#SquadGoals: 15 Squads You'll Want To Be A Part Of

2016 has been a weird year for trends on social media. There are thousands of popular memes. Countless jokes about Pokemon Go. How are we even expected to keep up with the Kardashians when not only ar

2016 has been a weird year for trends on social media. There are thousands of popular memes. Countless jokes about Pokemon Go. How are we even expected to keep up with the Kardashians when not only are they on TV but also on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter? It's enough to make your head spin. To be honest, if you aren't constantly online it can be hard to keep track of it all. Luckily there are websites like ours that keep you in the know.

One of the biggest trends this year has been to put the word goals in front of words or pictures, showing off what we covet. We see these as hashtags on social media, often showing pictures of celebrities or even fictional characters. And while there are relationship goals, and food goals, and wedding goals, one of my favorite kind of goals is the squad goal.

There are so many groups out there, both IRL and fictional that could be the ultimate group of friends. Each one brings something different that you would want out of a gang, whether it be gossip, laughter, adventure, loyalty - all of them are something we too want to be a part of, and would probably love to spend a day with one of these squads.

15 The Kardashians


Okay, even if you don’t watch their show on the reg, you have to want to be able to go over to one of their houses and get all the dirt. Do I want to be so into this family that my whole life is on reality television? No. But I do want to know exactly how they buried Taylor Swift. I just want to be able to chill with Khloe, talking sh*t about her sisters, and just seeing all of this unfold. And, I’m not going to lie to you, I really want to see how Kanye acts when there aren’t cameras around.

14 The Final Five


I don’t think everyone is as obsessed with the Olympics as I am, and that’s okay, but these girls look like they would be a good time.

I feel like Laurie Hernandez would make you feel like you are a member of their team, and would keep you laughing. And Simone would just be there, and would probably be doing flips just because. Gabby would probably look pissed, and I am sure she is just waiting for one person to ask about how she is feeling, and she will spill everything. I want to be that person who hears all her drama; I bet it’s good. Aly Raismen would probably let loose after the Olympics because she can’t be going to a third, right? And I bet Aly Raismen would be SO FUN post-Olympics. And then there’s Madison, who doesn’t talk much, but maybe she would if someone just gave her a chance, and maybe she would be just as gossipy as Gabby, who knows?

Also, I really want to meet Marta Karolyi, and I am sure if I’m in with the Fierce Five I’ll be able to get invited to the Karolyi Ranch.

13 The Spice Girls


I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add the Spice Girls to this list. I would hang out with them in their prime, or today. They are #squadgoals because they not only were in a group together in the 90s, but they were friends and they still support each other today. They helped a generation of girls become little feminists.

12 Seinfeld


I feel like this is the original #squadgoals. I remember when I left for college, and my best friend and I went to different schools; we were determined to find people to fill these roles in our lives in college. Although we failed at this, I still wish I were a part of that original crew.

11 Dunder Mifflin


You walk into work early, just to set up a good spot to see what Jim’s newest prank on Dwight is. You’re hoping that Meredith doesn’t completely wreak of alcohol and bad decisions. Sometimes you think Creed is serious, and are a little scared for your life. But secretly, you love Stanley and his side comments, even if he doesn’t know your name or care to. Even though you have a crush on Jim, you’re okay that he and Pam are happy because it really does seem like they are meant for one another. And you love watching the mess that is Kelly and Ryan. Angela and Dwight, though, they just might be the perfect couple, even if you hate them. And you swear if Andy sings one more song, or calls you another dumb nickname you will staple his tie to his desk. And then there’s Michael. You love him, you hate him, you wish he were just a little more normal.

10 Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon


How long have we known about this bromance? It seems that it just kind of snuck up on us, and it somehow became common knowledge that these two were best friends. What makes them #squadgoals? It isn’t just how funny these two are when they are together. It isn’t just how great their sketches are, or the ridiculous songs they make up. I think it’s because they just seem like a couple of normal guys, who really care about one another, who happen to be hilarious.

9 USA Swim Team


Who remembers four years ago before the London Olympics when the USA Swim Team did that lip sync video to Call Me Maybe? I do, and that is when I decided I wanted to be a part of this clique. Okay, it’s more of a team than a clique, but you get what I’m saying. And this year they did a carpool karaoke, like how can you not love them? They might have one of the most likable teams in the Olympics.

8 Star Wars Cast


Don’t you want to go for a joyride on the Millennium Falcon? Don’t you want to have Leia show you how to perfect those buns? I think the reason I put this gang on this list is because they can’t always be at war, right? So, what do they do in their downtime? There has so be some seriously fun things to do. Han Solo would definitely know what’s up, and will probably bring you all around the galaxy showing you a good time.

7 T-Swift Gang


This is a controversial pick. I know that you either take the Kardashians' side on this one, or T-Swift's. And there was a while there where I would be on Taylor’s side. But damn homie, there is nothing but hardcore proof.

But here is why her group is on this list: have you seen how fun her parties look? She has so many people in her crew, even if you don’t necessarily like one of them, I am sure you’ll have at least one person you want to chat with. Do I want to be Taylor's BFF? No. But I definitely want to chill with her crew.

6 Pawnee Parks Department


If the Parks and Rec department in my local government was this fun, I would easily apply for a job. This has to be the best cast on any show because it is so damn hard to pick just one character that you love the most.

Can’t you just imagine it: sitting in the boardroom, Leslie is talking about a new project, no one is listening, Jerry spills coffee on himself, everyone laughs, then he farts, the laughter is even heavier, and Tom turns on DJ Roomba and it turns into a dance party. It is perfect.

5 Beyoncé & Jay-Z


How could I not put this one on here? I would love to third wheel this couple. Just see all their subtleties, how they act in public as opposed to a party at their house, or yacht, if Jay stares at women who pass him, and if Beyoncé notices and if she says something. Are they cool now? I need to get the inside scoop on this.

4 Barden Bellas


Maybe you aren’t the most vocally talented, and listen, I get it. I’m not either. But don’t you just want to either be their non-talented friend, or the girl in the back who no one knows her name?

3 Bridesmaids


I want every time I am in a wedding to be exactly like this gang. This is a stone cold pack of weirdos, and I love every second of it. Such dynamic characters, so much drama, and so much fun. My ideal spot in this group would be one who doesn’t have the drama circling her like Annie. I want to be the one who just sits back and watches, maybe steals an extra puppy at the bridal shower - because, come on, what am I an idiot?

2 J-Law & Amy Schumer


What a power friendship. A new one on the scene, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to hang out with these two? These two separate are people we already want to be our BFFS. Amy is hilarious, she speaks her mind, she stands up for what she believes in and isn’t afraid to make controversial statements. Jennifer is not only an amazing actress, but so down to earth, and is the perfect example of a celebrity that is actually like the rest of us.

1 Tina Fey & Amy Pohler


These two go way back - long before they were the comedy powerhouses they are today. Back before they did Weekend Update or the Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton sketches. Back to a different time, the early 90s in Chicago’s Second City.

What I love about these two isn’t just that, together, they are comedy gold on screen, it’s how they talk about one another, it’s how they always have a cameo or role ready for the other but don’t need to work together to be funny. They are both such complete people, they don’t need the other, not like how empty an Oreo would be without the cream filling - instead, they compliment each other so perfectly, that when they are together it is simply magic.

I want to be friends with them because they inspire me to be a better woman, to keep working for what I want out to this life, to be unapologetically myself, and to keep laughing. If that isn’t what a best friend is, then I have no idea honestly.

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#SquadGoals: 15 Squads You'll Want To Be A Part Of