The 10 Best Movie Drinking Games You Must Try

Peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs, ice cream and soda, alcohol and movies...some things just mix well together. Sure, maybe that last one isn't as set in stone as the others, but one has to admit the two have long had a love affair many viewers have embraced. Whether it's a cocktail and dinner at a theater, a glass of wine at home, a special movie-inspired mixed drink or for the less mature of us - a movie drinking game.

Perfect for movie viewing parties with friends, movie drinking games are popular with many movie fanatics and casual viewers. Movie drinking games can help us embrace the greatness of some movies and even their more cliched aspects. A horrible movie can be enjoyed and embraced; a great movie can become greater; or a collection of movies can provide a great marathon with friends.

Movie drinking games are the perfect evidence of the love affair of movies and alcohol and of our love for both. Let's take a look at the 10 best movie drinking games out there. Remember to drink responsibly, and a movie doesn't necessarily require alcohol to be enjoyed; it just sometimes makes things a little more interesting.


10 Die Hard Drinking Game


Die Hard is a classic of action cinema. Its appeal lies mostly in its leading man, Bruce Willis, and his New Jersey, smack-talking character of John McClane. Die Hard is a movie to be enjoyed sober first, but it's also a movie that lends itself to multiple viewings and still holds up today.

After taking in the film for all its perfect action glory, it's time to play the Die Hard drinking game. The game will help you appreciate the movie's uniqueness just a little bit more, and laugh a little harder at all those improvised one liners. Playing this game with fellow action movie buffs makes it that much better.

John McClane's appeal to audiences after all these years is that he's a normal guy stuck in extraordinary circumstances. There are points in the movie where he's sloppy, scared and doesn't know what to do. He keeps pushing because he sticks to a moral code every person should have. He's the type of guy you want to have a beer with. Unfortunately, he's fictional, so a Die Hard movie drinking game is the next best thing.

DRINK EVERY TIME: Someone is killed; German is spoken; Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" plays; someone smokes a cigarette; You see the Nakatomi logo, Christmas decorations and computer screens; When you hear the words: cowboy, McClane, Nakatomi and Gennaro; And chug a beer when McClane says his infamous line, "yippe-ki-yay...."

9 Adam Sandler Drinking Game


Some critics might argue the only way to enjoy a Sandler picture is, in fact, with the help of alcohol. Outlandish pictures like Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore and That's My Boy are perfect for a night with friends and drinks. They're rude, crude, sometimes horrible and wonderfully immature.

With so many running aspects through the sometimes ridiculously similar fare, Sandler features (Happy Madison-produced movies in general) are practically made just to inspire drinking games and viewing parties. There's the Sandler mates running in and out of frame movie to movie (Rob Schneider, Kevin James, Allen Covert among an army of others), Sandler's always out-of-nowhere atomic bomb-sized bi-polar meltdowns, sight gags, etc. etc. You get the point after a few of these movies.

So, grab some Sandler flicks (really any will do), grab some friends, booze and don't cheat.

DRINK EVERY TIME: You see any of the following actors: Allen Covert, David Spade, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, Kevin James, Nick Swardson or Peter Dante; Rob Schneider yells, "You can do it!"; Adam Sandler shouts or gets angry out of nowhere; an unfunny joke is told, and take an extra drink if you laughed at the joke; And take a drink every time a celebrity cameos as themselves.

8 Quentin Tarantino Drinking Game


The grindhouse king, Quentin Tarantino has given us movies that dominate the box office and play on rotation in independent theaters, including Tarantino's own New Beverly. He's mixed bloody violence and comedy in every one of his films from westerns to crime flicks to even a war drama.

Despite the films being so vastly different on the surface, Tarantino has clear cut signatures in each picture which has earned him a very dedicated following. Along with his original signatures, he also peppers in endless homages to movies that inspired him, movies people have to put effort in to find and watch.

The films have inspired controversy, revitalized careers and earned the man a place among the most respected directors in film history. The movies themselves are nothing but fun brilliance whether it's watching a 2013 spaghetti western or seeing Kurt Russell ham it up as a stunt car driver/serial killer. Tarantino's movies were born to play in grindhouse cinemas where the bathrooms are never cleaned, the seats squeak, alcohol is in abundance and young artists are inspired. Invite a few cinema-loving friends over, get some booze and enjoy.

DRINK EVERY TIME: A major character is shot; Quentin Tarantino pops up onscreen; A pop culture reference is made; There's a flashback; Someone tells a long-winded, signature Tarantino story; Someone does drugs; the majority of the people in a scene are dead.

7 Pixar Drinking Game


It may come as a surprise that there is a drinking game for Pixar movies; the same movies about toys coming to life and talking cars. What shouldn't come as a surprise is the fact that Pixar movies appeal to adults as much as they do to kids. That's why the animated films dominate the box office and win praises from critics. After all, they have movies about dealing with death and old age like Up and films that delve literally into the human psyche like Inside Out.

After the kids go to bed and you ransack their video collection, the Pixar drinking game can be perfect for a fun night in with a loved one. All the movies are designed to be heart warming, funny tales that can always break down emotional walls.

Any of the movies will suffice for this game, but it is always best to stick with the classics: Toy Story trilogy, Up, Incredibles, etc.

DRINK EVERY TIME: You recognize a voice but can't place the actor; John Ratzenberger's voice is heard; You cry from sadness or laughter; A chase sequence occurs; A character has an existential dilemma; A grouch learns to love life again or gets their comeuppance; There's an in-joke or reference to another Pixar film.

6 Showgirls Drinking Game


Showgirls is a movie that has found a cult following, a fact based on surprising DVD sales. Beloved for its "so bad it's good" strangeness, some of the creators have, since its release, tried to say it's a comedy with intentionally bad components.

Whether a misguided attempt at a stripper masterpiece or an intentional black comedy, Showgirls is an excessive mess that lends itself nicely to social viewings and a drinking game.

It's a film that pushes boundaries that don't really need to be pushed and finds ways to become even more surreal and awful when you least expect it.

Showgirls is a plate of X-rated Hollywood weirdness that begs for a drinking game. It's fun to find the obvious miscalculations in the movie, and revel in the absurd excessive nature of the picture. Pop this in and play along, and it won't take long for you to understand the movie's cult classic status.

DRINK EVERY TIME: Bare breasts are seen; Whenever a girl is seen crying; Every time someone runs out of a scene; Every time a new costume or dance number occurs; Drink every time you're unsure if a scene is terrible by mistake or on purpose.

5 The Room Drinking Game


The Room is considered by many to be the worst movie ever made. However, that hasn't stopped its madman creator, Tommy Wiseau, from touring the film around the country for years and turning it into a midnight favorite.

Audiences have fallen in love with the terribly-made picture creating games and group activities for mass viewings of the movie. The film has such a following that someone created a video game based on the movie, and it still sells out showings around the country. A drinking game is only natural for the terrible flick.

The Room contains awful dialogue, wooden acting, unexplained beats, and seems to have been made as an intentionally-bad movie. That's only a win for audiences though. As the movie's cult following and popularity have shown, a bad movie can be as entertaining as much as a good one can, especially when friends, games and alcohol are involved. Have fun. Other people sure have.

DRINK EVERY TIME: Someone says "hi" to another character; There's a sex scene; Stock footage of San Francisco is used; A football appears; Someone says something no human being would ever say.

4 James Bond Drinking Game


Next to the women, the fancy cars, the gadgets and that whole license to kill thing, James Bond is most famous for the way he takes his booze: shaken, not stirred, which makes those vodka martinis the drink of choice for this game.

With Spectre hitting theaters soon and a possible new Bond face on the horizon, this drinking game is perhaps the most relevant. However, when you take in the over 20 film library that is the James Bond franchise, it's also one of the most fun.

With villains with absurd names like Jaws, women painted in gold and spy cliches this franchise finds different ways to own, the Bond movies are tailor made for a drinking game.

There's plenty of noticeable staples through these popular flicks, even with the constant changing faces, and plenty of of material to choose from. Have a marathon, scatter in different Bonds and enjoy.

DRINK EVERY TIME: Bond kills someone; Bond has sex; A new gadget is introduced; Something explodes; There's a callback to a previous movie; A woman is half naked; Someone says James Bond, Bond, and 007.


3 Spaghetti Western Drinking Game


It was in the 60s when the Italians changed Western cinema forever. Creating a foil to the upstanding, patriotic westerns with Roy Rogers and John Wayne, the anti-hero was introduced into the wild west.

Stars like Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef were born, cigars were chomped and close-ups and gun duels became signatures of the genre. Continuing through the 70s and then dying out fast, the spaghetti westerns were violent, bloody and glorious grindhouse pictures that played in rundown theaters and inspired artists like Quentin Tarantino.

The hard films go great with a stiff drink, and the staples and cliches of the genre are easy to spot. Finding the common thread through these once dominating films is half the fun of them. A drinking game is a fine way to enjoy both the subtleties and overt pleasures of the spaghetti western genre.

Recommended films: anything starring Lee Van Cleef, anything directed by Sergio Leone, anything with 'Django' in the title and any western where Clint Eastwood looks really angry on the cover art.

DRINK EVERY TIME: Someone spits; A nameless person dies; You're impressed with Lee Van Cleef's mustache; There's a close-up of someone's eyes for more than three seconds; Dynamite goes off; Something besides a person is shot.

2 Marvel Movie Drinking Game


Marvel Studio has changed the landscape of blockbuster film making. Now, everybody wants a shared cinematic universe, and everyone wants recognized name brands. The movies have something for everyone. There's the unlikely and snarky hero of Tony Stark (Iron Man), the humorous and honorable to a fault Thor, the old school patriotic Captain America, the laughably bi-polar Hulk/Reed Richards and the always badass Scarlet Witch. This drinking game should be played with a varied group of geeks and casual viewers.

Marvel movies don't require a massive amount of attention and are fun, easy to digest adventures that play to the kid in all of us. While getting in touch with your inner child, it's a good idea to play the Marvel movie drinking game.

The movies endlessly reference each other, set the next installment up and play with geeks' comic book dreams. The films are made for a drinking game because their signatures are so clear movie to movie. A Marvel picture marathon may be in order especially with Captain America: Civil War on the horizon. You and friends can debate which side you're on through each movie: Iron Man's or Cap's. You can also have some good laughs and good drinks while doing it.

DRINK EVER TIME: There's a fight scene; Something explodes; The world is threatened; Someone references SHIELD; Stan Lee cameos.

1 The Boondock Saints Drinking Game


It seems more than appropriate that so many drinking games would exist for a movie where a large portion of the film is dedicated to showing our protagonists knocking back a few.

A film about vigilante justice and politically incorrect heroes, The Boondock Saints has become one of the biggest cult hits in its fifteen years of existence.

The Boondock Saints is a film that deals in excess which is primarily its appeal. The body count is high, the cursing is laced almost every other line and the themes of religion and vigilantism are hammered away constantly with religious iconography in nearly every frame.

This excess is what makes the fans love the trash classic, and also what makes a drinking game so perfect and even a little dangerous. Apply modesty with this one or you'll see black before making it to the powerful final frames.

The DVD for The Boondock Saints is the primary source of its now infamy. It started as a thrown away, Hollywood horror story, but college kids, action fans and word of mouth made the disc fly off the shelves, and get passed through endless hands. The rock and roll, word of mouth, indie appeal to the movie makes it perfect for group viewings with friends especially if some in the group have never experienced the one-of-a-kind movie.

DRINK EVERY TIME: Rocco drops an F-bomb; A rosary is shown in a scene; A MacManus brother tattoo is shown; Smecker mentions a food or beverage; The family prayer is said; Someone refers to the brothers as saints.



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