Rihanna's 15 Biggest Controversies

No matter what happens, Rihanna is one of those celebrities that I will never have enough of. Not only do I live for her music, but I love everything about her persona. Why do I live for Rihanna? There is an endless source of controversy. Love her or hate her, you could never accuse Rihanna of being boring— not in a million years. Rihanna does not care about what anyone else thinks. She just does whatever she wants whenever she wants and she pretty much always gets away with it. Even if she is causing a scandal, Rihanna almost always comes out unscathed. You just can't keep a bad girl down.

Nevertheless, my girl RiRi has had more than her fair share of criticism over the years. Rihanna has been hated on for the outfits she wears. She has been penalized for the photos that she has posted online. She has been attacked for her song collaborations with Chris Brown and Eminem. She has been the object of desire in multiple love triangles. And even though Ri always keeps it cool, there always seems to be some sort of drama going on.

Don't worry about Rihanna though, she is not a victim and she never has been. Rihanna has come for her haters plenty of times with a super, strong vengeance. Rihanna is not afraid to stir the pot or stand up for herself and people have definitely taken notice. Ri is not someone that anyone should mess with ever.

Whether Rihanna is performing or not, she is always providing entertainment for the masses. These are fifteen of the biggest Rihanna controversies to date.


15 She Feuded With Ciara


14 She Got Banned From Instagram


13 She Wore That "Naked" Dress


12 She Offended People With The "BBHMM" Music Video


11 She Was In A Love Triangle With Drake & Chris Brown


10 She Murdered A Rapist In The "Man Down" Video


9 She Called Out CBS For Its Skewed Stance On Domestic Violence

8 She Got A Thai Strip Club Shut Down

7 She Shaded Karrueche Tran On Social Media


6 She Took Offensive Photos In A Mosque


5 She Sang About Abuse On "Love The Way You Lie"


4 She Got Back With Chris Brown After The Initial Break Up


3 She Sang With Chris Brown After They Broke Up


2 She Tweeted About Palestine & Deleted It

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1 She Was Accused Of Doing Coke At Coachella

If you follow Rihanna on Instagram or listen to her music, you are well aware that Rihanna loves to smoke weed. She has been very vocal about the recreational habit throughout her years of fame. So this is not something that makes headlines anymore. Shit really got crazy when a video emerged from the Coachella music festival where it looked like Ri was snorting cocaine and the internet went crazy hating on my girl. So how did Rihanna respond to those accusations? She went in, of course. Among other things, she said, "Any fool could see that's a joint that I'm basing with cigarette! Who tF snorts tobacco??!! FOH witcho "never been to a rodeo so someone squeezing their nose means they're doing coke" lookin ass!! (sic)."

Rihanna is the only person who would use smoking weed to get out of an excuse for getting in trouble and it is just too great.

No one could ever accuse Rihanna of being boring. It seems like everything she does gets a ton of attention so there is always a new Rihanna controversy on the horizon. She always has an opinion to share and is not afraid to be herself. Never change, Ri.

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Rihanna's 15 Biggest Controversies