in a Pepsi advertisement and voted Song of the Year in 2006 by Radio Scope and Sawt Al Musika.

1 Sofia El Marikh - Moroccan Actress/Singer


Born in Morocco, Sofia El Marikh is one beautiful woman. In fact, she was ranked at No. 15 in World Actuality's most beautiful list. El Marikh made her first public appearance at 4 years old when she took part in a diaper ad. You would think her big break arrived at the age of 15, when she starred in the French film Soleil alongside acting great Sophia Loren.

But in reality, El Marikh's star fully shone when she a finalist on the hit reality talent show Star Academy. She went on to sell out concerts in across the Arab world, in countries like Tunisia and Lebanon. The talented singer released her debut album in 2007.


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The 10 Hottest Arab Models You Need To See