The 10 Coolest Costumes To Wear For Halloween 2015

Halloween has increasingly become a holiday celebrated by adults as much as by kids. With adults trying to outdo one another and posting the results on social media, the game has definitely changed. C

Halloween has increasingly become a holiday celebrated by adults as much as by kids. With adults trying to outdo one another and posting the results on social media, the game has definitely changed. Costume parties with judging and prizes have a prominent place along with Jack O' Lanterns, haunted houses and trick or treating. The simple children's costumes of a couple generations past have been replaced by sophisticated and ingenious creations. Near movie quality make up effects, edgy designs and in some cases even audio-visual technologies have transformed expectations in a big way. What was once a child's exciting quest for their favorite delicious treats has been turned into a macabre fashion week for adults eager to strut their stuff.

Today's costumes run the gamut from genuinely creepy to unabashedly sexy. The coolest Halloween costumes come from all kinds of sources: a memorable movie character, a unique take on a classic theme or an oddball choice that leaves people saying, "That's so cool, why didn't I think of that?"

10 Pennywise the Clown


Bozo notwithstanding, a lot of people can't help having a visceral fear of clowns, especially kids. For some reason, it's easy to turn jolly, silly characters with red noses and floppy shoes into sadistic freaks. The horror fiction master Stephen King ran with this idea in his 1986 novel It when he created the demon clown Pennywise. Tim Curry played the character to great effect in the 1990 television miniseries adaptation. The British actor brought the character to life with a palpable and scene stealing creepiness.

9 Roller Coaster Riders


This is a Halloween costume on literally a different scale. It's not just a costume, it's a group costume, a prop and an attraction all rolled into one. Many of us are afraid of roller coasters, but ride them anyway because getting scared is a lot of fun. This mix of fear and excitement is what had made roller coasters fan favorites at amusement parks everywhere.

8 Little Green Army Men


Part costume, part performance art, the Little Green Army Man costume is a tribute to one of the most popular toys ever, doing battle with Little Gray Nazi Soldiers or whatever other evil enemies you could find to do battle with your men. Hi-tech toys pushed these fierce little soldiers into the background for a while. However, they enjoyed a bit of a resurgence after making an appearance in Disney's animated Toy Story franchise.

7 Shower


Hitchcock's 1960 movie Psycho proved showers can be very frightening, especially if you're on the wrong end of a butcher knife. But Ralph Machio as Daniel in the 1984 Karate Kid showed us they can be cool, too. You don't need a lot: a shower head, a curtain and a harness can easily be transformed . The shower costume gave the Karate kid enough private space to charm his girlfriend and prank his enemies.

6 Grayscale


Black and white movies were relegated to film history decades ago; the silent and monochromatic era in Hollywood has seen a resurgence in interest, at least among costume enthusiasts. The first thing to know if you're planning to go black and white is that you don't actually want to use much black make up or clothing.

5 Hole in the Stomach


A complicated Halloween costume used to mean paper mache, some wire and your mom's eyeshadow. But that was an analog world and our plugged in digital culture demands a much higher bar. The cool thing about this costume is how it simulates the predicament Goldie Hawn's character found herself in from the 1992 movie Death Becomes Her. She suffered a grievous injury that allowed stunned viewers to see right through her.



Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, with an assortment of bandmates, have been rocking hard and spewing fire since the 1970s with albums like Kiss Alive and Hotter Than Hell. KISS abandoned the makeup and costumes in the 1990s, but thankfully they were compelled to return to the iconic look that made them famous.

3 AT-AT Dog


If you're not a big Star Wars fan you might be asking "What the hell's an AT-AT?" For your information, it's an All-Terrain Armored-Transport. In other words, it's a giant four-legged metal machine used by the forces of the Galactic Empire to stomp on the rebels like cigarette butts. Their most memorable appearance came early in the 1980 Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, when they were deployed to the frozen planet Hoth to destroy a hidden rebel base.

2 Na'vi Body Paint


The Na'vi are the blue catlike humanoids from the hit 2009 movie Avatar. Slinky blue women with barely there bikinis are a fan boy fantasy come to life. Or at least you can make it come to life if you can convince your better half to cover her body in blue paint.

1 Princess Leia Slave Girl


It's one of the coolest costumes in the galaxy. The vile gangster Jabba the Hut forced the always dignified Princess Leia to wear a skimpy slave girl outfit often described as the "metal bikini." Props to Jabba for having enough fashion sense to demand and allowing us to bask in the metallic glow. The metal bikini's debut was a bit of a shock to young fans used to seeing Leia pretty buttoned up and serious, not the object of a lustful slime ball with a bondage fetish.

One of the cool things about this costume is that it's functional as well as hot. The princess aptly demonstrated this when she strangled her bloated captor to death with the chains that bound her to him. To the countless young men who will try to convince their girlfriends to wear this Leia costume - good luck!



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The 10 Coolest Costumes To Wear For Halloween 2015